Astroturf decision time

Councillor Mike Sharpe will be discussing the public response to the proposals to refurbish the astroturf next to Vale Stadium at Thursday’s quarterly meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership Board.
He has been chairing a sub-committee set up to look at how £380,000 allocated to developing the sports facilities can be spent. The money was left by the Housing Action Trust in 2005, and has since been in the hands of the Council. But the failure to attract a developer for the ‘sports village project’ has resulted in the money being returned to the NPB.
The sub committee asked for the public’s views on a proposal to develop the astroturf facilities at a cost of £166,000. Councillor Sharpe has said: “l have attempted to be open and above board with everyone so that no one is
kept in the dark about how we are spending the money.”
There has been plenty of public response, with e mails, phone messages, over 100 comments to Vale Mail website articles and over 1700 votes in an opinion poll.
The opinion poll overwhelmingly favours a ‘No’ to the astroturf idea, with 96% opposed to the idea, though there have been accusations that it has been manipulated by a concerted texting campaign to encourage the ‘no’ faction.
The comments are not quite so clear cut. Many are against the proposal, some suggest other priorities such as changing rooms should take precedence, while others suggest that a refurbished astroturf would be a good facility.


16 responses to “Astroturf decision time

  1. constance noring

    put your money on it going ahead. decision already made. the majority vote counts for nothing, just you wait and see!!!

  2. the astro turf has got to be refurbed.
    100% yes yes yes !!!

  3. go away chunkynuts!!!

  4. i voted in favour of the astroturf being replaced but fear that the limited amount of trust people have in those running things on the estate will disappear forever should it go ahead. the majority have voted against it and i for one accept that result with good grace. shame idiots like chunkynuts cannot. we should all work together to improve our lives around here, not let outsiders like chunkynuts sway our opinions.

  5. The poll didnt work and was honestly NOT a true reflection of how people feel BUT most people DONT actually know the facts with regard to the astro OR the money available so saying yes or no is pretty pointless because for most people who voted… Its wasnt an informed decision it was a NO in principle without knowing the details.

    Its just frustrating when a good thing is made out to be a bad thing and people follow like sheep not knowing the truth. If you think about it like that accepting with good grace is a little difficult.

  6. dear Anonymous
    thats very condersending,,you know all the facts and are more inteligent than us,,by your way of thinking,,you cant live on the estate,your too intelegent… (NOT)
    its our estate,our money,,we have a right to our vote and say NO…..

  7. Just how sanctimonious can you get? If it wasn’t “an informed decision” – why not? Why wasn’t full information made available so that considered decisions could be reached?
    Actually, IMHO, Clive did a pretty good job of setting out the pros and cons.

  8. hey chunkynuts (anonymous), i thought you said you wouldnt post anymore. if everyone had voted yes to the idea, would you have claimed that they were all sheep as well? GROW UP and move on!

  9. Does anybody know when he decision is going to be made about the asroturf.
    Also does anybody know who his group is that are making the decisions about how this large sum of money should be spent.
    Should it not be all the residents who decide where the money should be spent!

  10. considering the high levels of sheep on the vale, wouldnt it be a much better idea to use the existing astroturf land and build a pen? over to you chunkynuts lol

  11. Agatha - rhoose croft

    with allthe talk about all the different groups on the estate. what about the stadium committee, who is on that and what involvement if any, do the cvcha have?

  12. not sure but dont think the cvcha have got any involvement in the stadium.
    interesting question!
    it would be ineresing to know about all these groups and who are involved in them.

  13. I dont think any football clubs will be on the committee,
    Residents,police,and high profile people.
    No football involvement someone who’s neutral
    and not for their own benefit.
    To benefit the whole of castle vale.
    Cvcha are involved in the bussiness plan.
    And i will back them.

  14. Mr anonymous you must work for Cvcha or the BCC which is it? Because to me , reading what you have said , you know too much already. Has the committee been set up already behind the backs of the people of CV ? At this moment there are only footballs club using the pitches until that changes why can’t we work together with all the clubs and start planning for the future , I say this because you are the only one to mention football clubs so this sounds like discrimination to me.

  15. Can somebody from this NPB board explain to the residents just where this £380.000 has been spent.
    Also who are on this board. Names would be nice!!

  16. concerned resident

    yet again another group that nobody knows about!