Scrap-man horn: more angry complaints

THE NOISE made by the repeated loud horn from one scrap-metal collector is bringing in more complaints from angry residents. Following an article in this month’s Vale Mail about a night shift worker at a local hospital whose sleep was being disturbed by the scrap men, another woman in a similar job has today complained about the disturbance.
She says that a number of residents in Stornoway Road are getting very angry about the noise, and about the fact that nothing is being done to stop it. She has confronted the driver of the wagon, a man whom she describes as between 25-30 years old.
“I explained to him that I work nights, and need to get some sleep during the daytime. But he just replied: ‘So what, I work daytimes.’
“He was very rude to me,” she said. “There are usually at least two of them in the wagon. One day, he just parked outside the house, left his engine running, and kept sounding that horn while he sat back and ate his sandwiches. It was going on for about half an hour.
“They come round here at least three times a week. On Sunday mornings, I hear them at 7am.
“It is ridiculous. I’m told they are earning about £300 a day. Surely it’s illegal to make that much noise. The other scrap metal collectors come along the road, make one little shout and move on. That’s okay. But this one truck with his bull horns makes far too much noise. Why can’t anything be done about it?”


144 responses to “Scrap-man horn: more angry complaints

  1. the man with horn getting bit on joke now he keeping people wake and they have get up early at 6 am some has be done about it

  2. i work nite shifts its doing my head in the horn they sud be allowed to come round sat or once in the week

  3. SCRAP IRON!!!!

  4. its getting bit on joke now scrap men there is no need come round every day wake people up till early

  5. tramps getting scrap from tramps – excellent

  6. i think it about time somethink was done about tramps getting scracp hate when they come round early in morning everybody needs there sleep plus all so people go work at 7pm in morning it is not on when you have get up early in morning go work

  7. Im a scrapman for a living and have a built a firm business around it and i agree with where your coming from with the horn every 5 mins downs your road i can assure you im not one of them, but who are you calling a tramp when im the one pulling in excess of 300 pound day, paying my taxes, you people disgust me how you think your better than everyone your the one doing nights cuz you cant use your brain and get a better job u snobs, and its true we work in the day if you work on the night thats your downfall not ours, daytime if you didnt realise is the time of work and 80% goes on in the day. so stop you name calling becuase your all 2 faced u wouldnt call a scrapman a tramp now would u, go and get a life u bunch

  8. Something does need to be done about these lowlifes disturbing people every single day. The people in this business are usually the roughest people you can imagine, and who’s to say that they’re not casing an area to see who’s home so that they can burgle their houses too?
    They’re also committing an offence by using amplified sound in a residential area – people have a legal right to peace and quiet in the area that they live in, also they need to be properly licensed as scrap metal dealers and their vehicles need to be fully legal. I bet 80% of them are breaking the law in some way.
    I wouldn’t mind if they only came round occasionally and kept the noise down, but does it really have to be every single day?
    Each and every time I see one, I note the registration number with a view to catching out illegal vehicles. It would be so good to see their tatty vans crushed and turned into the very scrap metal they are trying to collect.

  9. do think police going do anythink i dont think they do anythink about scrap man because it just wrong what there doing its about time police done some thing

  10. To Nick Cole:
    It would be better if you stopped slagging off the very people who are helping you to make your £300 a day. There’s a saying about not biting the hand that feeds you .. ..
    As for paying tax – well, you’d be the first scrapman in history to be that honest! No doubt you can claim all sorts of extras as “legitimate business expenses”, so I doubt if you’re helping much to reduce the national debt. Those people you’ve just sneered at will all be paying their taxes, and if their employers need them to work nights then that’s what they have to do. There are plenty of nurses living here who have to work night-shifts, as well as many other crucial service-providers.
    So thank your lucky stars that the complaints are – at present – contained within this blog. If you make people angry enough,e.g. by insulting us as you have just done – maybe our justified criticism of you won’t end here.

  11. To anonymous September 9th at 4:13pm
    “People go to work at 7pm in the morning”
    I HAD to laugh at this, pretty much sums up the people complaining. As an ex milkman i know better than anyone how hard it is to get some sleep in the daytime. But do you know what i did? I bought some ear plugs, put them in… And hey presto, dead to the world. Judging from your limited grasp of the english language or even the ability to tell the time, doubt you have a job important enough to be affected by lack of sleep.

  12. The lack of grammar in this thread and poor spelling is absolutely dreadful!

    I’m sorry but it appears that all you Castle Vale residents only ever seem to do is complain! If it isn’t the sunday night car cruisers, it’s the scrap man!

    How about you focus on the important things in life and let others be. If the scrap man needs to earn a living then let him, if the car cruisers want a couple of hours to enjoy their cars so be it.

    It’s such a shame that there are so many busy bodies in this life, with such awful literacy skills. The education system clearly failed you.

