What do you think: £166k to refurb Astroturf pitches?

A number of people have emailed: editor@valemail.co.uk  with their comments about the proposal to mend the astroturf sports pitch next to the football stadium.

The all-weather pitch is worn out and damaged. It will cost £166,000 to repair.
There’s a big article about it in Vale Mail, headed: ‘Askroturf’. The Stadium sub committee wants to know your opinions.
Any comments and observations emailed in to the editor at Vale Mail will be forwarded on to the Neighbourhood Manager to help them make their decision. You can also leave your comment on this page, if you want your email to be read by a wider public.


94 responses to “What do you think: £166k to refurb Astroturf pitches?

  1. gary kilday

    What a fantastic idea, not just football but multi sport also.
    rain ,snow and icy conditions you can still use the facilty.
    revenue generated everyones a winner.
    great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    well done to the group .

  2. one question where is the money comming from?

  3. not really a good idea, look at what has happened to the pitch,no one to monitor no stewards no nothing ,the money would be better spent on changing rooms this way we would keep teams on the vale instead of pushing them off, so no Not a good idea

  4. Not a good idea won’t take long for it to be vandalised … I agree spend it on changing room facilities and bring back our sunday football ….

  5. it would be good to fix what is there but who would be allowed to use these facilities!!!!! and where is the money gonna come from? also like other people have said what about improving or making other facilities that everyone can use like changing rooms, better the pitch that is already there and pay for stewards to look after it.

  6. its all good trying to get it fixed but that not a major issue you have at the moment is it teams are leaving castle vale cuz they dont have changeing rooms i am sure there has got to be money somewhere for this lets get changeing rooms then worry about astroturf cuz there nowhere for them to change even if they train on the astroturf

  7. The one thing that people must remember with this Astro Turf proposal is –

    The group are actually working hard to get things done on this estate for the people of the estate.

    It would be worth continuing this consultation after September when the schools are back from the Summer Holidays.

    I’d be very intrested to hear the views of the Headteachers and staff, who could have a facility for their PE sessions and sports days and after school activities.

    The revenue that could be generated in two months could pay for changing facilities with showers for teams and clubs.

    If at the end of it all and the people of the Vale do not want it, then it would be better, the authorities, let Housing Developers know that the land is available. We all know what the land will be used for then don’t we. ?

    One final note is that when people off the Vale are genuinely trying hard to improve things, it is interesting to know why people are so sceptic about things. It is quite simple, because many feel that they have heard it all before.

    I agree fully with previous comments also that changing facilities should be provided.

    Still – one step at a time, at least things appear to be moving along at long last.

    We must remain positive, because what else do we have

  8. Hey Ppl

    Getting the astro pitch over there up and running again would be great for the vale BUT before we do spend the cash can we establish who is going to be responsible for looking after it. Obviously if we had a done that the first time round we wouldnt be doing this poll, lets NOT make the same mistake again. Unless it is going to be properly managed and looked after (forever not just the first 12 months or so) its a good thing!!

    With regard to the changing rooms idea i think that it has got to be done ASAP too. Im sick to death of hearing oh we cant do this because of the proposed plans/ sport village its happening its not happening its happening its NOT HAPPENING.

    Why on earth did we knock down the changing rooms that were already there ?? Or was they another victim of the so called sports village??

    I say lets just bang out a list of what we all want to see over there and JUST DO IT and do it TOGETHER without the back biting buls%*t.

    If you live on the vale or are involved in anything relating to whats going on just ask yourself this…….

    Whats more important

    Castle Vale or My Ego

    Then if you are not sure ask yourself again and again.

    If your answer is MY EGO then please go and get involved in something else away from CV.

    If your answer is Castle Vale then lets sit down do the Maths and DO BOTH.

    Astro pitch and changing rooms.

    Infact we could build the changing facility along the astro pitch facing the stadium that way it would save maybe 30-40 Ft of new fencing which is required!

    Then after the game as ppl leave the changing rooms area they are facing the club, you know the club? As in social place to meet ppl and have a drink maybe we could go really overboard and put a OPEN SIGN ON IT! and then go completely mad and put a friendly face behind the bar who says HELLO when you walk in….. WOW IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!

  9. wow you must be mr danny ryan mbe and do lots for charity,what drugs have you been taking,after two months there would be enough money generated to build changing rooms with showers ,you must really think the good people of castlevale are really stupid,wrong there not,and please don’t try and bully us into saying ,oh once the authorities find out nobody wants that astro pitch repaired, there’s land that we can sell to developers,because thats just not true.my final point is ,yes there are lots of good people on castlevale all trying hard to make the vale a better place,but they don’t all brag about what they’ve done or trying to do,THEY JUST DO IT .
    over and out.

  10. To upgrade the Astro Turf is definately a good idea.

    It’s very interesting that Danny Ryan’s name is mentioned.
    He does have the best interests of the people on the Estate at heart and does try.

    You might want to talk to him as he does appear to talk sense and he appears to be involved with this group who are trying to move things forward.

    I would confirm like hundreds of people that know Danny Ryan all over Brum – he does not have an ego, others may have, but he cetainly doesn’t. He just wants best for all of us on Castle Vale.

    Schools have been mentioned – I think that this is a good idea, whoever mentioned it. They should be involved and have their say.

    My sister who also knows Danny plays Hockey. She has got knowwhere to train and has to go to Wyndley. It was Danny who advised her because of the lack of facilities on the Vale and she is now in a team. She does enjoy her sport, but does have to travel

    In terms of changing facilities – wouldn,t Portacabin facilities suffice to start. At least it would be a beginning.

