West Midlands has safest roads in UK

The West Midlands has the safest roads in the UK, according to a  report issued by the Road Safety Foundation today.

Junctions are the most dangerous  spots. One in three serious accidents takes place at road junctions.

All of the motorways in the region are classified as low risk roads. Just one road in the West Midlands, part of the A480 between Hereford and Leominster, is classified as high risk. The nearest road to Birmingham with a medium high risk tag is the A451 in Kidderminster.

The report says that single roads are more dangerous than dual carriageways and motorways. The risk level has been worked out by totting up the number of fatalities or serious injuries in accidents on a road, in proportion to the amount of traffic that uses that particular road.

Roads in Scotland come out with the highest risk levels in the UK.


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