50 police in Fort Parkway car cruise swoop

Police officers issue injunctions to drivers on Fort Parkway

A team of 50 police officers in several police vans, motorbikes and cars blocked off both carriageways of Fort Parkway in a carefully co-ordinated operation to stop the car cruisers on Sunday night.
During the operation, 167 injunctions were served by BASBU officers, 12 fixed penalties were also issued by the police for offences including vehicle disrepair, no display of licence plates and excess speed.
The racers had been gathering through the evening around the B and Q entrance, pairs of cars racing at high speed between the traffic islands. Then at 9.30pm, three police vans and a number of motorbikes emerged from the Chester Road and immediately blocked off the dual carriageway. The police team, co-ordinated by Acting Superintendent Richard Youds, issued drivers and passengers with copies of the injunction granted last month by the County Court. The 12-page documents state that a further offence could result in confiscation of the vehicle or imprisonment for the driver and passengers.
“These drivers should be in no doubt that we shall return if the car cruising activity persists,” said Superintendent Youds. One of the drivers they had stopped had no insurance, he said.
Jagveen Bagary of Birmingham’s Anti Social Behaviour Unit who had jointly co-ordinated the swoop with the police said that she was aware that the car cruisers might move on to another location. But, she said, they hoped the Courts would grant a pan-Birmingham injunction to ban the car cruising across the whole of the City. “These people drive dangerously and they intimidate other road users,” she said. “Their behaviour is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it.” She acknowledged that the courts have been cautious about granting injunctions in the past. “It is thanks to the Warwickshire Police, who effectively used the Section 222 Court Order to stop the racing at Hams Hall,” she said. “The courts want to distinguish between car cruising and speeding. Car cruising is a co-ordinated activity. A normal car user might be caught speeding, but we don’t want an injunction to deal with that. We needed the injunction to deal with the car cruisers.”

this was the scene at the B&Q entrance just seconds before the police swoop. Dozens of car cruisers had gathered for a night of racing - (click photo to enlarge)

Police had been monitoring the behaviour of the drivers during the evening, said Superintendent Youds. They included this quadbiker driving with no helmet.....

....... and this Subaru


68 responses to “50 police in Fort Parkway car cruise swoop

  1. HHR Co-ordinator

    So what is it they actually want to stop?! Cars speeding or Car Cruisers?!
    The most dangerous people on the road are either the younger in-experienced drivers or OAP’s.. FACT!!!
    I’ve been attending “un-official gatherings” for several years now and I can honestly say I have never ever EVER seen ANY of us “dangerous car cruisers” have a crash, get hurt, hurt anyone else…

    There has been several reports over the last few months of some Serious Corruption, Power Abuse and cases of just down right Dirty behaviour towards our community from local Police. Why is it, a Pedofile gets police protection, a house, a new life.. A terrorist gets police protection, £0000’s of taxpayers money thrown at them, a hope with rights to have as many children as the can..
    Then a Boy Racer who is not physically individually accused or charged for doing anything wrong. Someone who pays more towards this country than most people ever will. Someone who has a job, supports themselves and their family. Someone who has never signed on and paid their way all the way since they have left school. Why is it this person gets scrutinised more than any of the above criminals?! Why is it this person can get blatantly abused by the police and nobody will even bat an eye?!
    Hopefully there will soon be an inquest into why the Police are doing this, why the police think they can get away with it and why the public eye seems to enjoy watching us suffer even though we are people just like you?!
    We are your brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, uncles, auntys, cousins, husbands…
    We are your electricians, builders, computer programmers, nurses, council workers, your mate from the pub…
    A very bright light will soon be shed on the UGLY side of the law and we don’t even have to do anything to show it! The Police will show you exactly what they are really like all by themselves!!!

  2. supporter of the police

    HHR Co-ordinator aka clone of john harris
    look him up at http://www.tpuc.org/node/558
    and you will see where all this vile Vile Propaganda comes from
    blame every one else , but not me is there Philosophy…

  3. to all involved in this clamp down on sunday night
    nothing but a blanket ban will do

  4. Wise beyond my years

    I am a car enthusiast who spend’s many thousands of pounds each year paying insurance, maintaining my car and where possible improving it. I drive a classic car which many of you would admire.

    The police really have taken all this way too far.

    So now all the ”boy racers” have been cleared from this area, I now wait for a drunk driver, uninsured driver or car thief to drive along the fort parkway and cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, while the ”boy racers” created none.