    HHR FTW!

  13. (edited) offf srap iron

    OK if that the case i will focus on more important things and that will be getting an injunction against the scrap man and appealing for speed cameras to go up do the fort parkway!!!

  14. if its that good then why dont you do it? people make me laugh complaining about their jobs leave then, if you think that they earn that much dont pay tax and work ideal hours why arnt you finding a way to be one lol. i see your winging here just like about us car cruisers the scrap man always comes round my way one after the other i couldnt care less, on a saturday and sunday morning it doesnt bother me in the slightest so long as they are not on the rob and after my alloys, then fairplay if they can earn 300 pound a day fairplay is there any jobs going???

  15. good on you nick, these bunch of lifeless busybodies must be real curtain twitchers round the vale and i personally think they try and make out they work so they can have a go at you, but really they are all on the rock and roll because this would not bother somone that much, on a saturday and sunday i can hear you guys coming and going and it does not bother me in the slightest, if your reeling in 300 pound a day good on you its more than they get in job seekers alowence for a month, as usual its down to pure jelousy i know you scrap men aint no pikeys or scum ive seen some of your houses and good on you for it, i bet your out in a shirt at night its like im one of the people who goes up to the car meets that all these moaners complain about and because they see people with lives or earning they dont like it. STOP TWITCHING THE CURTAINS AND GET A JOB!!!

  16. I too find the noise made by the scrap men very annoying, especially as it goes on for hours. Usually they will come around more than once in one day. Just when I think the noise has stopped and peace has returned, around they come again. Also, there is more than one firm of scrap dealers that come around, sometimes on the same day.
    However, the scrap dealers do provide a service. At least I know that items I have given them in the past have been recycled, and are not filling some endless landfill site. Also, as I do not own a car or drive, I do not have a way of taking things to the dump, so they would be littering my garden, if they had not been taken by the scrap dealers. Surely in these days of huge environmental waste, knowing that our old appliances are being recycled is something worth considering.

  17. i too agree with the above post.
    at least they are keeping the vale tidy!

  18. @ Muldanian:
    You have a touching faith in these scrap-men! How can you be sure that old fridges and freezers are being recycled according to current regulations? And are you certain that the stuff they take away but later discard isn’t being dumped somewhere it shouldn’t be?
    @ Anonymous:
    Keeping the Vale tidy? You cannot be serious! Look around you – it would take a small army working 24/7 to do that!

  19. im a scrap man all legit.. i tell u wot u snobs,, u do my job for a day and when u relies how much work it is u wouldn’t say tramps then,,, and do you know that scrap man who play horns are more likely to be the legal ones, its the ones who drive round at night with no horn who rob you,, and you can moan all you want but you dont moan when you got a old fridge you want moving,,, and if we was not doing our job your tax would go up cause there would be more rubbish for the local authority to move,, and if you work nights thats your choice,,,

  20. i too agree that he is a pest at times an maybe he should not toot his horn so many times , my uncle is a scrapman with a 5 bed house in streetly an 4 cars , so i would like to remind people that are calling them tramps to have a look at the bigger picture.theses people need to make a living , a if thats there way of doing it then so be it , if ive got some metal in the garden then i will giving it to them , rather than have my kids play with it, just stop playing your horn so loud in the mornings m8 haha i also dont think your tramps ..

  21. i am a scrapman on chelmsley wood and im legal i can earn a £1000 a week of chelmsley wood alone without going off it. all you moaners should get a proper job like mine instead of scrounging off the dole and bringing the country to its knees. how do you think all the rubbish in this country is moved certainly not by the council if you come out and call me a tramp ill bend a bar over your head im honest and never take anything thats not given me people all over the the wood ring me to move there rubbish and scrap so i must be providing a good service and let me say i have never heard a scrapman on the wood before 10 am some of us have consideration for other people so dont paint us all with the same brush and i aggree with a previous comment its the ones that run around in plain vans at night who go through your gardens that give scapmetal merchants a bad name my vehicle is clearly marked showing its licence nos from the environment agency so all you do gooders try getting a scrap fridge or a washing machine in your car and take it to the tipp you carnt so stop moaning at a free service we provide

  22. A breakthrough? This morning a scrap-iron lorry came round our street at ten to ten – QUIETLY!!! No horns, no yelling, nothing! Have we at last convinced at least one of them that silence is golden?

  23. thet do a good job!
    they keep the vale tidy!

  24. I’ve been waiting for 2 months to get rid of a dishwasher used to hear 2-3 scrap collectors during the weekend now I hear none. As we cannot see the road we have no idea if they are about. So silence is not always good, especially if you have stuff to dispose of. Yes could go the tip, but on at least 2 trips due to the position of the puncture it’s cost me 3 new tyres at £120 a time which is not fun! I could dump them out the back hoping they will get taken but I’ve more respect for the area, and don’t want to encourage such behaviour from others.

