Daily Archives: July 9, 2010

Tea, coffee and alcohol.. what not to drink in the heatwave

The NHS ‘Choices’ team have come up with some tips on how to survive the heatwave. (We are apparently having a heatwave). Temperatures are set to soar into the mid twenties (phew.!) in Birmingham over the weekend.
Here are the tips:
• Don’t go outside between 11am and 3pm if possible, as this is the hottest part of the day.
• Keep plenty of water to hand and stay in the shade whenever possible.
• Plan ahead: stock up with supplies so that you don’t need to go out during extreme heat and think about what medicines, food and non-alcoholic drinks you’ll need.
• Help others: check up on neighbours, relatives and friends who may be less able to look after themselves (for example, if they have mobility problems).
• Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol, and if you do drink alcohol make sure you have lots of water or other non-alcoholic drinks as well.

The forecast of higher temperatures across some parts of the country has prompted the first Heat-Health alert of the summer.
Temperatures will peak across East Anglia and south east England during Friday and Saturday, where highs of 31 °C are possible, says the Met Office.