    As for the fool above who stated ”nothing but a blanket ban will do”, while all the police are enforcing your blanket ban, I hope you dont get mugged, raped or murdered because they’ll be too busy stopping a 26 year old, fully legal car owner from driving his own vehicle!

  5. I have personally witnessed police abusing their powers and swearing, taking property without following the correct procedure, enticing people to race (entrapment) which is an offence in itself, and all because the people they are targeting are car enthusiasts and drive a modified car. I object to the term “boy racer” as that is a stereotype that conveys a negative image of a young male driver. We are car enthusiasts of all ages/sexes/cultures/religions and the car scene unites us with a common interest. The scene deserves credit as well as criticism in the way that it does this and the way that it prevents many from becoming real criminals and housebreaking or drug taking, binge drinking.

  6. also i never recieved any paperwork at all untill i asked the officer to write down his name and badge number on a piece of what looks like a record of the police officers fuel consumption and record of where they have been etc…

  7. This isn’t just a ban on racers, it is a ban of freedom to express yourself, freedom to be part of a community, freedom to take up a hobby, freedom to have a social life.

    If this is what the police consider a priority, then I’m afraid this a very twisted view on crime. There are children getting involved in gun crime and gang violence, there are men sexually abusing women and young people, there are people claiming benefits fraudulently, there are people dealing class a drugs, there are people tax evading, there are people murdering, torturing and attacking innocent people. But all the police within the U.Ks second city seem to be bothered about is tackling sunday night car cruisers???

    This is ludicrous, I can not believe the amount of time wasted in court and money wasted on this ban. And do you know why they focused on the cruisers, it is because the cruisers were an easy target, much easier to dish out an injunction to a bunch of car enthusisats, than to go and arrest the drug dealers of this society, or the rapists of this society.


  8. To Wise beyond my years:
    If you people weren’t so bloody-minded there would be no need to divert precious police resources to enforce this ban. If anyone gets “mugged, raped or murdered” while the police are having to deal with you selfish, petty, arrogant prats then there’ll be no doubt who should hang their heads in shame – you and your anti-social mates.

  9. HHR Co-ordinator

    Sorry but I’m really struggling to see what is so “anti-social” about us?!
    If there is 200-300 cars in our society all doing the same thing at the same time in the same place, and there is maybe 20-40 people who don’t want us to do what we’re doing… then Surely YOU are the anti-socialist?!

  10. HHR Co-ordinator

    I’m not quite sure what you mean by me being a clone of John Harris but I can assure you I look nothing like him. 🙂 For some reason, you seem to think I am obsessed with the man but clearly you seem to know alot more about him than I do. Whatever problem/obsession you may have with him and his “Vile Propaganda” I suggest you contact him about it instead.
    I’ve never read into him in too much depth, nor am I interested in promoting him. To be honest I doubt I’ll even click your little link as I have no interest..
    I just liked his views he expressed and demonstrated (with real video evidence on real Police Officers) on questioning superiority, authority and the general laws of this land.
    Why should we have to accept things the way that they are? Why shouldn’t we question the rules when they were only written by another man?!

  11. you have took my post down about real time events that happened last night with the police why have you done this??? i was stating true events of intimidation thats a discrace. you have took down a post stating the police were breaking the rules but leave the false accusations about us up.

  12. HHR Co-ordinator

    It really does not get any more bizarre if you ask me. If people (police included) could just take a BIIIG step back and actually LOOK and LISTEN to what is happening here, I could guarantee you there would be some very startled and confused faces.

  13. HHR Co-ordinator

    It’s brainwash mate! Sadly, it’s working…

  14. To HHR Co-ordinator:
    Let me explain in the simplest terms possible what you need to understand: those 20-40 people you mentioned (a massive under-estimate) who don’t want your lot around here have the LAW on their side. You and your “society” DO NOT. You are therefore behaving ILLEGALLY. Get it? No, I don’t suppose you do …

  15. HHR Co-ordinator

    Well then in that case, you must be right. I’ll just back off now and let you get on with whatever you were complaining about before I popped up.
    I can’t imagine what would happen if you ever had a REAL problem in life?! Oh wait, it’s ok.. you have the law on your side!
    Just 1 question oddball… What happens when the law, turns on you? What happens when all those people in the fluorescent coats and stripey cars you looked up to since you were a child, the people who you thought you could trust to make wise mature decisions, the people you call whenever the bad guys are being bad guys eventually turn on YOU?!
    I never thought it would happen and to this day still cannot believe it has…

