Kitty Collection


CVCHA receptionist Julie Sanders has organised a collection of cat food for Ward End Cat Reserve, as a thanks to them for rescuing five cats that a local resident no longer wanted. Tony Hunter, from the Cat Reserve, rescued the five cats last Thursday, and since that time Julie’s appeal to her CVCHA colleagues has resulted in a collection of over 60 tins of cat food, and boxes full of cat litters, biscuits, blankets and treats. Tony Hunter came in to collect the gifts today, and brought along two kittens and a one-year-old cat for a brief visit.

Julie is now setting up a permanent ‘cat rescue Bin’ in CVCHA’s reception area, where residents can donate tins of cat food to be given to the rescue centre. Julie said: “We often ask Tony to come and rescue a cat that has been abandoned or can’t be looked after any more. His rescue centre relies on donations from the public to keep it going, so we are happy to give him whatever support we can.”

Tony Hunter said: “This is a busy time of year for us. Sadly, some cat owners abandon their pets, or call us to take them off their hands when they go on holiday, because they don’t want to pay the fees to house them in a cattery while they are away.”



2 responses to “Kitty Collection

  1. CUTE! i will be dropping some food in for the centre next week, well done CVCHA!

  2. Jenny Stevenson

    I am a International Psychic Reader and Astrologer, I have two cats whom I adore, indeed I love all animals and try to do what I can to help. I am currently running a raffle for Tony Hunter for the Ward End cats, as I did last year. I feed the feral cats in Hong Kong, and Singapore and always donate at the end of my trip to Llamma Island Animal Rescue (just off mainland HK) as well as helping on Sundays to clean and feed the “inmates”. If anyone requires a Psychic reading and mentions Ward End Cat Rescue, I will donate all the fee to help Tony and his cats.
    My telephone number is 01789 551711. Lets give the animals a hand, after all it is our Karma to look after those who have no voice.