February’s Vale Mail out today

Vale Mail, February 2010, front and back pages

February’s Vale Mail has been printed, and should be delivered to all in Castle Vale over the weekend.


11 responses to “February’s Vale Mail out today

  1. Thanks for another great issue, delivered this morning. Loved the piece by Cassie Vayall – our sentiments exactly! Who is “she”?

  2. reference ‘irresponsible dog owners’ page 7 vale mail.
    there are far to many irresponsible dog owners living on the estate.
    a lot more needs to be done about these people who let their dogs foul everywhere.
    i have witnessed a dog owner letting the dog ‘do its business’ outside somebodys front gate and just walk off leaving it there.
    some people on castle vale are very quick to complain about rowdy children etc. but dog fouling is far worse

  3. the farnborough road football pitches are scattered with dog mess too.
    its about time the cvcha clamped down hard on these irresposible people.
    if you cant clean up after your dog then dont have one.

  4. It’s everywhere, and it’s disgusting. I watched a man’s dog leaving its deposit right outside Chivenor School & he just walked away. Three years ago I wrote a piece in the ValeMail about this problem & suggested a crackdown on irresponsible owners but nothing’s been done & it’s got worse. It’s high time the Dog Licence was brought back – if people had to pay say £50 then they might think twice before getting a dog. As things stand, they don’t even get fine – nobody’s around to catch the culprits.

  5. well said ann
    there are wardens out there just waiting for you to drop a bit of litter or a cigarette end.
    then you get hit with a big fine
    is dog fouling not worse

  6. David & Joan Townsend

    We enjoyed the Valemail and we especially want to express our thanks and appreciation to Bob Brueton for all his efforts on behalf of the Vale in many different areas. Also, it was good to read Jay Davies article about the youth work. We were at a meeting this week and saw his and his team’s input into the youth council. And also to see the young folk engaged in the environmental activities. All very heartening! Well done to all concerned!

  7. David & Joan Townsend

    We just wanted to add that John Cooper’s obituary about Common Sense was excellent!

  8. I totally agree with the dog fouling issue. I think it’s Birmingham City Council that enforce dog fouling fines.

    Perhaps they need to send down some officers? A few fines may well sort out the problem.

    Could also build back up BCC coffers as they seem to have wasted all the money they get in with bad management!!!!!!!!


  9. Don’t those pcsos have the power to fine dog owners for fouling offences?

  10. I don’t know if this is helpful to anyone. I found it on the council’s website.

    Dog Fouling
    In 1996, the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act became law. This was in response to increasing concern over the problem of dog fouling in public places.

    Birmingham adopted the Act in September 2000, and further resolved to operate a Fixed Penalty scheme for contraventions.

    The Act requires any person in charge of a dog which fouls on designated land, to remove the faeces immediately. Offenders can be issued with a fixed penalty notice (£50). If you are issued with a fixed penalty notice this will include details as to who, where and how payment of the notice can be made. Failure to pay the fixed penalty fine will result in prosecution and, in the event of the matter going to court, may result in a fine of up to £1,000.

    Dog wardens affix appropriate signs to lamp posts and distribute educational leaflets and posters to encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets.

    If you have a problem with dog fouling please contact a Dog Warden:

    Animal Welfare Team,
    581 Tyburn Road,
    B24 9RX

    Tel: 0121 303 9900
    Fax: 0121 303 9901
    e-mail: publichealth@birmingham.gov.uk

  11. I dont think the PCSOs have the power to issue dog fouling fines in this ward.