  16. Wise beyond my years

    To oddball:

    You tell me that we are and I quote ”selfish, petty, arrogant prats ” and yet you are the one resorting to childish name-calling? How would you feel if you were banned from doing your favourite hobby, whether it be fishing, stamp collecting or playing golf? It just so happens that I have no time for anyone who wishes to play golf but I wouldnt waste my time calling them ”selfish, petty, arrogant prats ”

    You call us petty and yet you are the one who has so much spare time on their hands that you wish to come onto this website and wage war against all who enjoy cars, modifying and racing. I suggest you grow up and stop calling names like its a playground.

    As for the suggestion that its our fault if people get “mugged, raped or murdered” because the police were busy with us, how do you also feel about the g8 summit (which used up nearly all of the precious police resources) or protesters that require heavy policing? or even that poorly gentleman who threatened to jump off a birmingham bridge recently causing havoc to thousands of birmingham residents?

    As you can probably tell, i’m not your average ”boy racer” and you wont ever hear me utter the word ”innit”, you dont know me or anyone else I know, your merely assuming you know ”my sort” because of what you have read about in this publication or seen on the tv.

    If you feel so strongly about this cause, post up your address, i’d be more than happy to come and discuss it with you and guess what??? I wont even race down your road, instantly killing all children, puppies and butterflies in the area!!

  17. Well, Wbmy, thanks for the invitation but I’m certain you wouldn’t enjoy slumming it with a lowly Vale resident. After all, we don’t count, being mostly poor people without influence or even decent cars, do we?
    However, for once the lowly have triumphed against the rich & that’s what you can’t take, isn’t it?
    As for playground name-calling: it’s entirely appropriate given that you treat public roads as your private playground.
    This is all I have time for; you’ll note that my message is brief – I can’t write as much as you clearly have the time to.

  18. vale resident

    why carnt we have just left them alone it was a bit of noise once a week then we wouldent be useing all the police up and if somthing bad did happen then move them on
    we need the police on here to stop the car thiefs and other stuff
    i mean come on 50 police officers its not like there was a mass brawl or sumutt

  19. Well clearly im a criminal. Self fulfilling prophecy is exactly what is happening here. I shan’t undermind your intelligence by assuming you do not know what that means. All of this just makes me feel even more determined to continue with my passion and involvement within the car scene. You think that turning against us will automatically make us stop…you are wrong! It just makes us even more insistant on letting our culture thrive. This isnt the end of street racing or car modders, i can assure you. Now excuse me whilst i return to my life of high crime and indecent behaviour…ive got a queue of 10yr olds at my door waiting for their next hit of smack.

  20. everyone should take note of supporter of the police’s link very helpfull site for people who have their own minds and dont follow like sheep, the country is corrupt and if you dont think that then as i keep saying this is why the world has turned into a nasty place to live, you clearly have a simple mind you believe the police are there for our good all the time when your wrong.

  21. good on the police bout time

    i say good on them u boy racers are nothink but touble up there i ride a motorcycle on and off the vale every night incluing sundays and many times ive nearly been knocked off because you lot dont look when your bobming roung the island at 40 or even 50 mph speed cameras up there would also help alot !!! why carnt u lot (edited) off back to bassets pole instead!!!!!??????****!!

  22. Bring back hhr

    i got banned last night, since when was cruising there not being loud or speeding, parking up and watching deemed unacceptable behaviour meaning i get done for it. now im not even allowed to drive to big johns with a couple of mates even when though we dont speed or drive irresponsibly risking our or other peoples lives? this country is a joke.
    move onto the next place i guess.
    should of left us at hams hall.. why dont people just go hams at 5 and leave before the ban kicks in?

  23. Bring back hhr

    and since when did they bomb round the island at 40 or 50, idiot stop exaggerating.