  25. Don’t worry Daz, the other scrap-man’s just been round, in very good voice & with his klaxon blaring.

  26. missed him maybe next time!

  27. £300 per day,, so that only leaves you 100 pounds worth of stuff to rob from the houses your casing to fund your smack habits.. try getting a real job you low lives.

  28. chelmsley clearance service


  29. what about the old bill who wake us up every morning blowing there siren
    to back to the nick so they can have a cup of tea before there shift finishes.
    what about the fire engines old dennis .
    what about the council on voting day and they have the nerve to say what we can do when they do it themselves.
    what about the ice cream man .
    all you do gooders make me sick your no better than us swo kiss my ass

  30. Police, fire service, ambulance – all essential services which we pay for. Scrap man – not.
    Political parties’ loudspeakers – a nuisance but brief and for a very limited period.
    Scrap-man – not.
    Ice-cream van – predictable, regular time of day, & plays a short tune.
    Scrap-man – vile blaring noise, can be heard everywhere on the Vale, any time of day, non-essential.
    Nothing to do with “do-gooders” – these scrap-vans are a total pain we’d be happy to see limited to prescribed days & times – if we have to have them at all.
    Thanks for your really civilised comment Mr. Les, you add so much to the sum of human understanding. You must be a scrap-man.

  31. just read your comment scrap men do provide a good service what you have thats broke we take away we arent noisy my wife shouts scrap iron not to do anybodys head in we dont use a horn whats the harm in it its been happening for years so put that in your pipe and smoke it

  32. come on oddball what are you gonna say to that then

  33. scrap men do no harm

  34. Scrap-men just dump what’s left after they’ve sold the good stuff. They dump it anywhere they can get away with. They don’t follow the regulations for disposing of the gases inside fridges and freezers. They are parasites.

  35. oddball you are a xxxx do you think we run around all day collecting scrap just to dump it what planet are you on its illegal to dump you moran as i said wbefore we do a good job you need to lighten up a bit.
    what do you do for a living probably scrounging off the dole you are a parasite yourself we are fully licenced

  36. we have a lovely home we graft for it we arent on the dole

  37. do you live on the vale we used to scrap there everyone who i know love the scrap man we are useful we dont cause harm to anyone

  38. “its illegal to dump”? When has that ever stopped any of you? And thanks for yet another polite comment Mr. Les – it only serves to confirm people’s opinion of you: rude, nasty, out for what you can get and to hell with anyone else.

  39. im not being rude or nasty we work hard we dont dump anything what have you got against scrap men women do it too you must have a problem its being going for years

  40. im not out for what i can get either we also get rid of garden waste so you now know who to call

  41. why do you call yourself oddball

  42. Leave us scrapmen alone you. how else would I pay for my cider & heroin.

  43. too right us scrap men do a good job where do you scrap

  44. morning oddball got anything to say today about us hard working scrap men a convoy of scrap men are paying you a visit today to find out what your problem is with scrapmen you arent being fair

  45. i am a scrap woman i love it it gets you out and about i wish people would stop moaning about scrappies theres nothing wrong with it whoever you are oddball you are a right moaner its an honest job so go and bury your head in the sand

  46. let me tell you oddbod we bring a laugh into most peoples lives we get invited into there homes for a cup of tea especially the pensioners we make them laugh and give them a hug and they carnt wait to see us again we light there lives up we often spend time with them chatting about anything helping them with things they cant do for them selves so dont give us any crap that we are all bad people chelmsley clearance service

  47. my husband is a scrapman you all want to get a life and stop moaning

  48. scapping is great

  49. ive been a scrapman for over 20 yrs,,, i got my carriers licence i got my hire an reward insurance,,,, its an honest trade to b fair,, i agree with the earlier post u can bet ur life that all scrapmen who blow there horn have nothing to hide and the police cant do anything has its up to the local authority in that area to stop any amplified sound and plus i blow a bugle i always have done what is legall also if you dont like scrapmen thats fine then you just pay ur local authority 10 pound an item to shift the charge more for a fridge we dont earn as much as people say in just metal each week its the copper,brass ,stainless steel ,household cable, what pays but its hard graft stripint these items if u got a problem ill pik u up 1 day an take u with me then to the yard to do all the stripin an then drop u of home i will guarentee u will b really tired,, all jokin aside it aint easy work yeah there are s**t ones but u dont see them long there any out to make an easy quid ,an as for being a lowlife,,that hurts im ex army i served in the falklands i dont deserve to be called that what have u done for your country,, i tell u what uve done ur complaining about men like me who,s helped u,,, an ive never done the vale but if u dont like were u live then get out ,,simple !!!

