TRA departures

The TRA (Tenants and Residents Alliance) is open for business at Spitfire House in the High Street. Grant Williams, the former Company Secretary of the TRA, and Sally Cole have both left the organisation.


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  1. why have they both left?

  2. Ann Froggatt

    You say they’re open for business – but what do they actually DO? I for one haven’t the faintest idea what most of these organisations that are just referred to by meaningless (to me) acronyms are supposed to be doing, or what they have achieved, or their objectives – let alone who works for them!
    Can we have a list posted somewhere of useful information like this? Then people like me, who’ve lived here for years & years, might be able to figure it all out! At the moment it feels like being on the outside of a very exclusive clique!

  3. From my experience they fail to help you deal with debt by constantly forgetting who you are

  4. thats the best news we have had for long time
    thats one gone,
    still alot more to go.
    goverment grants (edited) can be used for somethink ore useful.

  5. Ann Froggatt

    Come to think of it, why “Tenants and Residents”? Aren’t we all residents, whether tenants or owner-occupiers? I can’t see the point of making a distinction between the two. Rename it the Residents’ Association!

  6. never used them,
    Tra was useful in the HAT days but not really needed, to many groups on this estate .
    we should all pull together and get rid ofCVCHA.


  8. David Townsend

    Please, O please get to know the facts and true details before making comments! The TRA is open to all as is all the goings on in the estate. Please ask the appropriate people and you will find the answers to all that’s going on in the estate. Anything that we are not sure about or want to know we ask someone until we get an answer. We have lived here for over 25 yrs. and have got to know who and what goes on – we don’t know it all but we are happy with what goes on. I could answer so much of the above comments but it is not for me to do so, it is up to you to find out. This site is not the forum for dealing with these matters.

  9. David, isn’t it for the Moderator of this site to decide what is relevant here?
    I merely asked for clarification of all the acronyms. ASKED, you will note – just as you are advising. I find acronyms mystifying and very annoying. Clive himself, at the top f this page, explained what TRA means – that suggests that an explanation is needed.
    In this day & age, information is power. I want information given to the powerless. You may be “happy with what goes on” – but aren’t you one of the “in crowd” yourself? Please don’t preach at us from your lofty position – it’s neither appropriate nor welcome.

  10. the problem here ann is if you speak your mind you are not liked .
    look at the tenant who spoke her mind about what has gone on at the cvcha. they are trying to get her evicted!
    there is a court case going on as we speak with this tenant. she opened a very large can of worms and the cvcha dont like it!
    the trouble is they think we are all stupid and daft but believe me we are not!!!!

  11. When the TRA was first formed it was a group of local residents that worked on a voluntary basis to help out Castle Vale Residents. Maybe it should go back to that kind of format?

  12. TRA must disband, grants will be stopping soon
    Merlin venture another organisation relies on grants thank god for the new goverment to see where the tax payers monies being going
    yes wasted.

  13. Hello All.

    I’m Kate Green and I work at Castle Vale TRA as a legal advisor and community support officer.

    I have realised since working here that a lot of residents have no clue that we exist and some of the ones that do have no idea what we do! This comment is in no way meant to entice a debate about our services it’s just a kind hello and a bit of a clear up so people have a better idea of what services are available to them as a resident and hopefully it will encourage you come along and see what we do for yourselves!

    Phew where do I start?! here goes I’m sure someone can correct me if I forget anything –
    1. Employment & Training Support (Including help back into work, information and notifications when suitable jobs become available, job club, confidence building training and training on how to use the basic IT to conduct job searches from home.
    2. Benefit and money advice (including checking entitlement, filling out the forms with you, assisting with appeals in the event that you are turned down, representing you at a Social Security Tribunal should your appeal fail, dealing with benefit overpayments)
    3. Free General & Legal Advice & Representation (Including employment law right through to represention at a tribunal and settlement, Housing matters such as disprepair, tenancy issues, land issues, social security issues, tenancy succession and additions, infact any problem a resident may have we can deal with and if for some reason we can’t deal with it we will always strive to refer you to someone that can!)

    Over and above those things we are here for a chat if you fancy one, about anything from how your Gran is, to worries you have about the estate. You can pop in and use the phone if you don’t have access to one, use the internet, print things off, photocopy things…..I’m genuine when I say the list is endless we are a community organisation run by the community and very proud to be so.

    Every single thing I have mentioned above is absolutely free to Castle Vale residents as well.

    I genuinely hope that this has cleared up the concerns over what we do. The TRA would never want the members of Caslt Vale to feel that they had a community programme on the estate that wasn’t accessible.

    I have attached my email address to this post so any questions or queries can be directed to me and I will answer anyone who has anything to ask. Better still come into the office and have a look around we can all introduce ourselves and tell you in person what we all do, we would love to see more residents utilising the fantastic and unique service that they have at their fingertips.

    Kind regards

    Kate Green

  14. you say that you are happy with what goes on!
    well all i can say is you must go about with your eyes shut!

  15. Hi Kate, welcome to Castle Vale. I look forward to meeting you soon πŸ™‚

  16. Ann Froggatt

    Thank you for setting everything out so clearly, and in such a friendly way. It’s nice to be treated courteously instead of getting a put-down for even asking about the TRA.
    I really had no idea that all this was available, and free of charge – our very own Citizens’ Advice Bureau, and much more.
    Thanks again,
    Ann Froggatt

  17. Ann Froggatt

    Hi, anonymous, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about this. Can you give a brief summary (no names!) of the allegations against this tenant, and what the “can of worms” is said to be?

  18. Hi Ann

    You are more than welcome, unless you have used the services it can be quite difficult to see what the benefit is!

    The above post is my professional take on Castle Vale Tenants and Residents Alliance. As you say it is like Castle Vale’s very own CAB however the added gem is that we don’t represent you until it’s ‘almost’ the end then make you go off to see a solicitor, or a careers advisor, we are there until the bitter end on every bit of support we offer. This isn’t just because we get paid for it, it’s because everyone of us has a genuine care for the unique island (as such) that is Castle Vale (and that isn’t my ‘professional’ opinion, that is genuine!)

    Myself, I am not a resident of Castle Vale, however both of my parents have very close grass roots so although I haven’t seen the evolution with my own eyes as such I have had the complete run down from both of them (and from the residents & board of directors as well!!)

    In short, Castle Vale IS unique and although there are things to tackle, it is one of the most supported, unified places I have ever come across and that is attributable to a majority of lovely residents and great organisations who offer support.

    I genuinley hope that you do visit us because we are very very open about what we do, even down to funding and where it comes from and where it goes πŸ™‚

    I hope to see you soon

    Kind regards

    Kate Green

  19. P.S. Thanks Scott, for the warm welcome πŸ™‚

  20. Thanks, Kate – you are a refreshing and very welcome addition to the CV community, if I may say so!

  21. sorry to bring up your company secretary but i believe (edited)
    why isn’t the truth come out.
    this person held this position for a long time,
    Tra was formed many years ago to fight for the rights of us residents
    what is your purpose please.

  22. Ref: The comments above this person was sacked .
    why has this been covered up.
    and i believe you have board members who are on the cvcha board as well you cannot be on two or three different boards.
    no names mention by i know who.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    someone from JKS.

  23. People, the person you are all ranting about has, for whatever reason, now left the TRA. Give the new a chance. She seems a lot more genuine than thier last employee and she is definitely more attractive πŸ™‚

  24. I definitely have to agree with that last comment.