Sion Simon to repay expenses

Erdington MP Sion Simon is to repay money he claimed for renting a Regents Park flat from his sister, and claiming the money back on his MP’s second home’s allowance.
The Daily Telegraph claims that he paid his sister £40,000 but will only repay around £20,000 because the practice of renting from family members was allowed until 2006. He claimed the money between 2004-2008. Mr Simon says that he was not aware of the change in the rules.


3 responses to “Sion Simon to repay expenses

  1. Just a personal view, but in my opinion Erdington residents will bring shame on the area if they vote Sion in again.

  2. A personal view? Pull the other one…

  3. I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be voting for Sion Simon. I haven’t been his biggest fan since he made a prat out of himself on youtube. Although I do find him quite entertaining with all his gimmicks, I’m not sure that’s the best reason to vote for a local MP.