Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

Line goes dead on police mobile phone

The mobile phone carried by Vale’s local beat bobby to allow residents to get in touch with the police more easily is no longer in action, Sergeant Sarah Tambling told the Castle Vale Neighbourhood Tasking Group yesterday. Callers should instead use: 0845 113 5000 extension 7601 6326. This will put them through to Castle Vale police station, where there is a 24-hour answerphone that is checked regularly during the day, Sergeant Tambling said. She told the Tasking Group that people had been abusing the system of calling police via the mobile phone, and that it was unlikely to be returned to use. She was replying to concerns that the local mobile phone was never switched on, and that messages were not returned.

One member of the group indicated that the police CATCH radio, which linked the local neighbourhood watch team to the police was also out of action.