Electric school buses

Birmingham emits 6.5million tonnes of Co2 each year and has an annual energy bill of over £1,500 million, according to a report that was discussed by the City Cabinet today. The Council plans to reduce its carbon dioxide output by 60% in the next 16 years. Plans for improving the environment include the creation of ‘green’ jobs and using ten electric vehicles for school transport.


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  1. Grant Williams

    I’ve got an electric car – a Mitsubishi I-MIEV. Not only is it a nice drive, very smooth with the electric motor, in terms of running costs it is somewhere between 1p and 2p a mile.

    It recharges from a three pin plug, in six hours from flat, and for short to medium journeys electric vehicles are ideal.

    The lack of current (pardon the pun!) public charging facilities is a drawback, as is the range – around 80 miles, although in the winter this falls due to Li-On batteries being less efficient in the cold and the need to have the heater etc. on to demist the windows and keep the occupants warm.

    Next year the Government are introducing a subsidy of up to £5,000 per vehicle, and as long as batteries last long enough (Mitsubishi, for example, are talking about a 10 year warranty) then in the not-t0o-distant future I expect that there will be an increasing usage of non polluting vehicles.

    Of course we also need to look at the source of the electricity, and to try to get as much renewable sourced energy as possible, but things are definitely on the way up.

    The only question now is – do these cars like pets, take after their owners? Some say my car is smooth and cute, others slow and fat… 🙂

    More information on http://www.mitsubishi-cars.co.uk/imiev/ or check out the facebook page