  11. where has the talk about selling the land off come from.
    i havnt heard that one before.
    does anyone realise just how much it would cost to hire changing facilities.
    why not use the changing facilities that are there already and charge the teams for there use.
    i for one are in favour of the astroturf being upgraded.

  12. What do people think they are doing voting against a thing that could bring good revenue to the Vale. A good facility that was used every night of the week before it was neglected by BCC. I just shake my head at people who do not want to better the Vale

  13. Good idea the astroturf, Even better changing rooms, showers what a bonus.
    Has anybody heard about the charging for training on the parks pitches outside of the stadium for the teams on castle vale because its coming.

  14. Worth doing IF the site is going to be kept secure and maintained, otherwise we WILL be in the same situation in a few years time, but will by then cost more.

    The reality is though we need a good lesisure facility! Pitches on there own will bring limited benefits.

    It’s a shame a sports facility is unlikely to happen a new swimming pool would not go a miss. Our current one is good but is looking a tad tired.

    Judging by the patronage at present good money could be generated if it is thought out carefully. A gym, pool, good secure pitches and changing facilities would set the vale up nicely. Look at some of the facilities elsewhere, we could do better given the opportunity!

    There is a lot of interest in all types of sport and leisure on the Vale we need to embrace it!

  15. what a load of tosh you speak,public land council can not charge any teams for training

  16. Well i think it is a good idea to have the astro turf refurbed, its about time people start paying for things over the playing fields, instead of getting everything for free……….
    If you use the playing fields then you have to pay for them its as simple as that………..
    you get people who play/ train over there who dont even live on castle vale so it would be a good idea if it was managed over there and then people wouldnt take the p*ss
    It dosent matter whether you pay to play on the pitches but you dont pay to TRAIN on the pitches witch is a complete different thing……..
    There always seems to be a problem with 2 teams who play over there, they never like what is said or done because they have had their own way with the council for too long, and now it has come to a stop they are spitting their dummies out…. if you dont like what you see or what you get then take your football club somewhere else!!
    As for the football stadium it has nothing to do with any football team over there whether the club is open or not or who is working behind the bar as ive said if you dont like it then dont go in there.. SIMPLE FACT…. Ive been going to the stadium since it was built we have had many friendly faces in there and many people who think they own the place and think they can do what they want in there.. so stop hiding behind your computers as anonymous and come out with your name… cowards

  17. why not call a public meeting to discuss the issues surrounding the stadium.
    the trouble is you cannot please everybody all of the time.
    there is a lot of money being invested over farnborough road and once it has been spent that is it!
    of course the area needs to be managed properly
    and teams / clubs have got to pay to use the facilities. how else are you supposed to pay for the upkeep.
    the astro turf really will be the only source of income.
    i remember when the astro turf was up and running years ago. the waiting list to get on there was as long as your arm!

  18. YOU SAY: Its about time the astro pitch was refurbed (I AGREE)

    YOU SAY: Its about time that people started paying for things over the fields instead of getting everthing for free? I play over there with my kids, but why should i pay? Are you prepared to pay to go over there? I go to rectory park every week and i play footy with my kids and i dont pay for it, its a public park thats what they are there for! If a guy takes his dog for a walk over there should he pay? At the end of the day if you or the council or whoever think for some strange reason that because there is a few quid being spent over there, that all of sudden people should pay to use it and that the costs have to be recovered then the work shouldnt be being done. They either can afford to do it or they cant, does that make sense?
    I go to many parks including Tamworth which is great and i dont pay there either, Thats what GOOD PARENTS DO they take there kids to the park and preferably a FREE ONE! To even suggest charging is a joke!! Football OR Not !

    YOU SAY: if you dont like what you see or what you get then take your football club somewhere else!! The football clubs on the vale are presumably there for young people on CV and many children get a lot out of being part of a team, you say take your club elsewhere?? BUT then what happens to the kids on CV what do they do? Do you live on CV? WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Maybe you should meet the kids !!

    YOU SAY: As for the football stadium it has nothing to do with any football team over there whether the club is open or not or who is working behind the bar as ive said if you dont like it then dont go in there………. YES BINGO !! YOU GOT IT!! Thats the problem AND THATS THE EXACT ATTITUDE (you must either work there yourself OR used to work there) Perfect comment which proves my point (thank you) The football club has nothing to do with any teams over there(But why Not?) whether its open or not and who is behind the bar and as ive said if you dont like it dont go!!! YES YES YES !! and thats why nobody does go over there….Because nobody likes it! Look it used to be great over there it was at one point almost a nice little social club, nice people, nice pint, pool table etc with great new years eve parties too……look at it now!

    I Think i can agree that it would be nice for the astro pitch to be refurbed BUT if you read the rest of what you wrote its mostly sh%* with a silly and pointless bitter twist directed at one or two particular groups of people.

    How Sad…….

    Finally Just to put me out of my misery (or add icing to the cake)…. did you ever work at the club????



  19. no one is saying that you have to pay to take your kids to the park.
    we are talkin about organised groups that are charging to play football and training.

  20. Im not saying people have to pay to take their children over there to play football, im saying the football clubs who take 20-30 children/ men over there should really pay to use the playing fields as teams charge their children/ men to train with them so where is that money going??

    Yes there is so much money being spent over there so why not start charging football teams who use the facilittes regardless if this money is going to be spent or not… this would of come into action at some point anyway.

    I’m not aiming this at any one, im having my say just like you are!

