‘Astronomical’ costs drove us off Vale – Paget boss

PAGET SPORTS FC boss John Buchan has been explaining why his club has decided to leave Castle Vale Stadium after twelve years. Paget will be playing their home fixtures in the Festival League at Aston University’s ground on Walsall Road this season.
John Buchan said: “The club will be saving over £1200 by making this move. We do not have the same sponsorship deal as we had last season, and we cannot afford the prices charged at Vale stadium. We will be paying £600 for the Aston University pitch for the season. That’s a third of the price we would pay on the Vale. On top of all that, we pay £25 per match for a referee, and additional money for kit, medical supplies, and footballs.
“If we were to get anywhere in the cup matches, we would have to pay an additional £155 per home game. That’s an astronomical price for a Sunday morning football team. We just couldn’t afford to stay. There are a number of well kept pitches at Aston University, and they are charging a fair price to us. We have a lot of players who live in Castle Vale, but we will not be playing in Castle Vale for the foreseeable future.”


4 responses to “‘Astronomical’ costs drove us off Vale – Paget boss

  1. who sets the prices to play at the stadium.
    £18oo is an awful lot of money to play a game of football.
    unless the prices are dropped all the teams that play there will probably move elsewhere.

  2. It is a great pity, rangers are moving but I can see why. I guess Aston gets other funding to keep their pitches in good condition so therefore can charge less. Farnborough road pitches have to be self funding. Specially in todays financial climate.
    Good Luck Rangers in your new home.

  3. it doesnt help that all the teams that use the facilities dont get charged for training.
    money has got to be generated from somewhere to pay for the upkeep of the pitches.
    its a well known fact that anyone can turn up and use the facilities and not pay for them.

  4. use what facilities there are no facilities over there to be used you carnt train on the main pitch or play friendly’s on there so charge people for what training on a public playing field then you are running teams off there