Dromey gets Erdington’s Labour spot

Jack Dromey, Labour Party Treasurer,Deputy General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, and husband of Labour Chair Harriet Harman, has been selected as Labour’s candidate for Erdington for the General Election. He is almost certain to replace the retiring Sion Simon as the constituency’s MP, as  Erdington is regarded as such a  safe Labour seat, with a majority of over 9,500.

Erdington Labour Party members voted by post for their preferred candidate. They had been given a short list of four by Labour’s Central Office.


11 responses to “Dromey gets Erdington’s Labour spot

  1. David Townsend

    Surprise!surprise!.I am looking forward to what Cassie Vayall has to say about it, either on this website or in the next Vale Mail! It has certainly given us something to think about as to who we vote for.

  2. Rest assured that Dromey will not win.

  3. Everyone should consider voting for Tony Tomkins – he is an independent MP standing for Erdington.

    Erdington can’t let Dromey in! Vote for an independent MP that actually cares about Erdington!

  4. Not sure I want an MP from London who probably has never set foot in the constituency until now. I want a local person representing local people. I will be voting for Robert Alden who has worked tirelessly for the area and I’m sure will continue to do so.

  5. Hopefully not.

  6. Vote lib dems! I know Erdington has always been a Labour seat, but I urge people to give the Lib Dems a chance, I really think their policies could benefit the people living in the Erdington constituency.

    I agree with Nick!

  7. David Townsend

    I wanted to honour Ann Froggart’s request that politics be kept off this website but to vote for Lib-Dems is only go to lead this country into a bigger mess. Their policy regarding the Middle East is appalling to say the least and that is the key issue in world affairs. We need statesmen who can act morally upright and with integrity.
    Sorry Ann but I can’t stand by and let Lisa have a say without discouraging people from voting the way she urges.

  8. Ann Froggatt

    David, you needn’t have risen to the bait! However, we do need a firm date for getting our military out of Afghanistan – there will never be genuine democracy there, as it’s not a concept that comes easily to them. How many more lives will be sacrificed in this lost cause?
    As for Israel, we all know they have nuclear capability although they imprisoned the man who blew the whistle; and everyone panders to Israel even as they continue the blockade which prevents urgently-needed food and medicines getting through to the children who are traumatised and dying in the appalling refugee camps.
    So what’s the LibDem Middle East policy?

  9. David Townsend

    I haven’t your telephone number or anything Ann, otherwise I would have spoken to you. You make some interesting comments but I hope in the not too distant future that I (we i.e. Joan too my lovely wife) to meet you face to face! I’ll be a ‘good’ boy now and say no more!

  10. Why on earth should politics be kept off this website? Free speech and all that. You are welcome to disagree with me David, but I stand by my beliefs, and will be voting yellow on Thursday.

  11. Ann Froggatt

    As David wouldn’t tell me what the LibDem policy on the Middle East is, perhaps you could, Lisa, as you’re going to support them?

    About keeping politics off this website: I only asked because in the past it has caused ill-feeling. Freedom of speech is vital, I agree; unfortunately it has been used as an excuse for insults and worse. That’s all!