Local police given Tasers

SOME front line police officers in north Birmingham have been issued with tasers. A total of 26 officers across north Birmingham Local Policing Unit have been specially trained to use tasers, and the officers will be on alternate shifts in order to ensure availability of equipment and operators 24/7
The tasers were issued to officers in north Birmingham yesterday (Monday 14 June). Taser guns use an electrical current to temporarily disrupt the control of a suspect’s muscles, allowing police to make an arrest. Its effects are short term and allow a safe restraint.
Until now firearms officers and the Operations Support Unit (OSU) have been allowed to deploy the tasers in north Birmingham, but the change means a small number of officers locally will have 24-hour access to the equipment.
North Birmingham police commander Chief Superintendent James Andronov, said: “I anticipate the use of the taser being minimal but it will be a valuable addition during incidents where there is a real and live threat to the safety of members of the public or police officers.
“Local residents may have a greater chance of seeing officers carrying taser and could, on occasions, witness its deployment. We would like to reassure local residents that officers and their supervisors have undergone extensive training in how and when to use the taser and in which situations it should be issued.
“Taser is considered an effective way of restraining individuals that are violent and/or present a threat to members of the public and police. Officers will have to justify using taser, in the same way as they judge the use of CS spray or batons.
“Officers have undergone detailed training, including scenario-based events to test judgement, accuracy and the procedural and legislative side of the equipment’s use.
“I would encourage anyone with any concerns or further questions to approach officers in the area carrying a taser or contact their local neighbourhood team on 0345 113 5000.”


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