    Yes i always used to be over there from the very first day it was built and used to help out behind the bar, i would be there at new years eve partys etc and they were very good, but good things always come to a end…..

    As ive just said i used to help out behind the bar so i know every little thing that used to go on over there so i would say i know a lot to be honest wth you, more than you chunky nuts!!!

    So before you start having a heated disscusion with me you need to do some research on the place

  21. tracey i agree with your sentiment about organized football teams that are not off the vale using the pitches for training should be a no no, but it’s not exactly free. all registered football teams will pay pitch fees for the season which will include training on them. your issues would only come about if the pitches were private, so even if the team is from erdington they are permittted to train on any council pitch they want. astro turf organized 5 a-side leagues if well managed could and should bring good revenue into the castle vale pot.

  22. Hey Tracey

    You are having your say and i am having mine ok ? Im not heated im cool : ) ok. (extra cool)

    I just needed to know what was really going on here thats all.

    YOU SAY: You are not aiming this at anyone just having your say?…….

    So if you are just having your say…. wont dont you just say it?

    This is clearly about JKS using the park.

    So when you go on about People hiding there names, hiding behind there screens and cowards etc etc blah blah blah

    Why dont you just say what you mean. Lets not beat around the bush here , Ill say it for you it really isnt that difficult…..


    See that up there? Done in One very clear sentence and it never took 250 words of beating around the bush & 3 or 4 paragraphs of Crap.

    Why didnt you just say it?

    Thats what its about thats what you want isnt it?

    I would say that the pitches over there are in terrible condition and havnt been looked after very well year in year out (i say that as a former assistant grounds man at Villa Park) and if they were regularly seen to it wouldnt take such a big lump of cash now.

    The other thing is my lad plays for a team in Sutton and they train on rectory Park its a beautiful park well looked after and they DONT pay for it BUT then again over there its about the best interests of the community NOT about the old back biting Buls%*t that you all love so much.

    Im still laughing actually about the bit that reads before you get into a heated conversation you need to do your reasearch.

    What research do i need. Do you really think that i didnt know that you were working up the club?

    Ive had many conversations with you and you have poured me many pints of beer BUT you just havnt had the pleasure of knowing that my nuts are chunky!!

    Thank Goodness!!

  23. PERVERT!!!!!!

  24. Ann Froggatt

    Don’t want to spoil your fun but is it really a good idea to use that moniker & make that suggestive comment – youngsters sometimes read what’s on here.
    Just a thought.

  25. J. and D. Nicholson

    I read with interest some of the comments that have been posted regarding this.

    I am a little concerned at as to why people are going off on a tangent regarding something that is being asked.

    Castle Vale people are being asked a question.

    The simple question is “Do we want the Astro Turf Upgraded”

    I have lived in Stornaway Road for over 25 years and the last 10 years I have had to take my children off the Estate. Why? Quite simple is that they play Netball and Hockey and there is nowwhere on Castle Vale to accomodate them. Both myself and my wife have to travel to Stockland Green and Wyndley Leisure Centre.

    The possibility of having such a facility that once was, would be absolutely brilliant for the estate

    The benefits to the local community, if we had this facility would be unmeasurable if it was managed correctly.

    Let us all be honest about things as they stand.

    For the last 5 years, we have been promised a all singing Sports Village. As we all know, this has not come to fruition.

    Now, we have a group of people who have come together to try and move things along for ALL of us, to put forward something that we can all be proud of.

    It would be great if ALL the Vale got behind this as we might not get another opportunity to be asked what we all think about this.

    Negative comments are unhelpful – we all live on Castle Vale and we should all be pulling together for all of us and our children.

    Well done to the group – you should be applauded for putting this forward.

  26. Hey Ppl

    No Harm Ment just a tongue in cheek comment….. soz

  27. Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

    With cherries on the top read this !!!

    We all have to very quickly take a step back and seriously consider what is on offer for the people of Castle Vale here.

    Please just think about what the astro pitches would bring in…… I really cant believe that having just looked at the results of the poll up to now that 89% of voters prefer NOT to get the astro pitch refurbed!

    What on earth is going on?
    Why would anyone NOT want it refurbed?

    Please take a few moments to read through some of the comments on this page up to now….
    Its blindingly obvious that people have issues (other issues) that need sorting out BUT hey lets just deal with this one first…. We have a very rare opportunity to get something done….

    Why on earth would anyone on the Vale NOT want this to happen?

    This isnt about… should organised football groups be paying for training on the grass AND this is not a How popular is Mr Danny Ryan campain (or should i say unpopular)

    This is about DO WE WANT the astro pitch up and running again… Surely the answer HAS TO BE YES

    Come on people think about it !

    We can sort out issues like…. should the footy teams pay for use of the pitches another time.

    We can even run a seperate poll on who likes Mr Ryan BUT for now lets all just say YES TOGETHER and get that thing up and running again.

    It would be an absolute disgrace for us to let this opportunity pass us by…. So please why dont we just cut the crap and get this party started!

    Its 89% against right now BUT i think thats a 89% Vote against a certain person OR a lack of understanding rather than a genuine we dont want the astro pitch sorted.

    Do we say YES for the right reasons OR do we say NO for the WRONG REASONS??


    and you should too!!

  28. Ann Froggatt

    Well said CN!!!
    I don’t know much about football but I do recognise a gold-plated opportunity when I see one AND THIS IS ONE!!! I voted for the astroturf & can’t see why anyone would want to pass up this chance. You’re right, too many side-issues and too much bickering between individuals have got in the way.
    FOR THE CHILDREN’S SAKE if nothing else, vote YES!!!

