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Vale FC Match Postponed

Castle Vale F.C.’s home league match against Walsall Wood tonight (31.10.0) was postponed owing to floodlight failure, preventing them from drawing level with league leaders Coleshill who suffered a surprising 3-0 home defeat to Brocton on Tuesday evening in the Premier Division of the Midland Combination. Coleshill are now 3 points ahead of Vale, having played the same number of matches.


Young MP decides on Vale Parish Council

parmjit-dhanda.jpgParmjit Dhanda M.P.

Parmjit Dhanda, the 36 year-old MP for Gloucester, will decide in the next few days whether or not Castle Vale should have a Parish Council. Mr Dhanda is a Minister in the Department for Communities and Local Government, where he has resonsibility for ‘Cohesion and Neighbourhoods’. Civil servants are understood to have made their recommendations,and are keen that Mr Dhanda makes his decision public in the very near future. He is expected to consult Erdington’s MP, Sion Simon, before coming to his conclusion. Mr Simon has recently expressed his oppostion to the idea of a parish council for Vale, in view of some outspoken public opposition to the idea.

Ministers have already stated that they are ‘inclined’ to go ahead with the parish council plans, having received a residents’ petition of over 1000 names in favour of Vale creating its own parish council.

The decision is expected by the end of next week, and will cause outrage in some quarters whichever way it goes. The vexed question of the parish council has divided residents of the estate more than any other local issue in recent years.

Trick or Treat, but be polite

Trick or Treat kids on Hallowe’en should always be accompanied by an adult. That’s the advice of PC Dave Roberts, Vale’s Community Police Officer.

Other advice from Dave:

  • Don’t knock on peoples’ doors after 8pm.
  • Don’t pester people. Only call on houses in areas that you know well.
  • Don’t disturb elderly residents.
  • Always be polite.

And advice for householders: it’s your choice whether or not you answer the door to trick or treaters.

School plans massive energy savings by going green

Castle Vale School hopes to save 40% on  gas bills and 20% on electricity bills, according to Science teacher Jordan Kelly, who has taken on the role of Environment and Sustainability Co-ordinator.

The school was recently awarded a Highly Commended Certificate by the British Institute for Facilities Management at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, coming runners-up to multinational company Siemens in a national competition for Sustainability.

Mr Kelly said: “We have tried to raise the ‘green profile’ of the school so that youngsters can take the ideas home and apply the lessons for themselves. All of the savings that we have made so far have been by doing simple things like not having the heating on while the windows are open.

“We have also added powersave to every computer, so that they do not waste electricity when they are not being used. A recycling skip has been brought into the school for waste paper and cardboard; we make sure that lights are switched off in rooms that are not being used. Each class has its own ‘green monitor’ who ensures that the rest of the class are not wasting energy

“In the future , we plan to have a greenhouse, wind turbines and solar panels in the school, partly so that we can be more environmentally friendly, but also to use as teaching tools in lessons.”

The school has now been awarded a grant by HSBC Bank which they will be using later this term to plant hedges around the school, to improve the look of the school grounds and to promote a greener environment.

Witching Hour for Vale Organisations as Money Decisions Loom

Local organizations who rely on money from the Endowment Trust Fund (ETF) to finance their projects are waiting anxiously for the outcome of the Trustees Meeting on 31st October. The Trustees decide how much money will go to each organization. The ETF has a fund in excess of £5,000,000, left to the Vale Estate by the Housing Action Trust (HAT), to help key organizations after the HAT ceased to exist in 2005.

As the pot of money diminishes each year, the allocations will be reduced. Neighbourhood Manager Steve Clayton said: “The Trustees will have to make some difficult decisions. The project organizers will be informed of the decision that affects their particular project by letter soon after the meeting. All of the decisions will be made public shortly after those letters have been sent out. “

Around 16 projects are hoping that their bid for money will convince the Trustees to continue to grant them funding from the ETF this year.

Banquet Awards for School’s Construction Students

14 Teenagers from Castle Vale School will be visiting the Lord Mayor’s Banqueting Suite tonight (30.10.07) to be presented with ASDAN Awards as part of their BTEC Diploma in Construction.

The Year11 students are being rewarded for work they undertook during their Work Experience Fortnight, when they completed maintenance work at The Sanctuary on pathways, doors, and indoor decorating, and at the allotments area on Farnborough Road.

The awards will be made by Tony Howell, the City Council’s Strategic Director for Children, Young People and Families.

Report Firework abusers, Council urges.

Members of the public who believe a shop is selling fireworks illegally should call Trading Standards on 0121 303 6031, urges Birmingham City Council in an effort to curb the number of Bonfire Night accidents. Anyone who sees fireworks being let off in the street should report this to West Midlands Police.

The Council has also issued their Fireworks Code:
·        Only buy fireworks marked BS7114
·        Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks
·        Keep fireworks in a closed box
·        Follow the instructions for each firework
·        Light them at arms length, using a taper
·        Stand well back
·        Never go near a firework once it had been lit
·        Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them
·        Always supervise children around fireworks
·        Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves
·        Never give sparklers to a child aged under five
·        Don’t let off fireworks after 11pm

The Council have issued a reminder to Birmingham retailers that they must be registered with West Midlands Fire Service before they can sell fireworks and that it is against the law to sell them to under-18s.