Castle Vale Jags pics

Lewis Cheslyn gives Jags a 2-0 lead with a fine header from an Adam Fearn free-kick

12 pics of Castle Vale Jags v St Marys Celtic (Sutton Sunday League) are now on Vale Mail’s facebook page.


3 responses to “Castle Vale Jags pics

  1. well done to the jags easy win i didnt realise how many good players you
    have why don’t jks come looking ,
    4-0 win
    a good crowd also i may add which the stadium has been crying out for so long.
    BY FAR.

  2. I also was the same match and yes a good team,
    but sutton sunday league does’t really set the world alite you can win the league every season but no where go.
    also very well supported ,players wifes girlfriends and kids a good atmospher in the club house after. i have found a place to go and watch football and have drink on sunday’s without paying to watch great.

  3. sutton sunday is one of the best sunday leauges out there at the min
    so you can only beat what is put in front of you and that what my lads are doing each week
    also carnt go sat as to much money you fund it and we will go sat then we will see how we get on there becuz i dont fink we will stuggle at sat level
    not beig big headed but we have a great side