  29. People please remember its only an opinion poll.
    The astro turf has got to be refurbed.
    It will be the only source of income once this pot of money has been spent.
    Lets all get together and demand a public meeting
    Lets see how many people turn up to it.

  30. mr ryan is only thinking about generating income.
    of course the ‘ free for all’ has got to stop.
    how else is the stadium going to generate money.

  31. yes count me in !

  32. This isnt about Mr Danny Ryan.

    Its about……. do you want the astro pitch refurbed or Not?

  33. very concerned resident

    it would appear that like everything else that happens on the estate. the opinion of the majority is being ignored. the majority want the shops like nisa to stop selling alcohol to those underage, they want crime free tidy streets. they want the drug problems sorted out. but once again it would appear that a minority want to just totally ignore the opinion of the majority and do their own thing anyhow, regardless of what other people think. people have voted and as things stand, the majority are against replacing the astroturf which we all know will need replacing again in another six to twelve months because of the scum that cant look after what they have properly. you only have to look around the estate to see the state of some of the homes that people live in to see this. new homes were built on the estate and ruined by a money grabbing housing association which cant be bothered vetting potential tenants properly. look at how money has been wasted in the past, plush offices for the housing association – not necessary, and a new police station which for the majority of the time lies empty. why not kick the police out of there and convert that into flats – if there are really people that want to move on to the vale….. god help them!

  34. Having lived on Castle Vale with my family for 20 years on Stornoway Road, I have a few comments to make.

    1. Astro Turf must be refurbished.

    I like many people on the Vale have watched with dismay, the way sports provision is slowly being tried to be diminished. Yes, I too was at the Public Meeting a couple of months ago regarding the Swimming Pool and its proposed hours closure to us all.

    This particular issue of the possibility of upgrading the Astro Turf MUST be taken seriously and we should all be in favour of it. and we must embrace it

    I recall playing on the Astro Turf years ago with my pals and we used to really enjoy our weekly sessions.

    Yes – We did pay for the use, but that is life as we all have to pay for services that are available.

    For years, individuals and groups, no matter what their preferred sport have had to move off Castle Vale because, quite simply, we do not have any facilities, other than the Stadium and grassed pitches.

    The negative views expressed in this poll do not necessary refer or reflect as to what we are all being asked.

    It appears that a group of people have actually took the initiative to want to ask people if they would like this facility upgraded. They in many people’s opinion, deserve a clap, as they are actually trying to get something done that we have been promised for many years on Castle Vale.

    (After all – we all know what has happened regarding the Sports Village proposal)

    It unfortunately comes as no surprise to both myself, my friends and family that certain factions who have their own agenda, do not keep to what is being asked.

    It’s a simple question. Take a minute, think about the benefits and then voice your opinion.

    If your answer is definately no, then I can only assume that you either do not live on Castle Vale, you couldn’t care less about the services that are offered. or you have not consided this whole issue seriously.

    One can only assume that you may have other agendas that you need to resolve, outside of this poll. !!

    If it is the latter, please don’t bring it to this poll as most sensible people who live on Castle Vale know that having the Astro Turf upgraded has got to be a move in the right direction.

    If you are still unsure at this stage, why not pop over and have a look yourself and then stand on its surface and ask yourself the question again.

    Castle Vale needs this facility as we cannot be continually short changed. Look at Pype Hayes Focus or Wyndley Astro Turfs and the usage they get.

    I travel on a professional basis all over Birmingham and the Midlands and I know areas that would cherrish having such a facility.

    We should all be pulling together on this and I would echo a previous residents view that it would be useful to involve the Schools when they return in September.

    In terms of now – A resounding yes from myself and my 5 family members.

    A final note – Thank you Vale Mail for letting us all have the opportunity. It sounds a great initiative.

  35. chunky nuts : its you that is going on about danny ryan
    you are the one on about running a poll to see who likes danny ryan.
    i say leave danny alone he is doing what he thinks best for the vale!

  36. i dont know who you are, but you have hit the nail on the head here. unfortunately the ilk of m jameson and company will get what they want in the end regardless, thats the way things are run on the estate and why the estate is heading towards just how it used to be, minus the tower blocks of course!

  37. No im not saying that i dont like Danny Ryan……

    Im not saying that at all, What i mean is that people are voting the wrong way because they dont like Mr Ryan or have issues with Mr Ryan.

    What i am saying is….THIS isnt a do you like Danny Ryan poll, so dont use it as one, We can have a Mr Ryan popularity poll after BUT this isnt the time or the place and people are wrongly (and stupidly) using it as one.

    Does that make sense?

    I never once said that i didnt like Mr Ryan and im certainly not picking on him, Im trying to make a point that the votes are not going the right way for the wrong reasons.

    I really cant make it any clearer than that.

    Warm Regards


  38. all because people dont agree with your opinion, it doesnt give you the right to insult them. i couldnt care less how long you and your family have lived here (maybe its time that you and your family left). the facts remain that a poll has been voted on and the majority of decent folk around here do not want or see the need to replace the astro turf as you ave already pointed out, ther are plenty of facilities nearby already. the estate as a whole needs improving. maybe the cvcha could make an offer for the swimming baths, that would bring in far more revenue than an astroturf pitch.

  39. The majority of decent folk havn’t voted and the poll has turned into a joke and shows absolutely NO reflection what so ever on whether people on CV want the astro turf pitches refurbed or not.

