Police warn Fort Parkway cruise drivers

Police have said that they will seize cars of boy racers who are using the Fort parkway as a racetrack on Saturday and Sunday evenings. The police have issued a letter of reassurance to Castle Vale residents who live near the A47 Fort Parkway following a series of complaints about the noise from the suped-up cars through the evenings and late into the night. Sergeant Tambling told Vale residents at the 2005 Meeting last week that the police were on top of the situation and were dealing with it.
The racers have been gathering in the B&Q car park in preparation for their event which one police officer has described as ‘like drag racing.’


2 responses to “Police warn Fort Parkway cruise drivers

  1. we can here the noise where i live in park lane.

  2. Tyburn Neighbourhood Policing Team

    If you are being affected by the noise of the Boy Racers, please contact PS Roger Hazlewood at Castle Vale Police Station – 0845 113 5000 (Ext 7601 6329).