Offensive weapon: chair leg with screw

A 22 year-old Castle Vale man has pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing an offensive weapon – a chair leg with a metal screw attached. West Midlands Police arrested him with the weapon in Tangmere Drive at the end of July.
Sutton Coldfield Magistrates this week ordered him to visit an Attendance Centre for twelve hours in the next twelve months, to pay £145 costs, and to forfeit the chair leg.


5 responses to “Offensive weapon: chair leg with screw

  1. it wasnt just because of the chair leg he was arrested, he was also heard shouting – “my name is chunkynuts and i demand you give us our astroturf” at passers by, police are waiting for the report from the local psychiatrist.

  2. fanny craddock

    so so funny !!!!

  3. alisha - abingdon way

    lol, thanks emma for putting a smile on my face. i actually voted in favour of the astroturf but unlike chunkynuts, i have other issues in my life that take priority and although the astroturf would have been a nice bonus for around here, i do see peoples point that there are better things to spend money on

  4. how about fanny and emma royds getting it together ha!!!

  5. Reginald Bosanquet

    BREAKING NEWS…… 22 year old man who recently pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing an offensive weapon has broken his leg after falling off a three legged chair. his mom said that she may seek legal advice after it was revealed that the missing leg was taken by police.