  24. just like to say something to you oddball about myself and about who goes down to these events,

    i cant speak for everyone but you should be glad to have people like me around a few years ago i dragged an elderly man out of a burning house just round the corner from my own, this old fellar had lung cancer and had an oxygen mask on fire had spread to the roof of the porch where i had to enter and smoke came from the cubboard door of the porch where i looked down and my eyes followed the pipe from him and then in horror saw the oxygen tank was where i was stood in that cubboard and was the only way out have you any idea what that type of fear is like? i got him out it must be the scariest thing ive ever done, that was 1 situation but ive helped pick elderly people up off the floor ive stopped when noone else did, ive made the effort to drive to the police station when ive thought that people have been in danger of getting knocked down or mugged because they have had too much to drink, this has all been related to me “CRUISING” round if i hadnt of been into cars all of the situations ive been in would not have happened, now i can only speak for me and my friends who go to these meets who im sure would do the same as me and not think twice, now if i saw a group of youths at the side of the road on the vale robbing an old man id react nomatter what, if i saw a women being raped id react, if i saw a man beating a women in a street i would react, if i saw weopens id still react, now who are you to stop people like that i dont want to sound like im blowing my own trumpet because im not but surely that is somebody who is a credit to society?? and you want to penalise somebody who would do anything for anyone and thing is i know most of the car cruisers are the same they would all jump in if they saw any of this going on the fact we are anywhere in cars is a deterrant for robberys and rapes down that stretch which looks to me like it could be a little scary at night if you was a female walking home.

    what have any of you ever done to help society who are against us??? ive been through hell with an ex gf she claimed a lad had raped her and i confronted aload of grown men on my own looking for this person, im not no hard man at all i have never caused trouble or hurt anyone but i say all this because i want some of you to see the type of people you are all ganging up on, all my stories are true ive not made them up to make us cruisers look good alot of my friends know most things, after i saved the bloke from the fire i never got any thanks for doing it from anyone but i would do it again.

    so some of you think before you speak calling us “scum” and “chavs” because the media and police create propaganda.

  25. i say we do it at 7am one suday for a few hours???

  26. good on the police bout time

    well wen i was traveling 2 sundays back i was nealy knocked off trust me if i do i will be sueing every (edited) one of u boy racers.
    ITS 30MPH FOR A REASON !!!!!!

  27. actually (edited) its a 40mph limit down fort parkway!!! Moron!

  28. its not 30mph for a reason and its been recently where the government admitted that that statement was meant for back in the 1950s or something have a look, and how do you plan to sue everyone you can only have a go at doing it to the driver and quite rightly so if you was knocked off tbh, im sure thats something well all agree on if you crash into an innocent motorist your going to pay the price thats commen sense, fortunatly that hasnt happened but we are being pushed more and more onto roads where innocent motorists are about, and the police seem to rather that than letting us all race on a road away from houses, away from innocent people who dont want to be apart of it and away from all the moaners, the simple fact at the end of the day is racing will go on and the police know this but do not care other than the fact that if we move out of their juristiction they are going to have to actually work hard rather than have an easy life sat in a car all night catching people who will stop at the 1st sign of blue lights behind rather than some little scrote who will jump over fences and be away because the officers spent too much time visiting bassets pole mcdonalds on their way round to sorting us out. simple fact is either sort somewhere out for us all to go or we will sort it ourselves on whatever road we pick next.

  29. good on the police bout time

    ok fair point i say go to bassets pole or hams hall again that will do for me i only go bassets on a tuesday and never hams hallif u kill yourself then thats ur problem. and as for if u knocked me off then i would make sure i had support of at least half the residance of the vale who would back me up!!!

  30. Im watching you BOY

    to vin diesal
    we the residents dont call you chav,its your friends/cruisers
    the ones with the cars the ones who follow john harris the ones who hate the system,for no real reason ,apart from they authority.
    im sorry to say vin your full of (edited)

  31. Im watching you BOY

    im sorry to say vin your full (edited)

  32. Im watching you BOY

    vin diesal your full of (edited)

  33. HHR Co-ordinator

    (edited) You’re telling me that all you are actually bothered about is US having enough money to drive a car.. and YOU don’t?! Are you really THAT jealous of us driving that you would spend all this time trying to stop us?! That’s sad, plain and simple SAD!
    Mate, I don’t know what upbringing you had but it must have been a very abysmal and I pity you.

  34. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    How about leave us in one place and let it be! yes keep your eye on us but dont banned palces, all you going to do is move the problem on

  35. J. Evans - Hedley Croft

    There is a suggestion that may wish to be considered with what has happened.

    Cruising, Boy Racers, call it what you wish is arguably a very keen hobby for many. It appears to be getting popular and those that are participating are spending their hard earned cash insuring and modifying their vehicles so they can carry out this type of activity, mostly legally, may I add. !!

