Eight candidates for Erdington

Eight candidates are standing for the Erdington constituency at the  General Election on 6th May. They are:
Robert Alden: Conservative
Jack Dromey:  Labour
Maria Foy: UKIP
Timothy Gray: Christian Party
Ann Holtom: Liberal Democrats
Kevin McHugh: British National Party
Tony Tomkins: Independent
Terry Williams: National Front

5 responses to “Eight candidates for Erdington

  1. I certainly won’t be voting Labour. You never hear from them unless it is election time and to choose a candidate from London whom most probably has never been to Erdington until now is very poor. I will be voting for the Conservative candidate Robert Alden who lives in Erdington and has works all year round making the area a better place as his role as ward councillor and I’m sure will do the same as an MP. I do like the Lib. Dem. candidate too but I feel the parties manefesto doesn’t strike me as the most workable.

  2. Hate to break the news to you Robert Aulden lives in Farquar Rd, Edgbaston where houses go for £1,000,000. Hardly Erdington born and bred therefore unlikely to be truely intouch with Erdington issues. We are merely a stepping stone on his political ladder to the top!

  3. Ann Froggatt

    Can you have a stepping-stone on a ladder?

  4. Just to correct you, AK – Robert Alden has confirmed details of his home address to the Birmingham Election Office – as have all other candidates. Robert Alden has an Erdington address. A quick check with the Land Registry reveals that houses sold during the last twelve months on the road where he lives have gone for below the national average.

  5. Ann Froggatt

    Does he still own the house in Edgbaston? It would be useful to know if the Erdington address is merely his “constituency home”.