Labour wins Erdington

Jack Dromey, Erdington's new MP, with his wife Harriet Harman, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

Jack Dromey is the new MP for Erdington. Despite a large swing to the Conservative Party, Labour  won with a majority of 3,277.

Erdington General Election 2010 Result:
Jack Dromey (Labour) 14,869
Robert Alden (Conservative) 11,592
Ann Holtom (Lib Dem) 5,742
Kevin McHugh (BNP) 1,815
Maria Foy (UKIP) 842
Tony Tomkins (Independent) 240
Terry Williams (National Front) 229
Timothy Gray (Christian Party) 217

53% of the local population voted – a higher turnout than either of the two previous General Elections. The turnout in Erdington in 2005 was 49%; in 2001 it was 47%.
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6 responses to “Labour wins Erdington

  1. I dont think we will see much of mr dromey around erdington or castle vale know he is elected,,,I wait to be proved wrong…….

  2. Ann Froggatt

    20,677 people didn’t vote for Dromey. Is this true democracy? Time for a more realistic – and fair – electoral system.

  3. David Townsend

    Well done to Jack Dromey and Linda Clinton!
    Now Jack has to prove himself as a good M.P.- I shall soon know by how he answers my letters and how long he takes in doing so. As for Linda, she works tirelessly on behalf of the estate and even in the height of electioneering (last Tuesday) made time to attend 2 meetings here on the estate

  4. David Townsend

    What is your alternative system Ann? Watch out for all the different variations which will come out into the news in coming days. Democracy is not the best way of government – we await in eager expectation of the best way to come!

  5. Nadine Stavonina

    Our new Labour MP does not even live in Birmingham and there seems no mention of any surgeries or contact telephon number or even an address. Does it mean we have no MP in reality? Now that Labour lost in the election, does it mean they abandoned us, too?

  6. David Townsend

    I understand that Jack Dromey will be holding regular surgeries in the constituency but of course it means people going to see him otherwise it is a waste of his time.I’m not into party politics but I do know we are well served by our local councillors and have no reason to believe that the new labour M.P. will do other than support all worthwhile causes.