    Those exceeding 40mph are operating illegally and this is predominantly the reason as to why the Police have responded to concerns from the public.

    What everybody should be lobbying for is a designated area that can be identified, where this can take place legally as, it is obviously not going to go away.

    It might be an idea for the car enthusiasts and Police to come together with the Local Authorities to discuss a possible way forward.

    It might stop the unneccessary ambiguity that is happening and give everybody the opportunity to thrash the issue out.

    It’s just a thought. !!

  36. Mr evans
    Some of the people who race these cars have no number plates on there cars
    Why do you think that is
    Do you think they are law abiding people
    If a place was set up for them
    I dont think they would attend because it would be to legal
    And finaly who you supervise and insure the site

  37. nice name, the systems corrupt and theres many things not even to do with streetracing that shouldnt be going on things that we should both agree on, the biggest crooks in this country are the ones who wear suits or are in a position of power this includes the police, if you really knew what went on youd probably be too scared to even talk about it because youd dissapear. this is another subject thats a matter the media should be covering but they wont instead theyd rather cover aload of innocent people and make us into criminals so people like you can think we are vile and its not true, and the facts are there noones ever crashed into an innocent driver or been killed, at any of the organised events that have run in birmingham in what 10 years or even further than that. and ive already confronted the police with this fact and they cant answer it.

    also another FALSE accusation is that picture of a man riding a quad without a helmet, you do not have to wear one on a quad bike, personally i would but its not the law to have one on, so i suggest vale mail takes it down as that is pretty much slander and ill print screen it too and send that to the correct sources.

  38. your wrong there john people modify their cars so that the front bumpers are smoothed and look better without a reg plate, they then normally place that in the windscreen, motorbikes dont have them on the front, both still get done going through cameras as they cant normally get you from the front unless its a mobile trap.

    j evans-i think that was actually a decent reply for years ive said about the police shutting a road if any of you do your research rather than spouting aload of rubbish saying we shouldnt do it blar blar…. youd know that in other countrys certain roads are shut at certain times of the week late at night and policed and allow streetracing to go on, now i want some of you to listen carefully to what i am about to say.

    a certain car forum tried the route of working with the police, this forum did not have anything to do with streetracing either it was strictly carpark meet only with no racing, just a group of people parking up having fun away from houses pretty much being just a social thing and look at my car,

    this forum did safety events showing the effects of speed and meeting familys who had lost children to nasty accidents etc etc….

    this all went well(when it was working the polices way) and there was a nice article printed in the paper about the interaction being successfull etc….

    anyway few months down the line the police turned on them at a car meet swooping on everyone, they blocked the mcdonalds off and stopped cars in the drive thru loosing them buisness, they bullied mcdonalds and said they were going to fine them for us being there, after mcdonalds said they was happy we were there, the police then got a false article printed saying mcdonalds wanted us moved on after there was interaction from the forum and the main overheads of that paticular mcdonalds, that interaction fell apart with the police it was spoiled over nothing they started hitting the meets harder every week untill everyone left and made their way onto the roads which is why its so big now racing, because the carparks everywhere have been shut off for car meets and everyone gets told to leave so its easier always being on the roads. the police made this problem aswell by closing industrial estates down where innocent people were safe from noise and cars bombing up and down.

  39. i agree with you strongly that if anything happens you and everyone will have the right to really be against us i just hope noone from our side lets us down.

  40. what kind of a name is that lol, if your watching me outside all youve got to do is knock on the door and ill put the kettle on, and we can talk for hours on how the system is corrupt, and how the biggest criminals in this country wear suits or are in a position of power.

  41. so pretty much all is it is is jelousy if thats what they think that its a competition against the rich and the poor, there is poor people who come up to the race meets poor people who grew up with nothing and who have turned their life around, probably people who grew up in foster homes etc etc…. and this hobby is something for them so that they dont think about whats happened in their life, fortunatly i grew up getting presents like jet skis for 1 of my birthdays when i was about 10, but ive had bad times in my life and ive had to work for my car and money because my parents havent got it anymore like they did.

    but if this is some kind of competition then its quite sad…

  42. you really are a foul mouthed sad little man, if that is the best you can come up with, childish swearing should join the police they are good at looking mature when theres not many witnesses around.

  43. J. Evans - Hedley Croft

    The issue will not go away.

    There is only one way forward and that is the legal way.

