Joy for Vale in local derby

Midland Combination Premier Division
Castle Vale FC moved up to third place in the premier division with a 2-0 home win over JKS at Vale Stadium this afternoon. JKS are one off the bottom place with just three points.


7 responses to “Joy for Vale in local derby

  1. well the game was a shambles… i watched 5 minutes of it and had to walk away what a disgrace nobody deserved to win

  2. having a laugh

    Here,s one jks to finish top 3 by the end of april 2011 castle vale fc bottom
    5 my prediction.
    the season is early stages yet and a least 6 castle vale estate players playing.
    jks are a well run club. jks forever……..

  3. a last a bit of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  4. The game lasted 90mins not 5 how can you say nobody deserved to win, when you had left do you listen to all the bull—- that goes around the ground i bet you watch sutton sunday and that’s the best football ever.

  5. people starting to annoy me a bit whats wrong wid sutton sunday
    why bring sutton sunday into this
    half the people who chat (xxxx edited) on here dont know (xxxx edited) all bout football so keep it shut

  6. ryan u lard ass.

  7. dat much off a lard ass ur anonymous