Rowdy youths

Rowdy behaviour from youths in Castle Vale is more than double the rate for Birmingham and for the West Midlands as a whole, according to police statistics for 2009. There are 41.5 recorded incidents of rowdy behaviour per 1,000 people amongst youths in the Vale, compared with 17.9 in Birmingham and 18.6 in the West Midlands.


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  1. Thats because they have been allowed to be rowdy! There is always some do-gooder saying theres nothing for the to do and sticking up for them. Come on!!! When I was a kid the only thing for us to do was play on those dodgy, rusty climbing frames outside the tower blocks.
    I’ve seen some of these kind of kids hanging around outside sainsburys and in bus shelters on a friday night, they cant be no older than 16 half of them, why are their parents allowing them out at this time of a night?
    I just know someone will reply saying that there are good youths on this estate too and that I am being too negative towards them. These will be the old familiar names, the people who are probably usually tucked up in bed by 9pm with their hot chocolate, well sorry, I am only going by what I have seen and the statistics presented before me. Of course there are going to be good kids on the estate, I’m not saying every one of them are troublesome, in fact Im not even blaming them, I am blaming the do-gooders who always have an excuse for the way Castle Vale youth behave.

  2. Could those stats be skewed slightly by the likelihood that Castle Vale has far more families with youngsters of the relevant age than other areas of Birmingham?
    Maybe we should pay less attention to statistics – they aren’t the last word on everything, merely one of a number of indicators.

  3. The figures are taken as a proportion of incidents per 1000 people, so the numbers of youths should not affect the stats.

  4. Just an afterthought – the fact that the rowdy behaviour took place ON the Vale doesn’t necessarily mean that all those who took part in it were FROM the Vale, does it? I’m pretty sure the stats wouldn’t be sophisticated enough to distinguish between resident perpetrators and anothers.
    We know that youths from outside the Vale sometimes come here looking for trouble – some time ago a mother wrote about the exchanges taking place on the internet (on MSN etc.) between Vale Youths and outsiders, which led to fights here.

  5. “the fact that the rowdy behaviour took place ON the Vale doesn’t necessarily mean that all those who took part in it were FROM the Vale, does it?” Thats reaching a bit isnt it Ann? If that were the case then you could say the same for all the other areas too. It just seems that people are too busy trying to brush the fact that with have quite alot of misbehaved youths on the estate under the carpet rather than trying to come up with some kind of solution to this problem.

  6. David Townsend

    My simple question to the annonymous writer is why are you not prepared to say who you are? Come to the next tasking meeting on Tuesday 1st. Feb at 2p.m. @ the CVCHA boardroom High St. and discuss the matter openly. There are many of us who are concerned enough to look at the matter seriously!

  7. That’s exactly my point – if there is a higher number of youths per 1000 people here than elsewhere, surely there is a statistical (!) likelihood of a higher percentage of rowdy ones, if you use their reasoning.

  8. Well Mr Townsend, its good to know that there are people out there who are concerned with sorting out this problem rather than sweeping it under the carpet.
    As for your invite, unfortunately I will have to decline as I wont be able to get time off work on such short notice. Its ashame really that these types of meetings cant be held sometime in the evening.
    As for me remaining annonymous, I cant see how giving my name would change the situation at all!

  9. “reaching a bit”? I agree you could say the same for all areas, which is why I’m sceptical about statistics. You can use them to prove whatever you want, so unless you know ALL the data and exactly how it was gathered and recorded, they should be treated with a healthy degree of caution.
    No question of me trying to brush anything under the carpet; I’ve suffered in the past from rowdy and intimidating youths in my street. I just refuse to be impressed by statistics, as if they say everything that needs to be said. They don’t.
    Remember “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”?

  10. David Townsend

    I tend to ignore people who are not prepared to come out into the open – we have lot of people who seem to sit by and criticize. We want those who get involved! We have lost 3 great stalwarts in the last few years namely, Carole Raffery, Eric Shaw and Joan Lawrie. These did great things for the estate and we need residents who will come to the fore to take their places. So, my final comment sir/madam is come and be involved in the welfare of the estate. Over and out!

  11. One things for certain with the cutbacks being made by BCC (take the swimming baths for example)
    there will soon be less to do for the younger generation on the estate, and this problem could get worse.
    No estate is perfect and there is no quick fix, a number of things have to fall in to place for this sort of problem to be resolved, starting most importantly in the home, followed by schools and policing of the estate to name a few.
    I understand people don’t want to walk down the street past a gang of youths being rowdy as it may feel intimidating to some, but what people have to remember is it could just be kids being kids, loud, brash and in your face.
    lets not judge them all too quickly, they most probably are board and have nothing else to do but hang around in the cold and the rain having what they see as a laugh with their mates.
    So why don’t we all stop moaning about it and sort out the lack of youth services for this estate, ask the young ones what they want, and no I’m not a do good-er that is in bed at 9 o,clock with a cup of coco!

  12. Well said, Sammy – always sane, humane and CONSTRUCTIVE.

  13. thankyouu

  14. Fair enough Sammy. But we’ll see if your opinion changes if one of these “kids having a laugh with his mates” decides its more of a laugh to intimidate someone you care about.

  15. i know why dont we lock all the youths up in prison,and ban all adults from having kids on the vale,come on give these kids a break,bloody do gooders eh

  16. Shouldn’t ban adults from having kids, but if your going to have kids you should be responsible enough to look after them and to keep them out of trouble!

  17. There is a difference from ‘kids having a laugh with their mates’ to intimidating behaviour. This is the distinction that has to be made. Rowdiness and abusive/intimidating behaviour has a difference that is the point I am making.

  18. I understand that sammy but the article discusses the stats of rowdy youths, not kids just having a laugh and I do agree, a distinction should be made.

  19. I totally agree, a distinction should be made. Rowdy means noisy & disorderly.
    This can come from as I said earlier kids having a laugh with their mates being too loud and boisterous.
    It shouldn’t be confused with intimidating and abusive behavior because that is something different.

  20. I have been in touch with Sgt Tambling of WM Police regarding the statistics which, on the face of it, give cause for concern; she is going to give a further breakdown of the statistics for me ready for an article in February’s Vale Mail. The issue that needs explaining is: why are the stats so high for Vale compared with Bham and West Mids? There are a number of possible explanations, many of which have been explored in this discussion.
    The stats are on the police website and need further explanation, and that will come, I am assured.

  21. That promises to be interesting Clive, especially how they managed to arrive at the final .5 of an incident!

  22. Maybe that one was a group of small rowdy youths

  23. I look forward to reading it! It’s certainly got a debate going on here. One things for sure, there are people that are passionate about Castle Vale and that’s a good thing.