  50. well said me and my husband scrap it is hard work especially when you are lifting washing machines its a good job because you are providing a service you can work the hours you want

  51. If it were just 1 scrap van it would be ok, but there are at least 4 of them all competing. Sometimes two come round within 30 minutes of each other. There can’t be enough scrap on the Vale to justify 4 vans, so we are being made victims of their turf wars. It’s ridiculous. Can’t they sort it out between them? Yesterday it was 2 ice-cream vans within 10 minutes of each other. Crazy, noisy, unnecessary.

  52. there were 3 up our road on sunday its competition we were stopped on the vale a month ago by the cops asking me if i use a horn which we dont a scrap man blowing a horn is illegal thats what they said so how come the scrapies are still on the vale?

  53. the ice cream vans are a nuisance scrounging money off kids blasting music all day

  54. A new tune from a scrap-van: one came round this morning playing the theme from Steptoe & Son. Magic!

  55. There called the rag and bone men

  56. hi there i need 14 times 8ft by 2ft lockers moved, can you collect them asap from broad street call me for more details thanks pam 07947557780

  57. SCRAP IRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! ANY OOOOOOOOLLLLLD SCRAP IIIIIRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOON!!!OLD WASHERS AND FRIDGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! hecomes round on saturdays and sundays and i see no proplem with him but the chip man is bad he keeps honking around thae village but i so f***ing love making the noise of the scrap man!!!

  58. There was a scrap man with a horse and cart, which I saw a few weeks ago. I also heard the Steptoe and Son theme the other day. Maybe they are one and the same. Perhaps it is Harold come back from the grave.

  59. theres nothing wrong with the steptoe and son tune it makes it more fun i thought the scrap vans were banned from castle vale me and my husband will have to come round and blast a few tunes

  60. Hi ya! to all you hard-working scrap men out there. Any of you wanna collect my old washing machine please, from Cotteridge, Kings Norton area?

  61. we could collect it for you we go anywhere to collect scrap it is an interesting and honest job

  62. Hi Jenny! Brilliant a female scrap collector.. Good on ya girl! Power to us & all that.. Seriously though, let me know when you can collect? And, I’ll get it put outside ready for you. Mia

  63. have you still got the washing machine? i havent been on here for ages

  64. 08.53 on Castle Vale 15-june-2011

    I do security work and I work day and night shifts, now the scrapman like everyone else has to make mney but to justify a scrapman on the estate every single day and two on a sunday is really driving us all mad, the CVCHA will not do anythink, the Police and Envoiramentle Agency won’t do nothing so what do we do???….Start taking pot shots at you all…..

  65. It does do our heads in every day of the week and twice on a sunday, I moved on to the vale by choice through circumstance, now I can’t wait to get off it, there are more places to go than just the vale for scrap.

  66. All i want is to live my life in peace without the scrapmans horn every day of the week on the Vale, and be able to sleep in the daytime when I am working nights, is that so much to ask, there are plenty of towns and cities and areas in and around Birmingham

  67. Got no problem with you mate, but you ain’t the only one that comes on here, and you not going around everyday, doing our heads in, I can’t sleep in the daytime when I am working nights, it is ok when I am working days.

  68. I used to work on maybrook road as a warehouse and assembly supervisor. the job i used to do was refitting a chain of major retail shops and petrol service stations. because of health and safety and logistic issues we had to bring the rubbish back to our warehouse to be sorted into rubbish, recyclable items and scrap metal. the scrap metal we had a contract with a licensed scrap merchant but we had to pad lock the scrap metal skip and have the larger rubbish skip put in front of it because we used to have 6-7 visits per day from non licensed scrap men when they was asked to leave the property and told we nothing for them they became aggressive and abusive to my staff who was only doing what their job entailed. i for one would like to see a crack down the fly by night out for an easy pound scrap men so that the legitimate one can conduct their business without being tared with the same brush

  69. me and my hubby are legitimate we are fully licenced we have even took scrap away for the police you cant tare everyone with the same brush.

  70. Don’t worry there will be another one along in 5 mins 😦

  71. That’s the point Jenny, I have nothing against scrapmen, but I do have issues with the amount of them that come onto the vale, every single day of the week, and we get 2 on a sunday while the lorry is going around there is a white van with the driver shouting we take this and we take that, I do security work and I do split shifts so need to sleep in the daytime, true you have to make money and that is not disputed, also true the scrap is taken off the vale, but please how much scrap can there be on this estate, what about the bromford or other estates, can we not just get one day without the scrapman around?…

  72. go away pikies

  73. i’m taring anybody with the same brush just pointing out there are a lot of fly by night scrap men about. ones such as you and your husband do the dirty work the community needs done and very thankful for. the unlicensed scrap men are taking money from your pocket as well making a nuisance of themselves .