    The facts are… deep down people do want the astro turf sorting out BUT the poll has come at a time when the guy trying to get the astro pitch sorted has actually managed to pee off a lot of people with other proposals, so this poll is (stupidly) suffering for it.

    The swimming baths would never make anywhere near the cash that the astro turf would make. The baths could be a lot better BUT to make it into a decent cash generator would take more than the £166k that the astro would need & the reason i say that is because for the baths to stand any chance at all it would have to have a GYM because thats where the money is AND it would cost quite a bit of money in Engineers fee’s (But i will tell you for free) that the upstairs couldnt cope with the weight of a GYM structurally. Which means an Extension and even if we can find the space for one you still then have to build it and get it fitted out with equipment.

    There is no reason why we cant get the astro pitches sorted, some changing rooms and even a decent Gym over there, all by the stadium, If nobody is prepared to build us a sports village why dont we just get on with it ourselves and build it piece by piece as a community.

    It would be difficult to do BUT then anything that is worth doing in life is usually a challenge isnt it, Its a genuine opportunity to show the Midlands where we are and what we are all about.

    The fact that companies have looked it time and time again just shows that we have all the ingredients over there to have something very special, infact the only thing missing over there is a committment by enough people to believe in it and crack on with it.

    Anyone heard of self build houses??

    What about self build sports villages??

    The first call to action is to ensure that the astro pitch is refurbed NOW. The 2nd is to form a CV Sports Village Development committee with the right people, when i say right people i mean that is anyone who wants it to happen and would like to be involved.

    Warm Regards


  40. So CN you say the majority of decent folk havent voted. Does that mean what i think you are suggesting about all those who are against the proposal. Its time you grew up and stopped acting like a spoilt child. Yes the poll is a joke, but only because it means absolutely nothing. As has been previously mentioned, the views of the majority will be ignored but that is something the majority have come to expect of living on castle vale and will have to live with for some time to come but in the meantime, i repeat to you….. GROW UP!

  41. i have to be on your side because it is true (edited) there older men and younger teenage smoking drugs out side (edited)something need be done sort problem of drugs out

  42. i dont think so they have money make this work think everybody is sick of about astro truf just waste of time and money if they dont stick to there plan than it wont go head

  43. J. Evans - Geeson Close

    Astro Turf Refurbishment – Definately

    We all on Castle Vale MUST take stock of what is being asked.

    5 years waiting for a Sports Village that has not come to fruition.

    This group who are trying must be given a thumbs up for their efforts in trying to resurrect what was an excellent facility to us in the community, before it was allowed to be damaged.

    Can I suggest that everybody looks at the wider picture.

    The Council have been told that they have to make year on year cuts to services and have informed us that £60,000, 000 has to be saved from 2010/11 and then onwards. This equates to £240,000,000 in 4 years.(two hundred and forty million).

    If we don’t offer our support to this excellent initiative, the only people that will suffer is US . I can’t see any other investment coming in for future maintenence of the area. What happens then. ?

    For those people who do not see the benefits to this,for all of us, I simply cannot understand.

    People may wish to reconsider, because we may only get one shot at this and if it goes, we all lose.

    At least having a facility that if managed right would bring in the revenue needed for ongoing maintenence.

    With all the financial cuts coming, how else are we going to maintain what we have.

    Common sense should prevail on this.

    Let’s resurrect this for all of us.

  44. Rosemary - Morar Close

    if the poll gets ignored, why would people want to turn up to a public meeting – to be ignored again?

  45. Grow up ??
    Do you not know what is going on here??

    You say people don’t want the astro pitch refurbed BUT can you tell me why??

    And don’t say the money is better spent elsewhere ok because…..
    In case there is any confusion, the money for the astro pitches IS NOT council tax money & The money will NOT be spent anywhere else on CV other then farnbough Rd.

    The hat left the money for the development of the sports fields and stadium SO please dont say it can be better spent elsewhere because it cant!!

    The money can only be spent over there so for everyone saying NO it just means that the cash will sit in a fund NOT SPENT for another God knows how many years maybe until someone else says…. i know lets do the astro pitch!

    Then depending on who suggests it, it might get a thumbs up.

    Or how about going down the archaeology route, apparently during the war a few soldiers stashed away what would today be millions of pounds worth of fire arms it was supposed to be there rainy day fund for when the war was over BUT for one reason or another the weapons ended up being left and are now buried somewhere over there. Lets spend the cash digging the whole lot up to find the missing treasure, You see THAT CASH HAS TO BE spent over there somewhere so if we are not going to develop or refurbish lets go on a treasure hunt with it!

    Oh what fun… we could get everyone involved and have a REAL treasure hunt (maybe next Easter?) with all the cash and if we are really lucky enough to find the treasure (Fire Arms) we would be rolling in it, we would have enough cash in the pot to build Castle Vegas !!

    Now come on DONT say you wouldnt want to see a Castle Vegas Built. 🙂

    Warm Regards


  46. you are such an idiot!

  47. idiot !!!!

  48. everyone on here is bickering over silly stuff alrite i have a team that played on the fields last season the astro would help all the teams on here cuz we wouldent have to train on the fields or go else where to train so it would be a massive help to all of castle vale and the schools

    1. also on the point of charging for training on the fields you carnt do that its public playing fields

    2. why carnt we have changing rooms done at the same time we get the astro done that way we are not waiting round for things to get done just make a list of things to be done and get on with it its all for castle vale at the end of the day

  49. county johnno

    what is the problem !!!
    castle county yes!yes!
    castle vale jaqs yes! yes!
    over to you jks
    why r u blocking this move
    you have many enemies on this estate.
    text messages to block the move have been banded
    all over the estate.
    you should be a shammed of yourselfs.
    what r u afraid of.

    thats why you have no support from the estate
    we should all be sticking together on this.

