Appeal for witnesses to fatal Fort Parkway car accident

Police in Birmingham are making a fresh appeal for witnesses to the fatal car crash in which Leon Foster, 23, was killed when his Seat Leon hit a wall adjacent to the Jaguar factory on Fort Parkway at 3.35 am on Monday 26th April.
A statement from the West Midlands Police says: “Some minutes before the collision, officers from the West Midlands Police Traffic Unit were patrolling in a marked patrol vehicle when they attempted to stop the Seat travelling out-of-city on the Tyburn Road.The Seat drove off and the police car followed some distance behind. At Fort Parkway, on a traffic island near to Fort Dunlop, the driver apparently lost control of the Seat which then collided with the wall.”
Police are asking people with information to contact the Collision Investigation Unit on 0845 113 5000 ext 7841 6246.


4 responses to “Appeal for witnesses to fatal Fort Parkway car accident

  1. I would like to give my condolences to the family and friends of Leon and would like to say that the police has a big part to play. The media have speculated that the police were following leon. Do the police really think that the general public has no common sense. (comment edited for legal reasons) I have hope that justice will be prevailed and a thorough investigation will take place because a young man has dies as a result. The media has also said that the police who were following were shook up. What about the family and the friends of the victim there lives will be shook up forever. The police make me sick because they are in power they can do anything they like. I just wish the family comfort in this time of grief. I did not know the young man but I walk past the fort all the time to get to work and its been haunting me ever since.The police lie and the media do we cant trust anyone to fight for us.

    God Bless you Alana

  2. Thank (xxxx edited) for that some one actually standing for themselves. I was there when this fatale incident happened (comment edited for legal reasons)

  3. I walk past the scene every day and It makes me feel uneasy. The police want witnesses and if they were to question you Nicolas they would twist the story. What makes me mad is the fact that the police were there so why do they need witnesses. I just hope that the family can take matters further. If I had seen the incident Nicolas I would have been shook up even more. I dont even know the guy who sadly passed but it stills affects me for some reason. People say oh you never knew the guy but that was someone’s son, brother. Its really sad.

  4. Serves the stupid xxxxxxx right. He should have stopped when the police were following him instead of racing off endangering the lives of other road users. I am fed up with these boy racers driving around at high speeds wih no regards for anyone else, xxxxxxx like him push up insurance premiums for careful drivers. As far as I am concerned its good riddance.