Sutton Coldfield Magistrates Court on closure list

Sutton Coldfield Magistrates Court has been earmarked for closure in plans announced by the Ministry of Justice to close down over 100 of the country’s 540 magistrates courts as part of the Government’s cost cutting strategies.
Magistrates deal with minor offences, though they hear all cases in their area before sending the more serious ones on to Crown Court to be dealt with.
Sutton Coldfield Court currently deals with Castle Vale cases; definite plans have not been announced, but there are no plans to close Birmingham Magistrates Court, which is just a few yards away from the Crown Court in the City. Birmingham Magistrates Court would deal with the Castle Vale and Sutton Coldfield cases if the proposals go ahead.
Sutton Coldfield Magistrates Court has 130 magistrates on its bench (all of them part-time), and 26 members of staff. It cost £239,473.00 to run last financial year.
Around 40 magistrates courts in the Midlands are under threat of closure. The Government says it will announce detailed plans for closures in the autumn.


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