    Otherwise the negative press will continue and more and more enthusiasts will be stopped, fined and have their vehicles confiscated.

    Do it the right way and you will get somewhere. Continue as has been and the Police will continue to repeat what they did.

    A lot of earnings go into this hobby and many lawful people participate BUT there is only one way forward. You must work together to identify a designated area that can be regulated properly.

    Just like a pub, you must have a licence to sell alcohol and be law abiding and have proper regulations. If not you get closed down. !!

    The same applys with this. Do it properly or not at all.

    You only end up in court, being fined with your vehicle confiscated, points on your licence etc etc

    1. Arrrange meeting with the Birmingham Mail to discuss what it is you are trying to achieve as enthusiasts
    2. Arrange meeting with Police and Licensing authorities to put your case forward.
    3. Highlight the issue with BBC Midlands News to let them know what you are trying to do lawfully

    Remember – Nobody will criticise you if you are seen to be highlighting the issues sensibly and more importantly, raising the issues that there is a great demand for this.

    There is no other way.

  44. J. Evans Thankyou for being so understanding towards our community. I call it a community because that is what we are. Over 500 cars attend our events every week and I can safely say that I know the majority of everyone who attends. Our community does something that every day society fails to do and that is regardless of race, religion, sex, age and gender we accept everyone who shares the same passions as we do.

    We all have a respect for one and other and an admiration to the unique things we have done with our cars, whether it be a citroen saxo or an r32 nissan skyline.

    For a very long time, for years in fact it has always been us against them, and by ‘them’ i mean the authorities. They aren’t interested in the community we have built up, or the fact that our energies which could have been put into a life of crime, have been invested in our cars. They don’t appreciate our love of cars, modifying is an art.

    This country holds some the biggest car shows in europe and attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year to its shows. We are just the group representing the midlands. We have people within our community who have made front page onto magazines such as max power, and who have won many awards, yet they still come out sunday nights with the rest of us to enjoy our hobby.

    My mum always used to tell me to get a hobby, so I did. I have made hundreds of friends over the years through this and so I am not going to be prepared to just give it up because people don’t agree with us.

    If we tried to begin to work with the police then I guess our culture may aswell die, not because we are criminals, but because the police will try to change our culture that much, the focus will be taken away from the cars.

    If we went to the local press, then we are putting faces to a name, and by doing that our community wouldn’t last five minutes i’m afraid.

    It will always remain underground, not because we say so on here, but because it has done for years and its the only method that works in our culture.

    I do thank you though for showing some consideration for us, and seeing us as human beings and not just a label.

  45. im watching you boy's

    Paul Walker above said”I do thank you though for showing some consideration for us”
    Paul Walker we say “show some consideration to us now and go away”
    leave our paper (vale mail) and stop disturbing our sunday nights

  46. im watching you BOY

    for your information MR. vin diesal I’m not a man ,I am female,but you wouldn’t consider that would you !
    you think cars are only for men.I think your a male chauvinist pig .probably a sexist and a racist ,
    I know that’s an old phrase,some times the old ones are the best.so next time you talk on the vale mail,consider this,some of us may be female ,some of us may be more intelligent than you and finally
    some of us know more about cars than you do.

  47. oooooh sorry i didn’t realise it was YOUR paper, the great thing about the country we live in is having the right to have freedom of speech and so no I won’t leave ‘your’ paper alone and I shall drive my car with my very loud exhaust wherever I please!

  48. Im watching you boys

    Ha ha ha
    Your just one big joke

  49. You said to vin diesal that he shouldnt assume that you are a male, so why in your name do you say im watching you boys assuming us cruisers are all male. Im actually female and i race every sunday and paul walker is just an actor from the film fast and the furious as is vin diesal, been as we perform “fast and the furious style stunts”. Youre the joke! And you know naff all about cars!

  50. im watching you BOY

    IF your a girl then you will know somone (not me) called sonic she drives a modified corsa,tell me about her.

  51. Im not going to tell you about any one of us, i dont grass on ppl who are in HHR or talk about them. And plus you would have to be far more specific as there are plenty of modified corsas that go racing with female drivers.

  52. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    John, this is for you …………….


    no number plates? you for real dude, we know police will be there so we turn up with no number plates? mic check 1,2, wake up!

  53. im watching you BOY

    i cant get more specific than she is called SONIC everyboy knows her as that,i cant be more specific on her car cus people may spot her.but tell me what she is famouse for,in her car that is.