  74. Hi. If you have number plates, i would appreciate them and be sured to nag the police to do something as it is classed as noise polution and the police have a right to confescate noisy equipment such as what they use.I am a security officer and it is hard to sleep in the days.Plug ins do not fit or work in everyones ears also and we need to hear of some of what is going on.Thanks

  75. Hi to nick cole.
    I apologisefor the name calling,i am not one of them and a hard worker is a hardworker in any book. I have made a complaint to vale mail about the noise levels of the horns and because of the early times and it can go on throughout the day or days.
    I work in security of nights for my son who needs me of a day as i have worked since young and so if he needs me i am there and his dad of a night as he cannot ajust to nights as i the owl.Scrap collecting needs to be done and i appreciate that it is just i wish i was given some respect as we all deserve of a certain amount of peace for the high rents or mortgages we have to pay to live here.I cannot stand that name tramp, people don’t use it for the correct meaning.I respect what you do and you are needed.

  76. were not all on the dole hun and im ashamed of the anonymous one calling the names.Can’t stand that name.
    I complain yes once as the guys are rude to speak to around the vale and i work hard in security looking after 460 students are needed and ours are too, it is just the level of horn blowing and the times of day.It is like me at 8am driving home if i had my hand stuck on my horn.were not all against you hun.x

  77. CVCHA are a waste of space as they will not do anything, the police won’t do anything, you need to ring the Environmental Health and ask to speak to Jim on 0121 303 9933, website and ask to be sent out some Regulatory Services Statement Of Witness forms (Criminal Procedure Rules, r27.2; Criminal Justice Act 1967, S.9, Magistrates Courts Act 1980s.5B) in short they are Section 9 statement forms, on the forms you need to put Van Type, Colour, Reg No, Date/Time, How many in vehicle, and weather male or female, details of the driver.

  78. i love doing the scrap there are a lot of unlicenced scrap men about nobody has been up our road for weeks now.

  79. But is there the need to come around every day of the week, there is not just one vehicle so what can you pick up that has not already been take 30 mins earlier, and on a sunday why do we have to have a white van going around the same time as the wagon going in opposite directions, with a black driver shouting we collect gas cookers, we collect fridges and naming everything he takes. Sunday used to be a day of rest and peace and quiet with roast dinners not some twat and a horn, is it to much to ask even for one day to have no scrapmen on this estate.

  80. we dont work on the vale we cover other areas. we are fully licenced and a few weeks ago we took scrap from chelmsley police station. if we werent licenced the police wouldnt have been happy. the sergeant said we provide a good service like the dustmen and we never work on a sunday cause like you say its a day of rest and a nice sunday lunch.

  81. Jenny,you & your husband would Im sure be welcome on the Vale – you are civilised & respectful. But at 12.52 pm weve just had that blasted man & his blaring klaxon & I expect he wont be the last today.

  82. At 12.52 pm was his second time around he was blasting an hour earlier, white cab with a black cage, we have yet to have the van with the black driver shouting his go off, well I wonder what he has collected today that was not taken yesterday or the day before?

  83. newark scrapman

    just weighed off £995.80 handy!

  84. Yeah rub it in so you think it is acceptable to mke peoples lives a misery with these horns everyday on the same estate, hope your licenced, and not stealing drain covers.

  85. newark scrapman

    if u had a job dosser!!!!!!!!!!! ur life wouldnt be made a misery iam licenced and pay tax and vat registered and the kind of money i earn its a lot more tax than you pay a year!!!!

  86. hope you are paying tax on your earnings.

  87. I do work I do security, I work split shifts days and nights, who cares how much money you make, do you really think you can get scrap when another scrappy as picked up what you could of had 30 mins earlier, why do you need to come onto castle vale every bloody day, theres plenty of estates and town you can xxxx off to…..

  88. newark scrapman

    castle where? never heard of it!!!! but it must be a dirty place to have so many scrapmen trying their luck there. my advice, keep ur garden clean and tidy and the lads wouldnt knock on ur door. everybody is entitled to earn a living

  89. I don’t live in that area and fortunately don’t have to put up with horns, I do think it is unfair of the scrapmen to be beeping their horns round a residential area regardless of the time. As far as I’m concerned the scrap men do a job, they remove our rubbish for free and get paid accordingly, they can earn upto £300 a day, so what, who’s to say they haven’t done over 12 hours work each day to earn that much. I don’t think they should be called tramps, just as I don’t think people complaining should be called snobs, the world doesn’t stop at night, people are required to work nights for the sake of us all, nurses, doctors, police, firemen, security etc. We can have upto 3 scrap men visit our street a day, doesn’t mean we live in a rough area, I’ve given alot of scrap away this year and the scrap men have all been polite, knocked on the door and asked first. People need to remember that the views and comments of one person shouldnt make the others tarred with same brush.

