Daily Archives: April 12, 2010

Four candidates for local election

Four candidates have been nominated for the Tyburn Ward in the local council elections on 6th May.
They are:
Lynda Alice Clinton  – Labour Party
Trevor Holtom – Liberal Democrats
Graham Jones – British National Party
Tim Wilson – The Conservative Party

One of the four will be elected to serve as a Tyburn Councillor for the next four years.

Tyburn is one of 40 wards across Birmingham. Each ward has three councillors, giving Birmingham a total of 120 councillors across the city. Their four year term of office finishes on a  rolling basis – one seat expires each year over a  three year period.

Currently, the three councillors for Tyburn are: Lynda Clinton (Labour) Mike Sharpe (Labour) and Ann Holtom (Liberal Democrat). Lynda Clinton’s four year term expires in May and she is applying for re-election. One of her oppponents, Trevor Holtom, is the husband of current Tyburn councillor Ann Holtom.