Barring the joyriders and car burners

The entrance to the Farnborough Road car park is now gated

Workmen have today been putting the finishing touches to the padlock barred gate that will restrict access to the car park adjacent to the Farnborough Road football fields and stadium.
Neighbourhood police, local councillors and officers, and local community groups have jointly come up with the plans to secure the stadium and car park which has been used sporadically in the past by joyriders and vandals for burning out stolen vehicles. After years of vandalism and petty crime at the site, the Neighbourhood Police team commissioned their security experts to produce a report on the playing fields and conservation area, which highlighted a number of entrance and exit points that needed to be secured.


7 responses to “Barring the joyriders and car burners

  1. i don’t think this is going to stop the criminals on castle vale, if anything it is going to make them do it more. I think it is a complete waste of tax payers money !!!

  2. I agree george. I think its a complete waste of money. The criminals need stopping and this is NOT the way to do it. I believe that it will not stop criminals operating over there. I have seen the barriers for myself and they are a joke. Any of the scum from the vale can bypass the lock and open tha barriers.

    IT IS NOT going to stop the anti-social behaviour and the young drinkers and drug takers. THIS VALE IS A SHAMBLES and needs correcting soon before it gets to the stage where people are to frightened to walk outside at night.

  3. I totally disagree with you both. The barriers are there for a reason and it is to stop the ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour that goes on over there. I think the only people that don’t agree with it are the people that DRIVE up by the stadium and let there dogs mess all over the football fields.

    So if your not happy feel free to WALK UR DOGS somewhere else.

    The barriers do not prevent people from walking up by the football stadium, they prevent people from driving up there.

  4. David Townsend

    Well said Tracey. As a citizen of this estate, I think it is rather sad that we are mentioned as scum and that it is a shambles. The people here need all the help we can give one another. Throwing words at each other will not help too much. Any body with positive, helpful suggestions will be readily listened to.

  5. I totally disagree with George and Michelle P…..

    The barrier has been put up over Castle Vale Stadium to prevent the young lads in the cars smoking canabis at night.

    Since the barrier has been up there HASN’T been any damage over there, so it just shows that the young lads were going over to the fields to smoke their spliffs and causing damage.

    Well said Tracey… about those people who walk over the field with their dogs and dont pick the mess up, its very true, sincfe the barrier has been up you dont see as many people up there which is a good thing….

    Michelle P if you dont like it on Castle Vale dont live on here, you know what to do….

  6. Michelle im very disappointed you calling castle vale people scum.
    Ive been on this estate for the last 40 years and wouldnt live anywere else.
    The barriers have been put in place to protect the stadium and surrounding areas ,ANTISOCIAL behaviour the main problem.
    The light situation will be improved plus the camera should be in place very soon.
    With money being spent over there, show me a better place for all sport then CASTLE VALE. proud resident.

  7. I would like to clarify a couple of points in relation to the newly installed barrier.

    For many years, it has been widely acknowledged that there have been incidents of anti social behaviour and burnt out cars in the car park and stadium access area. Due to a keen willingness by Police, residents and other agencies working together, a barrier system has been introduced and a upgrade of CCTV Cameras is being commissioned in the area shortly.

    Once this is completed and coupled with the car park and stadium access lighting being upgraded and enhanced, this area will serve to be a asset to residents who wish to use it for leisure purposes.

    There does appear to be a keen willingness by people to enhance the Farnborough Road area for all decent, law abiding residents who wish to use it and surely that will benefit ALL of us.

    The barrier system has been installed to control vehicle access and to deter activity that residents, Police and the Fire Service were not happy with.

    Pedestrians can still use the area, for dog walking or general leisure persuits, so there is no restrictions to access, should people want to use the area for this purpose.

    Castle Vale presently hosts this area of land that many areas of Birmingham would love to have and enjoy.

    I think that it is important that we all realise what an asset that we all have on our doorstep and that any initiative that is introduced, such as at present, should be welcomed

    Once the work is completed and the envisaged lighting upgrade, it will attract many more residents to use the area and enjoy the facility that is available to them, including the use of the Stadium Social Club, should they wish.

    Finally – To those people who are involved with this initiative, can I say well done on behalf of many residents who would not otherwise use the area, especially during the evening.