Hat-trick of trophies for Michael

JKS Senior Player of the Year Michael Nottingham (right). Alongside him is team manager Mark Butterworth

JKS Football Club held their senior awards evening at the Residents Club on Friday evening. Michael Nottingham received three awards, including player of the Year. The club has enjoyed phenomenal success in the twelve years since it was founded. The senior team have just completed their first season in the top division of the Midland Combination, having won promotions in their previous three seasons.


3 responses to “Hat-trick of trophies for Michael

  1. yes and major crime scene with a lad still in hospital.
    what about that.

  2. Dear Anonymous

    First of all I wish the lad a speedy recovery and my thoughts are with his parents.

    I can categorically state that CVJKS Football Presentation had nothing to do with the unfortunate incident that happened on Friday, the incident was connected with another party or social event that was at the same venue. In fact we went to great lengths to make sure that our guests stayed inside the venue once we heard of the reports that an altercation was taking place outside of which I myself was one of the personnel keeping our guests inside. I cannot understand why you wish to connect the incident with the club or perhaps you were as incensed as we were that such a thing should happen and felt that you must say something, which I can thoroughly understand I can only assume that you were not there and have been misinformed. I know that such incidents happen all too often in todays society but please do not connect what appears to be a brutal incident with CVJKS. Once the dust has settled and the facts have been established. I hope that you can summon the strength to place an apology

    Yours Duval Palgrave one of the directors of CVJKS FC

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    perhaps you have inside information and if so please contact the police.
    I was one of the parents at the JKS presentation having a good time and found the security arrangements after hearing about the incident outside, excellent.
    Why you feel the need to make a comment like this against the clubs story of their successes is beyond me, were you actually there??? or are you just a ‘stirrer’.
    Please have some respect for this lad’s family and keep your trouble making comments to yourself. NUFF SED