  50. Johnson - Croy Drive

    Astroturf – This must go ahead for all of us.

    I received a text message saying quite simply.

    “Don’t vote for the Astro Turf as the prices of the pitches are going up or something else stupid.”

    I utterly dismay with some people.

    I’m a great believer that if you genuinely want something, you must stick together.
    This whole poll is about us on Castle Vale and what we want for all of us and our children.

    For people who do not see the benefits to all of us, I ask how they cannot.

    Take a long hard look at what we have at present, what we have been promised for years and has not come to light and NOW what we could have.

    You don’t need to think anymore as it obviously makes complete sense to resurrect this Astro Turf.

    It’s simple – we must have this facility. If we don’t then it will probably continue to be an area for people to just look at and wish, IF ONLY

  51. johnno i think the only thing jks would want blocking was the charging for the use of the parks pitches outside for training on which as been a benifit to all teams, the astroturf is is a must for all teams and clubs and if they are charged for the use of it , it has to be done also extra changing rooms,showers must also come as soon as possible to keep teams over there.

  52. All the teams that play football are charged to use the pitches.
    Why not charge for training!
    I cannot see what the problem is!
    Income has got to be generated from somewhere.
    We have all got to vote YES for the astro upgrade.

  53. The problem is its a parks playing field do we start charging for dog walkers if we do can you pay somebody to clean the s### some of them leave instead of us doing before we start playing thanks

  54. do you really think you are going to be able to use the astro turf for free.
    who do you think is going to pay for the upkeep!

  55. never mind the dog mess!
    the rubbish that is left behind after training and football matches (bottles cans ) has to be cleaned up too!

  56. Who do you think is going to pay for the up keep of the astro pitch?

    Obviously it will be the groups of people who use it and pay for using it which is exactly how it should be.

    Surely nobody is under the impression that we wont or shouldnt have to pay for the use of the astro pitch if it is refurbed?

    At the end of the day if you want a horse to sh%t you have to feed it!!

    The poll has obviously been spoilt now by all the say NO text messages that have been forwarded around. The real shame is that people have voted no BUT have been misinformed which i suppose is exactly the way votes/elections and polls etc are won!

    Hopefully the Valemail can clearly see that the results are based on dirty tricks wrong information, Bulls%*t and hidden agenda’s

    Infact the resemblance to real politics is uncany, i write a monthly newsletter which has over 10k subscribers im just thinkin should i drop them a quick email asking them to drop in and vote YES to help support a very worth while campain that would help keep youngsters off the street AND then ask them to also fwd it on to all there contacts.

    My only problem with doing such a very quick (30 second) poll winning email is…. Would it really give us a true reflection of how everyone on Castle Vale feels about having the astro pitches upgraded?

    (which is what we are trying to establish)

    Obviously NOT.

    Its SOOOOooooooo Tempting though 🙂

    Warm Regards


  57. chunky you really are boring us now! just accept the facts that the majority of people have voted NO. whats it matter anyhow, you will still get what you want so why the whinging? and as one person as already said, its time you grew up, if you really want the astroturf so badly, what are you doing towards funding it? nothing…. i bet!!!! im almost sure you are a dole scrounger, while the rest of us hard working tax payers fund hairbrain schemes like this

  58. if you read what i said charging for the astroturf is a must its the parks pitches outside is a bit over the top trying to charge for, also try open the club to try and raise money aswell is not a bad idea.

  59. the money i believe is avaliable for the refurb,you as part of the majority,what would you spend the money on?

  60. do a deal you clean up the dog mess and i will do the bottles

  61. well said tony vote yes for the astroturf

  62. E. James - Hedley Croft

    This Astro Turf proposal must be a good thing for Castle Vale. Everyone must know this.

    I take the point about changing rooms and showers BUT we must all stand together on this, no matter which club, team you are associated with.

    As previous – common sense must prevail.

    Why should other parts of the City like Wyndley, Small Heath and Acocks Green have a great facility and not us.

    Put differences and other agenda’s aside and stick together. That way we ALL win in the end and we have a facility that we and our children can enjoy for the future.

    A resounding yes from me and my family with a caveat that it would be managed correctly, knowing mistakes made from the past when we had it in use.

    The Management of it can be discussed further when we all stick together.

    Well done to the group for resurrecting this proposal.

  63. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  64. Oh Gerald (ine)

    This is the problem with misinformed small minded people like yourself…YOU SEE the astro pitch getting refurbed IS NOT TAX PAYERS MONEY so stop harping on about being a hard working tax payer! (Paper rounds dont count)

    Secondly ive never been on the dole in my life ever ok. I turned over £200k last year so dont talk to me about TAX. You dont know me at all and if it were tax payers money funding it I would HAPPILY be making a much a bigger contribution than you!

    Ive already said time and time again that the community should pull together and get a lot of what everyone wants doing DONE without the need for this kind of carry on. Im certain that it could be refurbed for less BUT this isnt about money its just about do we want it YES or NO?

    The cash is already in the kitty.

    If you dont want it that fine thats your choice ok BUT its not your hard earned cash thats paying for it.


  65. alison - sopwith croft

    turned over £200k, did we cn? well done, so if you are so flush, what are you doing living on the vale or is this where you deal your drugs to get that amount? by the way, it is tax payers money at the beginning, where else do you think it comes from?

