Return of the burnt-out car

The charred grass and shattered windscreen glass are all that remains of this car, burnt out behind the Football Stadium

Two stolen cars have been burnt out in the conservation area behind the football stadium on Farnborough Road this month. Burnt-out car incidents had been on the decline in the area , because barriers, gates and mounds of earth have prevented the joyriders from getting access. One of the joyriders last month had driven the car through the railings before setting fire to the vehicle.
Since they were installed before the summer, the padlocked barriers to the Stadium car park have had three different sets of keys cut. Vandals had cut through one padlock with a set of wire cutters.


3 responses to “Return of the burnt-out car

  1. Over the past few years, a lot of work has been done in the conservation area, which has resulted in the greening of what had been wasteland. This has attracted wildlife, and produced a haven for residents of Castle Vale. It is therefore so disheartening to have this work undone by mindless yobs and thieves, who because of an intellectual deficit can find nothing better to do with their time.

  2. i dont know if anyone else noticed but the trouble all stopped round by me when the crusers raced by the jaguar. all the youth s went and watched them insted of bothering me and my kids for once! the noise that the cars made was worth it for the few hours peace we used to get from the asbo kids round here x

  3. does anyone know why the barriers leading up to the stadium are being left open.
    they have been open all weekend.