  90. people learn to live love and learn instead of wastin time moaning on here……people have 2 earn a living and in the current climate fairplay they are able to, as they say 1 mans waste is another mans want so stop hating on the tatters. Dont know how u can moan about horn noise wot about barking dogs all day n night

  91. would rather listen to the horns all day than half the people on the vale, by the way nice piece of scrap outside chivenor school take that it’s a flipping eyesore and a complete waste of resident funds as most things on here

  92. im a acrap man from cradley i use to work full time erning just 300 a week to provide for my two little boys doing 40 hours a week i bought a big van and started scrap 5 months ago and never been so better off im all legal.we do provide a service and if you asket the council to move your rubish they charge you its a hard job but pays well.people are complaining about noise now i agree with some people thats why i only use siron around about 3 in the afternoon but i still have had a complaint from the council so how can we win the scrap men that use there sirons at 7 in the morning need to stop and the elegal srap men need to have there vans crushed and for all the name calling on here i think its pathetik i have a nice house 2 loverly boys and a wife i pay a morgage and tax like every 1 else i dont have a criminal record so how can you call us tramps and like 1 comment on here if i see a scrap man on a sertain erea i will go somwere els to find all you sadoes who are complaining pick on the right people because 1 day you might realy need them if 1 day you was in an accident and all that was around was a scrap man to help you would u still call him a tramp get a life we are just trying to make a living like normal people.

  93. also like to say its not always same scrap man that comes around twice a day and just to put your mind out of your pathetic mind if you go round a street three diferent times a day you are garanteed to find more scrap as people put scrap out at all times of the day and if all scrap men whent on strike imagine what your street would looklike and if you left rubish out the council would fine you so who are the bad ones.

  94. Ok you all seem to be missing the point here, We know the scrapmen have a job to do that is not the issue, for instance I worked a night shift came home and after a few hours sleep woke up with a bad headache around 12 midday and to hear the horn of a scrapman, please don’t rub it in how much you earn or what you do it ain’t the poin, simply the point is scrap your HORN.

  95. alot of people who wont leave scrap out for saftey reasons and wait till they hear the scrap horn and theres alot of old foke that wait for the horn because they carnt carry scrap out there house so just live with it i do agree the horn should be used at a certain time but even if it was the law to use a horn at a sertain time you would still complain so get a day job

  96. Excuse me but I do have a job I do SUCURITY, my shift patterns is as follows 4 days 3 nights 4 off then goes 3 days 4 nights 3 off, and so on, so you see sleeping in the daytime is a joke, and do we need a white transit van going around with the horn out the window and him shouting we take old cookers, we take old fridges, we take old ok we get the F***king messege without you listing everything you take, oh and sods law when i think about going to bed you hear the horn, so how dare you think your the only people that work and were all on the dole, I have even had to kick you lot off my site.

  97. Regaurding my last post yes I made a speeling mistake it should be SECURITY, go on make something of it.

  98. Yes I made a spelling mistake again it should be i do SECURITY

  99. To all those who think it is ok for scrap collectors to sound their horn all times – it could be YOU who is ill, or a member of YOUR family, or may be ;yOU may need to get sleep during the day. Then it would all look very different and you would be shouting the loudest. People who think the noise is Ok, would probably be the first to complain, if the care themselves or their families received was sub standard (because the carer/nurse) was too tired. Many other people work shifts also. Unfortunately, we live in a totally selfish society, where people care only about them selves, and as long as they are alright, they don’t give a thought about any-one else. Stuff is also going missing, co-incidentally, when these scrap collectors are about. So – all you who think it is Ok – yes, it could be YOUR stuff, but you won’t mind will you?

    Totally fed-up night worker.



  102. Birmingham is no good for scrap iron work anymore, way too many people doing it, too much competition, even the Polish and Romanians are onto it (fair play to them).

    I’m seriously considering another occupation as the competition is now just ridiculous in scrap metal, not to mention all the hassle with being stopped and having my van checked regularly by police, and the looks of disgust from some people who seem to take great offense at the work I do.

    I’ve been in the scrap game for over 15 years, (2 weeks if the dole asks)! Time for a change now, planning on an all-over tan, hair cut and some aftershave to try my luck in the male escorting industry.

  103. The work you do is not a problem, we all need scrap taking away at some point the problem is the HORN, and I am the security man…no please get the message.

  104. I can understand the annoyance of the horn to night shift workers whom sleep during the day, surely a pair of cheap disposable ear plugs would offer a solution?

    I know many people hear out especially for our horn, for instance if they have any scrap for us that they need help with carrying outside -washing machines etc. Also some people come running out of their houses to close their garages when they hear us coming by playing our horn, quite amusing at times.

