Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

Route changes to keep buses on time

Dean Watkins, area manager of National Express West Midlands, says that the changes to the 68A and 68C bus route are to save time on the bus journey so that the service can be more reliable and punctual. The route now cuts off the top of Manby Road in Castle Vale and is diverted along Baginton Road onto Park Lane. It is one of four changes to the route – the other three are outside the Castle Vale area. In total, the short cuts save between 5-8 minutes.
Dean Watkins said: “The bus route should be 20 minutes in total but we have found this impossible at times. Some journeys were taking up to 40 minutes. So we looked at where we could tweak the journey a little bit here and there, and we came up with this solution. There will be further adjustments to the route, more fundamental ones, in July, but they will not affect the Castle Vale area. The tweaks we have made so far are permanent.”


No SATs in Castle Vale

All four primary schools in Castle Vale will be boycotting the SATs (Standard Attainment Tests for Year 6 pupils). The Headteachers of Topcliffe, Pegasus, St Gerards and Chivenor have sent out a letter to all parents explaining that their professional associations (unions) are advising them not to take part in the SATs, which are scheduled for 10th-13th May.
Around 50% of primary schools in the country are expected to boycott the Sats, though the Government is advising school governors that it will be illegal for them not to administer the Sats for their Year 6 children as they are part of a school’s statutory obligations.