Castle Vale Railway Station

castle-bromwich-station.jpg Castle Bromwich (Vale) Station in the 1950s – the bunting suggests 1953 (Coronation Year)

Campaigns for the resurrection of Castle Vale (formerly Castle Bromwich) Railway station are gathering momentum. Lib Dem Councillor Ann Holtom, and prospective Conservative candidate Derek Johnson have been busy drumming up support for the station, following the re-opening of nearby Coleshill Station in August.

Castle Vale Station used to be situated near to the Chester Road bridge opposite B&Q, on the line between Birmingham New Street and Derby. It was closed in 1968 and demolished in the mid 70s.

The photograph of the old station, taken in the mid 50s, may bring back memories for some. The advert on the wall of the station is for Ecko – suppliers of radio and television sets… remember those?

The original plans for the regeneration of Castle Vale included having a tramway running through the estate, and a railway station based in Cadbury Drive. It also included plans to create two separate ‘villages’ out of the one estate.

7 responses to “Castle Vale Railway Station

  1. Michael Sloyan

    Last weekend we picked up the latest “full colour flyer” delivered by the Lib Dems and it spoke loudly of the campaign for a train station on Castle Vale. This caused me to ask the question “Where on earth would they put it?”.

    There certainly would be serious objections to it being placed on Cadbury Drive as that would disrupt the lives of everybody in the immediate vicinity. I wonder what the people living in and around Cadbury Drive would think of a train station at the end of their gardens? It would also mean the removal of the Wagtail Nature Walk. There would have to be car park facilities etc and that would eat into the surrounding land enjoyed by children.

    I decided to that the best thing to do was to make a call to Birmingham Council Planning Office and clarify the situation. Imagine my surprise when they told me that there are “no plans for a train station on Castle Vale!”.. Undeterred I carried on my search for the facts and contacted Centro who advised me that there were

    no present consultations for a train station at Castle Vale” as the “Consultations Page” on their website confirms. So… it beggars the questions…What train station…What Campaign?

    Improved transport links to and from Castle Vale are certainly an issue that should be pursued but surely they should be realistic and factual? It has taken many years of pressure for the city to obtain the funding for the improvement of New St Station. 10 years on they are still struggling to come to a conclusion on a tram route along Broad St & Hagley Rd. So where is the money coming from for a station on Castle Vale and where is it supposed to be located? Or…are the Lib Dems looking to move the boundaries come election time to include Castle Bromwich in Tyburn Ward?

  2. David Townsend

    What an excellent letter! My observations on the estate are that we are not too much into party politics or scoring ‘points’ on other parties but getting on doing the best for estate. We certainly need to see better performances from the no.67 route where many who live on Castle Vale often can’t get on a bus in the peak times because of so many others who don’t live here use it. These have alternative buses but those of us who live here don’t!

  3. Castel Vale despertaely needs a train station!

    I recently moved to Castle Vale from Acocks Green. What a shock to the system to discover the awful lack of reliable buses in Castle Vale!

    The 67 is the only reliable bus service. However catching the 67 bus back from Birmingham City Centre is a nightmare as it is often overcrowded. It is ridiculous that you only have one bus sevrice to get home from town directly. As pointed out, other people catch the 67 who do not live in Castle Vale, which puts more strain on us who do live here!

    Secondly the 71 bus is an absolute joke! It goes all the way from Solihull to Sutton Coldfield, but it is only a single decker bus! Everytime I get on the 71 it is jam packed with people, and sometimes the bus driver has to drive past people as there are not enough facilities for people with prams and children. Also it is a 20 minute service, which is not enough. It should be every ten minutes at least. The same problems apply to the 68C and the 638.

    Also, on the evenings and Sundays Claribels or other independent bus services take over the 71, and other similar routes. This means you cannot use your bus pass, and have to pay extra if you can’t make the last Travel West Midlands bus. So what is the point of getting a bus pass?

    The government claims it wants to reduce carbon emissions, but this is unlikely if they can’t even provide regular reliable bus services. Castle Vale really needs a train station! So much time is saved on the train, especially if you are travelling to Solihull, as currently the 71 can take up to 90 minutes to get there.

    Hopefully, if everyone on the Vale pulls together we can get the results we deserve. Also a bank and more local shops would be nice in Castle Vale too!

  4. At the end of the day, declaring our political bias does nothing to help the people of Castle Vale.

    Will they get a railway station – I don’t know – and neither does anyone else. Using a political “platform” is an easy and dangerous way to attempt to hoodwink the public.

    Anyone with any common sense will know it will come down to £££££. All parties welcome new forms of public transport and I will continue, along with Councillor Mike Sharpe to work with the residents and the relevant departments.

    Please note we don’t need to tell you which party we represent – it isn’t relevant to the campaign.

  5. why are we tyburn ward when we r b35 not b24 we are not erdington we are in castle bromwich area

  6. its the low bridges that cause the single deckers on this routes like park lane

  7. i thinkit’s a great idea but where the location of the old station