  105. as my post above as security my rota is 4 days 3 nights 4 off, then 3 days 4 nights 3 off and so on, regarding the horn yes once a week please, what is grinding us down and into dispair is there is a scrapman and his horn every day of the week and two on a sunday, the one white transit comes shouting we take old cookers, we take old washing machines, we take old!!!…ok yes there is a lot of scrap metal about without listing everything you take, what’s a matter with any old iron ????…and why you have to have the horn so load???…it is only this past year that you have been useing the horn, do you really need it for the genuine people with scrap to get rid off.

  106. Believe it or not, some of the elderly folk I regularly collect scrap metal from complain that the horn is not played loud enough and how they have missed us for a couple of weeks because they could not hear us.

    Some of the elderly are also not as quick and agile to come running out of their homes to flag us down, so a loud and clear horn would give them plenty of time to know we are approaching.

    Like I said in my post above, I can understand the frustration of night-workers, I try to keep my horn played at a minimum level and do not play it continuously, a pair of ear plugs could work wonders for anyone complaining of the noise, so many more important issues in the world to be spending our time and energy on, peace!

  107. Just because there deaf it is no excuse to make other peoples lives a complete and utter misery i feel like buying a rifle i am on the edge, and I don’t like many other want to resort to ear plugs, why don’t ou put it to a vote on how many people want you on here, we don’t wan’t you on here every single day, and and take note of ur last word as that is what we want…PEACE!

  108. And if the elderly have missed you well never mind your like the buses there will be anthor one along in a few miniutes….PEACE!

  109. I would strongly suggest anger management classes and maybe a visit to your GP a.s.a.p if you are seriously considering buying a rifle. Yoga and tai-chi classes could benefit you tremendously.
    As part of your recovery I am more then happy to take you for a pint on me, just to show you we really are not that bad. I’ll even take you you on a test scrap run, you can hand out the balloons to people who give us scrap. Who knows, if you enjoy yourself, then just maybe you would consider it as a career.

  110. Oh what a give away just as i am writing this a white wagon with a horn outside mine shouting scrap iron and guess what playing the steptoe tune…you all think this is a joke…don’t you really take into account the noise you cause and no i don’t wish to be a gypo…PEACE!

  111. Just to point out, working in scrap metal does not make one as you put it ‘A GYPO’, do you have something against members of the travelling community? Would you call someone from the travelling community a gypo to their face?


  113. By ‘They’ you mean every member of the travelling community?

  114. all you lot can do is moan theres nothing wrong in being a scrapman if i heard someone up my street moaning i would shoot them in the bxxxxxxs so stop havivg a go you morans

  115. Yes when you come around every single day with that bxxxxy horn, and not because you know it is pxxxxxg us off you stated to blast the steptoe tune out of it, Josey you are so slow I surgest you read the coments before you contribute to this thread, of course there is nothing wrong with being a scrapman, and these morons have to work like the rest of you lot….the problem is the HORN HORN HORN HORN

  116. i used to do the scrap with my hubby we stopped doing it cause theres so many at it. i agree the horn is annoying we never used a horn they are a nuiscance

  117. i used to do the scrap too my name is jenny i loved it we were licenced and all that. we went to different areas and if i saw anything in someones garden id knock the door and ask

  118. i dont know why people contribute to this page a lot of you who are moaning about the scrap horn have never done that type of work im a scrapman and i make a good living out of it. its just a job at the end of the day like the dustmen. what about the ice cream van they are so bloody annoying lol.

  119. Yeah were moaning to bloody right were moaning. I do work everyday day and night shifts and it is sods law when i get home at 06.25 i stay up til around midday but as soon as I say to myself time for bed then bloody hell the horn of the damn scrappy. if you read the coments the job is not the problem and you know it, we don’t need you on the estate every single day, seven days of the week, and for the HORN yeah I would list to the ice cream van any day as it does not sound all over the estate, I work in minworth and even in the reception with the doors closed I can hear the bloody horn how load do you want it for god sake.

  120. i dont use a horn i use a mike to shout through. ive never done the vale because there are at least 3 vans who go there. i do solihull knowle and that area. i do appreciate what your saying

  121. To Jason above,

    Knowle and Solihull are my areas for scrap so please keep out and find your own area. Stop trying to take the food from my childrens mouths.

  122. You shout into the mike so where does it come out off the exhaust ? of course you use a bloody horn muppet, and how low can you all stoop to posing as council workers in streetly praying on the missery of the flood Victims, I just hope the ones responsible are prosecuted.

  123. listening to a scrap mans horn is annoying its irritating, it is supposed to be illegal now cause its advertising and scrounging my neighbour was a scrap man and he was fined for shouting scrap iron in erdington. so it is illegal.

  124. by the way im not the jason who made a comment earlier i wouldnt do it its a tramps job

  125. how can it be a tramps job its no different from being a dustman so there you have it moran.

