BBC WM Live at Vale Pool for Keaton marathon

Keaton swimming towards his Mom, his coaches and BBC WM's Ed Dawes at Castle Pool

11 year-old Keaton Cutler is swimming 15,000 metres at Castle Vale pool today. It will take him from 9am till around 6pm. His only break so far has been for a quick interview live on-air with BBC WM’s Ed Dawes on the Joanne Malin Show.

Keaton’s marathon is to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. At each end of the pool, Keaton has a photograph of his grandfather, who died last year from a  heart attack.


8 responses to “BBC WM Live at Vale Pool for Keaton marathon

  1. Keaton your a Superstar, everyone is proud of you. well done.

  2. What was Keaton’s grandfather called?

  3. David & Joan Townsend

    It was lovely to call in and see him swimming. We were happy to make a contribution – well done! It would be good to hear how far he did manage to swim and how much was raised as a result thereof.

  4. well done keaton we where all behined you well done

  5. lauren wagstaff

    Keaton done absolutly amazing at his big swim today. I was there most of the day to cheer him on, i was chanting his name all the time. I was there with my family, friends and neighbours. I have known Keaton all his life, i’ve watched him grow up. Keaton you have done us all proud and i hope you are proud of yourself with how much money you have raised. Well done!

  6. David & Joan Townsend

    Clive, we forgot to say thank for posting this news and much more on the website – we find it very helpful and informative- many thanks!

  7. Hey Keaton, well done u were gr8. U done the vale area proud. I luv u and u done the whole of ur skool proud we luv u xxxx