September Vale Mail

September’s Vale Mail should be delivered to all homes, offices, schools and shops in Castle Vale over the weekend. Call 0121 749 1343 if you do not receive your copy.


One response to “September Vale Mail

  1. i have just witnessed the most poorest game of football in my history of watching non league football. Castle Vale v JKS, the result was 2-0 Castle Vale. JKS do not deserve to be in that league, they lack motivation and creativity (very very poor). I over heard a conversation that 2 JKS players were signed “to make up the numbers” and it was justified when one came on 15minutes from time to be sent off after 5minutes with a very poor tackle, so thats how many players sent off in how many games?? It was quiet clear that this boy was way out of his depth-even playing that poor standard of football.