  66. If the astro turf had of been managed properly in the first place we wouldnt be having this conversation now.
    Why was it allowed to happen?
    How would it be managed this time.?
    Just think how much revenue it could generate if it was managed properly.

  67. you earned £200k last year!!!!!
    lucky you!
    if you earned that amount of money i dont think you would be living on the vale!
    why dont you invest some of it in the astro turf.
    do you think we are all daft!!!!


  69. Hey Ppl,

    I dont live on the Castle Vale ok, I grew up on CV and went to St Gerards and i loved it, Im still and always will be a Castle Valien 🙂 My parents are still there and one of my boys play footy over the fort.

    Please dont jump on the Oh if you turned £200k why this and that band wagon, I wasnt bragging or anything it was just that Gerald (ine) decided to attack me with verbals (dole scrounger etc) It was just me pointing out the facts. At the time i thought to myself…… Who the heck is this guy laying into me, calling me a dole scrounger? He doesnt even know me and if he wants to start measuring private bits IM GAME… after all… whats my name? lol.

    I was shattered and got a bit defensive BUT hey thats what happens to us hard working tax payers!

    Warm Regards


  70. so CN, you say you don’t live here. so why should your opinion on anything castle vale related be listened to? you dont have to put up with the many issues the vale has unless of course you are dealing drugs on the estate. after all, how else are you earning as much as you say you are. furthermore, i think in reality you are a twelve year old boy who has yet to discover puberty, let alone anything else. why would a grown man come on here using such a childish name and forever going on about his anatomy. NOBODY IS INTERESTED LITTLE BOY!

  71. i wasnt bragging says chunky, you dont live here, so do one!!!

  72. hey mr moneybags, how about you put up the money to refurbish the astroturf if you want it so badly. all because there are people here who are not as well off as you doesnt give them any less right to an opinion. at least they live here, not elsewhere like our local mps who claim to work so hard for us.

  73. Hi chunky nut (chris)
    i know you are a manager of jks
    yes you do a lot for the kids of jks,
    but the facilities must be paid for training or friendly matches .
    once the council throw the towel in you are on your
    who s going cut the pitches or mark the pitches.
    with no money generated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    astro pitch you will have to pay for the use of it.
    tough thats life.
    the more money generated from the astropitch less jks and castle county will pay for the facilities.
    we must look after our kids future.

  74. the money has been left for the sports facilties over
    farnborough road not cadbury drive.
    thats another issue which i would support.

  75. David & Joan Townsend

    How about changing the subject? We would just like to express our thanks and appreciation to Bob Brueton and his helpers (together with the coach drivers) for a lovely day out at Weston yesterday (Thursday) – there were 3 coaches from the estate and a whole range of ages went – it was very good! Many thanks!

  76. chunky, you are a loser. if you have as much money as you are boasting on here, why would such trivial things as this interest you when you can clearly afford to use far superior facilities elsewhere. the truth is i think you couldnt give a toss really, you are just on a wind up mission.

  77. you really have managed to wind people up on here.
    why dont you take all your money and go and play with your chunky nuts on the motorway.
    grow up you silly man!!!

  78. Ha ha ha ha ha pms x

  79. Would you please do yourself a big favour and learn to read and once you can read would you learn to take on board what you read.

    It will benefit you in the long run.

    I grew up on the Vale, my son plays on the Vale and my parents live on the Vale I go to church on a Sunday on the Vale, Just because i dont sleep there doesnt mean i dont give a toss ok. Its not about what facilities i can afford its about the Kids on the Vale, the point is we will soon be approaching 2011 and the Vale NOW has less to do on there than when i was growing up on there.

    Im looking at it from a different angle, When i grew up on the Vale I thought it was fantanstic, we played footy we had the astral centre we used to go away to Wales etc The building that they knocked down a couple of years ago over the fort was full of young people playing Table Tennis, playing Pool we used to go away for tournaments etc it was great.

    I just worry for the youngsters now because its very easy for what i would call “good lads” to get involved in the wrong thing or the wrong people and then eventually they end up not being “good lads” and end up with addictions or in out of Jail for the rest of there lives. I grew up here ive been there i know exactly what is coming for a lot of these boys and many of the lads i grew up with are in the same situation. Its gets so far and then its almost like there is no turning back, There is always away out But its finding it which is difficult.

    Any extra activities (astro pitch or whatever)would help keep the youngens occupied and with a little more/better education i think they would have a much better chance and i will support any proposal that i think will benefit and give the boys a better chance of staying away from trouble and strife.

    Furthermore i make absolutely no appologies for being ambitious and im not afraid or ashamed to admit that i wana be a millionaire, one of the first things i would do would be to try to fix everything that is wrong including the drug culture on CV. Rehab proper help and support for users BUT more importantly a community that looks after the kids the best way possible to prevent them from ever getting involved in the first place.

    Say what you want with remarks or wise cracks BUT at the end of the day the outlook for our kids doesnt look great and we have to do everything we can to give them a better chance. My sister grew up on the Vale and ended up a drug addict, Yeah my beautiful baby sister, It can happen to anyone so the wise cracks are fine as long as you dont have any children between the ages of 5yrs and 20yrs.

    Helping close ones through these types of difficulties is an absolutely terrible and heart breaking experience to go through and i wouldnt wish it on anyone ever……. to say oh he doesnt give a toss or he dont live on here so do one is NOT the best way forward trust me.

