Happy 40th Birthday, St Gerards


St Gerards School, Castle Vale, celebrated its 40th birthday, today, on St George’s Day. Vale Mail is very grateful to Ann Nicholls of St Gerards School for the photos, one of which shows the School’s three headteachers. Most will recognise the current Headteacher, David Hird (2006-present day), and of course, Barbara Peel (1992-2006). Older readers might remember the School’s first Headteacher, Jack George (1968-1992). (click on the photos to enlarge)

Grace Reilly and Reece Woolgrove are blowing out the candles on the 40th birthday cake made by Mrs Harris.

Five priests celebrated Mass for current and past Staff and friends of the School on Friday 18th April. They are: Father Buckley, Father Maguire, Father Knight, Father Harrington (the School’s first Parish Priest) and Father Dickinson.


8 responses to “Happy 40th Birthday, St Gerards

  1. Sally Hansard

    Woah!!! I used to go to that school! And now I go to Arthur Terry. Happy 40th Birthday, Saint G’s!!!

  2. I expect you don’t know about the libel law; but whatever, you’ve just revealed a lot about yourself, Ellie.

  3. Lets not forget anyone can post comments on this site and use any name, it may be someone has deliberately done this in order to get the person named above into trouble with the school.
    I find it hard to belive someone would say such things and be naive enough to put their own name to it. Not only a first name but full name! I’m sure the school will look into it.

  4. Maybe ValeMail can check out the e-mail address. It would be interesting to find out who’s reponsible for this trash.

  5. Thanks Ann and Sammy for alerting me to this posting. It’s deleted now, and I shall try to contact the person who posted it. Your comments have probably taught the writer a lesson, though.

  6. I started that school just last year and i feel so welcome.
    All parents out there looking for a place to send your children … ST GERARDS IS THE BEST!


  7. I attended St Gerard’s from 1971-1975, after which time, myself and my family moved to Canada. I remember Father Harrington saying open air masses, in the schools playground. I even recall being sent to Headmaster, Mr George’s office, for some minor transgression. Happy memories, one and all….my fondest regards….Sean Caulkett

  8. I attended St George’s 1968- 1972 I remember also being sent to Jack Georges office, I recall only to well so many years after that Jack George xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, If your face fitted you were okay if not well you can guess!
    Not so fond memories, Steve White.