Vandals cause canal and A38 traffic chaos

A car in the distance, still stranded by the flood, as workmen try to clear the debris

Police have blocked off one side of the A38, and the canal towpath

Vandals have caused thousands of pounds of damage and brought early morning chaos to roads around Castle Vale, according to a British Waterways spokesperson. The A38 between Tyburn Island and Midpoint Park on the way to Asda has been flooded when 20 yards of embankment on the canal broke in the early hours of this morning. It is believed that vandals managed to force open two of the Birmingham and Fazeley canal locks adjacent to the Drome cafe on the A38, causing a sudden surge of water that burst the embankment. Water flooded onto the A38 below the canal. By mid-morning, one car was still stranded in the carriageway. Both lanes have been closed to all traffic.

Water levels in the canal have had to be lowered to make the embankment safe. The silt on the far canal bank shows the drop in level

A spokesperson for the Waterways said: “We have now managed to get the water level down to a safe level. But there’s a  lot of clearing up to do. This will cost thousands of pounds.  We have to repair the embankment and get the water levels up. Apart from the environmental damage, we are coming up to the peak season for canal traffic, with boats and barges. But it could have been worse. If the vandals had done this during the rush hour we could have been facing something more serious.”

The traffic disruption caused gridlock along the A38 and the main roads through and around Castle Vale. Police are hoping to have one carriageway of the A38 towards Minworth opened later in the day.

Road closure, traffic chaos


2 responses to “Vandals cause canal and A38 traffic chaos

  1. My car was the car stranded on the A38 due to the water from the Canal – The car was flooded with only the roof showing – as vandals caused the damage to the canal locks British Waterways and our own insurance company have advised that we will have to cover this loss from our own insurance policy so we will be out of pocket for our excess plus other costs – This could have been so much worse if our little boy and baby girl had been in the car – there must be someone to help us cover this cost which is definitely not our fault

  2. it really does make you wonder why we pay car insurance. what does it cover? if the culprits are caught they will only get a smack on the wrist.