    The astro pitch is NOT the be all and end all or even the most important single issue for the residents of CV BUT for parents it is a small part/start to making things better BUT if everyone really doesnt want it then thats cool BUT lets not attack each other like a BAT OUT OF HELL OVER IT!

  80. Hey

    I agree with you OUR kids future is what we should be thinking about here.

    Of course the astro should be paid for, My view point regarding the playing fields would be an agreed fixed fee per season which covers Matches and Training for any organised groups.


  81. Childish Name?
    And you are…………..?
    Yep you stay anonymous.

  82. Firstly the money for the refurb is already in place.

    Secondly when did i say that anyone has less right to an opinion? (I didnt did i so why say it)

    Thirdly I dunno how hard local mps work.

  83. The most worrying thing is that cvcha are putting a bussiness plan together showing some interest of farnborough road
    But castle vale tenants would like to see our estate
    sorted out first.
    with not much income being generated from the pitches,and a free for all.
    we might as well throw money down the drain.
    a very worried RESIDENT.

  84. CVCHA .
    cant even run the estate.
    bring back the hat sorry same staff just a different
    what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. seconded, cvcha are the hat, just a different name. (edited)

  86. i agree with some of your points, but this statement is wrong an you are a utter, whatever.



  88. Hey Ppl

    This is the real Chunkynuts here!

    All i can say is THANK YOU to the sensible ordinary decent people who come on here to voice there valued opinion.

    I really did not expect to come on here to see all that crap that has been wrote further up the page.

    Let me just say they who ever thought it would be a good idea to start writing sh*t and then write my name as the reply name is a sad sick loser.

    Why would you write something and then pretend it is me writing it?? What is wrong with you? If you are not happy being you CHANGE IT!

    But please dont come on here and write a load of complete nonesense and pretend to be me, Who ever you are grow up and BE YOURSELF!

    Now for all the crap that has been wrote under my name and people leaving stupid comments and pretending its me LET me just say to the decent folk that come on here…. The real ChunkyNuts REALLY is not responsible for alot of that junk and all i can do to PUT a stop to it NOW is say that I will not post anything on here again ever and hopefully whoever else is leaving comments with my name attached will now go on and do something a bit more useful with there time.

    AND finally…. For all the grown up decent folk that have valuable things to say, Please remember that the real ChunkyNuts genuinely wishes you well BUT is signing off from this BLOG for good for obvious reasons and i can assure you that any more comments left by chunkynuts are NOT me. (like a lot of those up there)

    Warm Regards


  89. shocked resident


    This truly is amazing….

    We have just turned a guy (just having his say) into a drug dealer!

    Well now we have the druggie/dealer sorted out amongst us……. who’s next?

    Who’s the alcoholic? Who’s the wife beater? OR THE RAPIST.

    You really should be ashamed, What a total and utter disgrace.

  90. I for one wont be missing chunkynuts or whatever he chooses to call himself. the hypocrite tells others to grow up when thats exactly what he ought to do. maybe now we can have sensible viewpoints concerning our estate now that idiots like him have decided to stop posting. one small point he made about the astroturf was getting the kids away from causing trouble, well explain to me how thats going to help when decent residents are woken in the early hours of the morning by drunken teenagers.

  91. Goodbye and good riddance! Now u can go 2 church & thank yr god 4 making u such a wonderful human being so much better than us poor s**s.

  92. just like to say, we dont need chunkynuts flashing his cash round here, treating us like second class citizens because we happen to live on castle vale, while he lives in his flash house in four oaks far away from the real world. good riddance to him.

  93. grown up decent folk? shame you never fitted that category CN. how many times did people tell you yourself to grow up after making childish comments and using a username a four year old would be proud of but not for the sick reasons you choose to use it. goodbye and good riddance, how you can claim to be a churchgoer as well is beyond me. i know the church is forgiving but letting trash like you through its doors is too much.

  94. If as much effort in these posts was spent on actually dealing with the issues, have of it would all be sorted out.

    Spend money on astroturf yes, ok it would be a benefit, but we should consider securing the area otherwise in 5 years time we are going to be back in this situation again. More work is needed than just the astro turf, secure cabinet for flood lighting electrics, pallasade fencing, repairs to the lighting structures etc, I would even consider CCTV with infra red to protect the area. Yes I would like to see a gym, new swimming pool, new leisure facilities that should be our collective aspiration, and we should be working on developing the bigger picture. There would be the space to accomodate much more and retain a good few pitches, the stadium the astro turf area, and could be the icing on the cake for CV.

    To do this there is a need to generate income, and to work as a community.

    The reality is it is unlikely that the Government, council or other body will fund any future work. The effort taken to keep the pool open demonstrates how different the country is now under the new Govenrment. Certainly over the next 3-4 years Government departments, Councils are going to see big reductions in funding and services. Sports are possibly one area subject to reductions.

    There is I think a glimmer, the elected Government however good or bad you may think they are (I don’t have any particular political preferences) have offered the public the chance to voice our thoughts, wishes, and help shape, and decide what we want our elected to consider. This our first opportunity to say what we want. We should not bicker, but make our choice, stand by it, and consider wider community benefits.

    If we can come to a collective view on this issue, then why cannot we help continue to shape the future of CV and help and support others deal with other identified key issues such as anti social behaviour, drink, drugs, criminal activities, etc.

    The only vested interest I have is I am (and my family) residents of the Estate (and have been for a number of years), my family do indeed want to use any such facilities, and yes we are affected in some way by the ‘other issues’ experienced on the Vale. That said there are area’s of Birmingham that are in a far worse position.