A workman steadies the top section of the new spire as a giant crane lowers it towards the church

St Gerards Church has a replacement spire. The original was blown down in the storms of 2007.
Workmen used a huge crane to hoist the spire in sections to its position.


2 responses to “Inspired

  1. Not do i have to look at this big green monster from my lounge, which we were never consulted about before its erection, now we are having to suffer the recorded clock clanging all through the night on every hr, i cant wait for the wind to blow it down & hopefuly smash the sound system with it !!!!!

  2. I think it says something that there are so many ancient beautiful churches in this country, with spires, which have stood for hundreds of years, yet this modern ugly thing was blown down in such a short time. The church is ugly enough, but this spire doesn’t even go with the builing. I remember when I first moved to Castle Vale in 1998, I thought St. Gerards was a factory.