UFO sighting in Castle Vale

 UFO speck

  magnified section of photo

Residents in Centre Eight gathered outside their homes on Saturday, despite the awful weather, to witness a mysterious UFO (unidentified flying object) ‘gliding majestically’ (in the words of one eyewitness) over Castle Vale towards Castle Bromwich. One witness said that there was evidence of flames coming from the underside of the object. It stayed in sight during the afternoon for around half an hour.

Theories abound:

could it be a hot air balloon (in that weather !)?

a (pink) dust speck on the lens

a weather balloon sent up by the met office, in their latest Barbie style colours

a government surveillance device checking for terrorist activities prior to Birmingham’s historic Cabinet Meeting today

An extra terrestrial surveillance device, populated by  surveyors from Mars interested in Vale’s regeneration project, prior to Phase Two of regeneration on their own planet.

An ‘Independence Day type spacecraft’, sent to Birmingham prior to the predicted end of the world on Wednesday.

Thanks to sharp-eyed Scott Baldwin of Castle Vale for the photos. 


3 responses to “UFO sighting in Castle Vale

  1. David Townsend

    Perhaps it was a surveyor from Mars looking see who I give my Mars bars to!! They haven’t been in touch yet – if they do I’ve got a few spare for them!!

  2. This isn’t the first time! Years ago we spotted a strange orange ball type thing hovering over the old Trade Winds pub! (And no I hadn’t been drinking!) Lol!

  3. If it was an orangy / pinkish colour then the chances are that it was a weather balloon. I remember the milkman finding one on his rounds when I was at Junior school and bringing it in (of course it was black and white in those days!).

    Meteorologists and climatologists release them at particular intervals, and use them to transmit “real time” data about weather, and wind in particular.

    They are quite expensive, which let’s face it, is a heck of an investment just to make sure that the heavens open a nanosecond after the first burger hits the barbeque…