Decision day for voters… day off for kids

Chivenor, Pegasus and Topcliffe Schools will be closed for pupils tomorrow as they are being used as polling stations for voters in the General and local elections.
The polling stations open at 7am and close at 10pm. The count for the General Election will start once the polling stations have closed. The count for the local election will be delayed until later on Friday 7th May until General Election counts have been concluded.
For the General Election, Castle Vale is in the Erdington constituency, where voters will decide who will replace Sion Simon as their Member of Parliament. There will be a choice of eight candidates for the General Election.
For the local election, voters will also be able vote for a councillor to represent them on the Birmingham City Council. Castle Vale is in the Tyburn Ward of Birmingham City. Each ward has three local councillors, who serve on the council for a four year term. These elections take place on a rolling basis (one councillor is up for election each year). There will be a choice of four candidates for the local elections.


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