No Greens for Erdington

The Green Party have announced that they will not be putting forward a candidate for Erdington in the General Election. They will be contesting five of the eleven Birimingham seats.


4 responses to “No Greens for Erdington

  1. Not one Green candidate for this area, well I guess I won’t be voting this year. A vote for either of the main 3 is a case of same old story as always but in a different guise with their different spins, as for UKIP if they put in a candidate they’re just BNP undercover.

  2. Ann Froggatt

    Please can we keep party politics off this website?

  3. I see Castle Vales version of Blackpool tower (St Gerard’s church spire) is back up……

    This is round three, the metal top to it and a few panels got blown out some years back in high winds (and strewn across the road) and just over 12months ago it completely fell down and crashed into the church roof and across the entrance. (this again after it swayed around for nearly a hr in high winds)

    I’m kinda surprised it’s gone up again to be honest, it’s lucky someone wasn’t injured or killed in the previous two instances.

    It also seems higher than the last one, lets hope this one stays upright eh? Lets also hope health and safety evaluation has been carried out.

    Shame residents wasn’t asked their opinion…….

  4. Politics affects us all regardless. It’s important we talk about it.