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Confusion with Stadium planning application

More delays to the proposed Stadium development on Farnborough Road have come to light. Vale Mail was told at the beginning of November that the City Planning Committee had received an application following the ‘flood risk assessment’.

The flood risk assessment got the go-ahead, but a confusion arising from a change in architect meant that a planning application has not been submitted to the planning committee. Soccer Sensations, the northern based 5-a-side Soccer Company recently decided to use a Birmingham based architect as a replacement for their original choice. This switch has apparently created a confusion, resulting in a failure to submit an application for planning permission.

Despite the setback, Sue van Zyl from Erdington Constituency Sports Team says: “Things are going ahead. We have made progress on the lease agreement and the ‘heads of terms’. I do not think that this will delay the planned completion date of early 2008.”


Carol Concert unites sponsors

christmas-cover3.jpgclick on poster to see full details

Centre Park’s second open air Christmas Carol Concert is drawing support from across the Vale. Sponsors include the 2005 Group, The TRA, CVCHA, Merlin, the Neighbourhood Partnership Board, and three High Street shops: NISA, Flowerworx and the Chip Shop.

The concert will feature a children’s choir, popular carols and an opportunity to place a message on the ‘memorial tree’.

The singing starts at 4pm in the Park on Sunday 16th December, followed by a walk to St Cuthberts Church, where the whole event will take place if the weather is very poor. Organisers of the event say that the main aim of the carol service is to bring people from the community together for a pleasant celebration of Christmas and that any money raised from the carol service will be given to local charities.

Kay sets the record straight

After over three years of research and persuasion, local historian Kay Hunter has finally managed to convince the authorities that they have had their facts wrong.

The story concerns the case of Philip Matsell, the last man to be executed in Birmingham. Read Kay’s letter, on our letters page. (Click here)

The ASBO identity problem

Three Birmingham youths have been banned from the City Centre for two years for their violent behaviour  to shopkeepers and shoppers over a period of months. They have been issued with an emergency interim ASBO which will take effect immediately and relieve the problem while the courts are preparing to deal with the case on a criminal basis.

But the youths, two aged 15 and one aged 16, cannot be named  for legal reasons, thus making it very difficult, if not impossible, for the general public to help in this case. How will they know if the youths do come into the city centre? How can they report the breach of the ASBO when they don’t even know who it applies to?

The terms of the order, which was secured following a number of violent crimes,  give some indication of the previous behaviour of these youths: it instructs them: not to wear any mask or item of clothing that covers their faces, not to associate with named individuals and not to carry marker pens or spray paint in a public place. Not to enter the city centre unless accompanied by a parent, step parent, police officer, an employee of the youth offending services, or unless to attend a pre arranged appointment.

One might say well done to the Council for taking action  as the busy shopping period begins, but one might also ask whether or not 15 year-olds who behave like this deserve to be kept anonymous.

Setback for Vale FC

mfc.jpg Despite taking an early lead thanks to a goal by Mal Power in the fifth minute, Vale FC were comprehensively beaten at home, 4-1 by a well organised Walsall Wood in the Premier League of the Midland Combination last night (Wed 28th). Vale boss Gareth Palmer said: “We’re not playing well but I still believe we can get promotion this season.”

Promotion into the Midland Alliance is awarded only to the league winners; there are no play-off places.

Midland Combination Premier
Pos Chg Team P W D L F A GD Pts
1 +1 Highgate United 19 14 2 3 49 24 25 44
2 +3 Pershore Town (-3) 19 14 3 2 42 20 22 42
3 0 Southam United 20 12 6 2 47 26 21 42
4 -3 Coleshill Town 18 13 1 4 49 22 27 40
5 -1 Castle Vale 20 11 6 3 47 28 19 39
6 0 Brocton 19 9 6 4 36 24 12 33
7 +1 Pilkington XXX 19 9 5 5 37 34 3 32
8 -1 Nuneaton Griff 21 9 3 9 30 29 1 30
9 0 Cadbury Athletic 20 8 4 8 31 28 3 28
10 +4 Walsall Wood 18 8 4 6 23 23 0 28
11 +4 Loughborough University (P) 19 8 3 8 34 32 2 27
12 -2 Massey Ferguson 19 8 3 8 29 31 -2 27
13 -2 Bolehall Swifts 20 6 8 6 28 32 -4 26
14 -2 Heath Hayes 19 7 3 9 35 38 -3 24
15 -2 Continental Star 23 7 3 13 42 52 -10 24
16 +1 Barnt Green Spartak 20 7 2 11 32 33 -1 23
17 +2 Meir KA 20 6 4 10 24 35 -11 22
18 -2 Heather St John (P) 20 5 6 9 27 34 -7 21
19 +1 Feckenham 22 5 6 11 26 49 -23 21
20 -2 Bartley Green (P) 21 5 3 13 32 41 -9 18
21 0 Coventry Copsewood 18 1 4 13 17 43 -26 7
22 0 Brereton Social 20 1 3 16 12 51 -39 6

Local Stars, the ‘Supremes’ and fledgling drummers at Residents Club

tezlin-newell-harding.jpgTeslyn Newell Harding

Local performers who have been trained by an African drumming tutor will be proving how much they have learned at a MOBO (Music of Black Origin) night at the Residents Club in Yatesbury Avenue this Friday (30th November).

The project was started as part of the City’s ‘Black History Month.’

Tickets are £2.00 and available from the Astral Centre or at the Residents Club on the night.

millicent-stephenson.jpglocal saxophonist Millicent Stephenson

Local star singer Teslyn Newell Harding and local saxophonist Millicent Stephenson will also be performing, as will a tribute band to the 60s Tamla girlgroup The Supremes.

The first act is scheduled for 7pm.

Cans of coke on display at Good Food Show

The Good Food Show Opens today (Wednesday 28th) at the NEC, from 10am-6pm daily until 2nd December.

This year, HM Revenue and Customs have got a stall, in which they will be demonstrating unusual methods that have been used to smuggle drugs into the country, including chocolate bars laced with cannabis and beer cans containing cocaine.