FA Vase: Vale go out, JKS go to a replay

Not even extra-time could separate JKS and Anstey in their FA Vase tie this afternoon. The final score was 1-1, with Agbonlahor scoring for JKS in the 30th minute. The replay is this Wednesday 8th September, kick off at 7.45pm.
Castle Vale FC were knocked out of the Vase following a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Stone Dominoes at the Farnborough Road stadium.


10 responses to “FA Vase: Vale go out, JKS go to a replay

  1. Witnessed another game at the stadium castle vale fc goalkeeper running
    80 yards a cross the pitch to atempt a headbutt at stones player and then
    spit at him.
    what sort of standard do we have on the vale stadium.
    having watched all sorts of ages on the vale pitches i have never seen such a poor standard of football.
    bring back paget rangers fc.
    by the way no body’s from castle vale playing either
    haven’t we got any good enough players !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. absolutley disgusting behaviour !!!
    JKS you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    no wonder the vale has a bad reputation!!!

  3. Just an observation to the above anonymous comment…. the game against Stone Dynamoes was at Farnborough Road, and did not involve JKS. It was Castle Vale FC.
    I assume the first comment was referring to that game….

  4. i must comment it wasn’t jks it was castle vale fc
    jks are no better a player sent off for the fa cup game.(at the vale)HOME
    replay AWAY 3 jks players sent off the same player from the home leg
    whats going on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.
    i watched st gerards fc sunday won 7-2
    2 castle vale estate players would walk into the saturday sides.
    castle vale jaqs won 5-0 at least 3/4 players are good enough for sat football. LETS GET OUR OWN SATURDAY TEAM FOR NEXT SEASON.

  5. yes i did race 80 yards but spit i dont think so, and a head butt we both put heads together so get the facts right !!!!

  6. muppet, didnt see the slap that started it all? didnt think so.

  7. i was at the game on saturday, yes the keeper did run up and confront the opposite player, but spit and headbutt didnt happen. not saying 2 wrongs make a right, but the treatment the stone players were putting about, including the player from stone who was always throwing an elbow which cut the vale’s centre bk head not once but twice during the opening 15 mins, meaning he had to come off and play no futher part in the game. so maybe you can understand the frustration of the vale players. if the ref was strong enough this may not have happened, by that i mean he should have had words after the 1st elbow not the 4th 1¬! and i can not recall any1 mentioning spitting in the stand during the game as the keeper wouldnt do that. if you’d like to talk more about this, get in touch – and put your name so that i can address you properly!!!!!

  8. you need to have look, at the people who live on the vale who maybe need to make them come over and give it a try

  9. go one maggie,
    you be missed when suspension starts
    you have a hot head, but you are the best keeper in that league by a country mile.
    cvfc ok

  10. cheers mate, who ever you are. thanks 4 the support mags