Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

Pype Hayes bonfire: “an annual event for the foreseeable future”

A top city councillor has tonight issued a statement attacking the false claims made in a locally distributed leaflet about Pype Hayes bonfire on 5th November.
Councillor Martin Mullaney, Cabinet member for Leisure, Sport and Culture says that that a leaflet has been distributed in the local area making false claims that this year’s bonfire event is under threat because of council cuts. The leaflet urges people to sign a petition to save the event.
Councillor Mullaney says: “The claims in this leaflet couldn’t be further from the truth. There has been no talk of cancelling this year’s event. Infact, I’ve been busy for the last month trying to secure funding from the Council’s corporate centre to ensure that this popular event will take place every year for the foreseeable future. At the moment, we don’t know from one year to the next, if we will have the funding available. I am therefore happy to announce that I have been successful in securing funding for the future of Pype Hayes Park bonfire. This now secures it as an annual event for the forseeable future.”


‘Jag at Castle Brom must stay open’ – Councillor

Job protection should be the priority for Tata when the Indian- based owners decide which of the two Birmingham Jaguar factories they will close, according to Cllr Robert Alden, who hopes to be Erdington’s MP after the next general election. They have indicated that either the Solihull or the Castle Bromwich factory will be closed down in the next few years.
Robert Alden said: “I would like them to keep open the Castle Bromwich plant. It is the one that everyone knows. But when it comes down to the final choice, they should keep open the one that is most economically viable, and will protect people’s jobs.
“It shouldn’t have come down to this. The government should have supported both plants financially. I am deeply concerned that it has come to this situation in Erdington Constituency, where unemployment is already critical. According to the latest Government figures released on 16th September the claimant rate is 13.5%, while unemployment has increased by 38.2% since 1997. Clearly this is bad for any area to have to cope with. However now the very real risk that further jobs will be lost either at one of the plants or in the supply chain will only exasperate this situation locally.”