  126. yeah but a binman pays for rent and food for the cupboard.
    you use your earnings to buy drugs and cider. TRAMPS

  127. I work nights, Im a nurse!!! Not a good enough job for you!?
    As for the cruiser, get a life!! I have been caught in the middle of one of your races at the fort during one of your little meets!! It doesnt suprise me that an anti social fool is backing another anti social fool!!

    Also, would some of you consider reading your comments before posting them as they are totally unreadable. And by the way, its something not somethink!!

  128. Scrap de metal scrap de wife don’t want to scrap the metal just scrap de wife

  129. noboby likes vale mail anymore because its not just the vale its all the other estates god man get your own paper and dont beg vale

  130. nobody likes the vale anyway its a scruffs place now. years ago it was lovely but now its the tips.

  131. You get £300 a day cause ur on our streets 24 hours a day, reading through these comments makes me Laugh, listen to the scrap men arguing over who’s patch is whos lol sound like drug dealers or pimps. To be honest if it was once or twice a week at a reasonable time it would be acceptable but its becoming a joke, surely crawling the same street every day 7 days a week is taking the p**s

  132. ScrappyDoScrappyDont

    well, if there is that much metal being given away – left out , legitimately , for the scrap man, then why is it I don’t pass it by all that often, if at all come to think of it…
    it is no wonder the scrap metal collectors appear to be in such desperation to gain so much metal to feed such a material wealth that that is spoken of here…and in competition with each other I dare say too. The early bird catches the worm.

  133. Well if there is that much scrap about then you would not have to steal from flood victems in streetly, steel it off the motorway or the railways, and all the drain covers that keep going missing….Now get the facts right before you complain the complaint is about the horn and the noise, and we do not need scrapmen on an estate every single day of the week.

  134. Regarding my above post before someone wants to comment, I am aware I have made a few spelling mistakes.

  135. ScrappyDoScrappyDont

    That is right… currently there is no law about how often a scrap man can cruise the street. He can cruise one street 10 times a day if he wishes. Not breaking the law with this. The noise could become a nuisance and has to be made known to the authorities, otherwise there will be no change to a noise nuisance. The authorities need the time-day-reg number-vehicle type and driver description of the info is going to be of good use.

  136. ScrappyDoScrappyDont

    By the way, did you know that there has been a suggestion of the local councils taking management of the scrap, and that no-one outside of the council would actually be allowed to collect scrap off streets/from residents and the collected scrap would then be sold to the scrap dealers for a small fee. What do you think? I think it would possibly drive metal collectors underground or finish them off. Bit like the coal miners when they closed the pits….What mayhem! What do you think?

  137. ScrappyDoScrappyDont

    Maybe the collectors could agree witht he council what days of the week they can collect, get it organised for the legit ones, anyone else collecting would be stealing or breaking the agreement???

  138. come on you scrap men play your HORNS for the vale

  139. Why do we have to put up with such stupid comment, I bet you don’t even live on the vale do you sarah, people like you encourage them, do you realise how much misery there causing, if you got nothing positive to say then why don’t you shut up for god sake.

  140. all you moaners have not got a clue . if the council got involved it would cost you a fortune to get rid of your rubbish . what you dont relise is a ford transit
    is charged £80 00 to dump your rubbish at a transfer station its the scrap man that dose a lot of the rubbish removal. if the coucil get involved you would be crying for the scrap man to come back . you dont no how good youve got it so stop your stupid moaning the council would make a fortune out of scrap if they got involved dont you think they rip us off enough
    they would charge you to collect it and sell it for a fortune you mugs you dont no nothing so shut up

  141. At least it would be legal, oh and by the way we have a transit van on this estate that I see everyday, today I found out today it was a scrappy NO HORNS THAT WHAT WE WANT PEACE AND QUIET…if the goverment get there way as it was on Midlands Today last night about scrappies and making it cashless sounds good to me.

  142. ScrappyDoScrappyDont

    that’s right, i agree, the benefits of having FREE scrap removal, EVERY day of the week…………………..The suggestion from some other residents was that it would be of no charge to collect, otherwise it would encourage dumping would it not? With the thefts of scrap metal being such a problem as being second to terrorism, then you suggest the problem be resolved?
    It is clear that the council needs to review it’s high price for receiving and dealing with the metal that scrap men (and women) deliver to them.

    I thought they were already going ahead with the ‘cheques only’ idea, until I was one receiver of scrap still offering cash. I think this would be a really big help in clamping down the theives don’t you? How else would you deal with it?

  143. im a night worker BUT THE MILK MAN COMES EVERY DAY AS DOES THE POST MAN SO WHY NOT THE SCRAP MAN?? Get off your high horses its better they collect scrap leagalley then ROB OUR HOUSES