Anger at judo plans for Castle Pool

Residents reacted angrily last night to plans to establish a judo facility above the swimming pool as part of the cuts in services at Castle Pool in Farnborough Road.
The meeting followed two days after a council constituency meeting at which the twelve councillors had voted to go ahead with the plans to close down the upstairs children’s facility and cafeteria, and to allow Hardy Spicer’s judo club to set up their base there. This would be done with a £250,000 grant from Sport England. But residents claim that at their first public meeting in February they had made it clear to councillors that they wanted the upstairs facility to be used as a public gym for all residents, not as a facility restricted to private members of a judo club.


3 responses to “Anger at judo plans for Castle Pool

  1. There is a great deal of anger with the councils proposal to give away a community resource to a private enterprise without looking at other options that would provide long term sustainability of the swimming pool. At the public meeting in February worried residents and pool users were assured that no cuts would be imposed until other options had been investigated. Councillors Sharpe and Clinton admitted that a previous decision to cut back hours at the pool and close the play area had been a mistake as all the information on pool usage had not been provided by council officers. They agreed to vote to reverse the decision at the next constituency meeting. At the same public meeting, Councillor Robert Alden, who is also the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for this area pledged the support of the Conservative group to reverse the decision. However, when push came to shove, Councillor Alden had changed his mind and sanctioned the cuts and agreed to give away one of Castle Vale’s assets. Should we be suprised? Probably not, it’s a sign of the times.

  2. Gareth Compton

    You really shouldn’t tell lies, it will get you into trouble and your comment about Robert Alden is a lie. Robert has voted EXACTLY the same way as Cllrs Clinton and Sharpe on this issue every time it has been discussed in public AND in private. Lynda Clinton votes for closures in private and then tells you something different. Whether you believe it or pretend to believe I don’t care or care. Don’t tell lies about other people though.

  3. Gareth, although I don’t agree with some of your views I respect your right to them. However, you were not at the public meeting to hear what Robert Alden said whereas I was along with about 80 other members of the public and I stand by what I said, I have not told any lies. Neither have I commented on which way Cllrs Clinton and Sharpe voted so I am not sure why you bring what I believe about that into the discussion.