Daily Archives: July 26, 2010

Scott’s hot gossip on 107.5FM

SWITCH RADIO presenter Scott Baldwin is hosting a live radio discussion about the issues raised in comments on this website. His show is on from 3-4pm, this Wednesday on 107.5FM.
Scott will be joined by Steve Clayton,former Castle Vale Neighbourhood Manager. Switch are hoping that one of the local police team will join them in the studio.
Drugs, crime, the armed raid, the state of Castle Vale…. they will all be on the agenda. And there will be a chance for listeners to phone in.
Or you can email questions to: news@switchradio.co.uk


Astroturf pitch – online poll

The  Vale Stadium Committee wants to know your views. Should they get the astroturf pitch renewed? At the moment, it is damaged and unusable. To repair it will cost £166,000. The money has already been allocated for spending on the sports facilities in Farnborough Road. Click YES or NO on the poll below…and then hit the VOTE button

Thumbs up for comments… or thumbs down

You can now show what you think about comments on the Vale Mail website. You can click on a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ icon above each comment to register your approval…. or disapproval…… of the views.
It’s anonymous.