  54. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    do you only like watching boys?

  55. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    Should of been looking out then,

    yet again the old people mess it up for us 😦

  56. lol i have no idea what you are talking about… the only sonic i know is the blue hedgehog that collects gold rings…have you lost the plot?

  57. That blue hedgehog has been nothing but trouble for me for years now!! Everytime I hatch an evil plot, he foils it by jumpin on my head. I took a formal complaint to the ministry of SEGAAAA but they denied my application 😦

  58. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    Dr Robotnik, hope you get that little (edited) soon 🙂

  59. Keeping it on the Streets UK


  60. I understand the issue from both sides. The drivers need their outlet and so they should as they have a right to. They put so much into there hobby that they want to get together and show what they have produced with their cars and talk to other like minded individuals about the hobby. It is just unfortunate that they do not have a legal space to do so and thet they are left with public roads to gather on.

    As a resident of Castle Vale I can understand the point of noise produced form the cars into the late nights which is a issue for people who live directly opposite spitfire island who mat have children or need to be up early for work on a Monday morning so the drivers should understand the noise issue.

    I also understand that for all intense and purposes these drivers are very careful when driving at spped although illegal they have not yet caused any accidents but do pose problems for other drivers on the road.

    I did put a previous post about talking with the council and seeing if they could provide a space for the meetings to take place legitimatly instaed of just putting unjunctions on roads which to be honest dont really tackle the problem. Would it not be possible for the 500+ members to club together and maybe buy some land to convert into a track away from residential areas, a stretch I know but just an idea. Maye there are abandoned airfields of industrial estates that they can use with an agreement with owners or councils.

    I know it is an underground club but they could elect a non member to be a speaker for them with the councils so the members remain secret and the elected could speak on their behalf and try to get an agreement going. We must all understand that something needs to be done and rather argue try to work together as discrimination does help everybody desrves a hobby/outlet.

  61. You talk a lot of sense M Agar, if only everyone could be as open minded as you have shown in your post. I think your idea is very logical by trying to do the best to please everyone all round.

    We as a culture throughout the country have always been penalised for our interests in cars.I think it is about time we fought back, and expressed our views to both the local councils and authorities.

    We aren’t horrible people, we are far from the riff raff that others have described us as in previous posts. We aren’t chavs or ‘boy racers’ because our community has a wide range of ages, ethnicities and both men and women that enjoy our hobby/sport. We come from many walks of life, and different occupational backgrounds, but as a whole we are a culture.

    One that I’m afraid to say could eventually die out, if we just keep getting pushed from pillar to post.

    Our midlands car scene is massive, one of the biggest in the country, with many of our cars featured on the front pages of the likes of Max Power, Fast Car and Redline etc.

    We as a city should be proud of the fact that we are at the forefront of car modifying which dates back to the heavy industrialisation of the midlands in the car industry.

    Birmingham has always been famous fro its car manufacturing and we have derived from that and taken our interests to the next step.

    Im not talking nonsense, this is all fact,and when you go to the big national car shows many of the cars that win awards and pull excellent times on the tracks are part of us lot, the ‘nuisance’ boy racers.

    We have put a lot of time and money into our cars to make us one of the most recognised car scenes in the u.k and we aren’t prepared to let go of that achievement.

  62. Cadbury Drive Resident

    I live on Cadbury Drive and on a Snday evening the noise is horrible, i have two children who luckily can’t hear the noise but myself and my husband can. It stops us from sleeping!
    When i was younger i did the whole car cruise and racing up bassetts pole and hams and yeh it was great, as said you meet people and get to learn alot bout cars etc.
    I guess what im trying to say is… just grow up and think if u were living where i live what would you do! If you realy must do it find somewhere away from estates etc.
    Well i suppose u will have to now, jst like they did up hams!
    Ahh Im so looking forward to my Sunday nights, peaceful bliss!!

  63. HHR Co-ordinator

    It really is a massive relief to see someone standing on mutual grounds come up with an educated statement. After all the grief and slating we get off the public, all the abuse and dirty treatment we get off the police, it almost makes us give up and in some cases it has.
    Just to see that 1 individual hasn’t lost their right mind like so many that live in this country, gives us energy to continue fighting our cause without the feeling that it’s all pointless!

    Thank You M Agar, whoever you may be…

  64. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    how did the people of the vale’s weekend go? was it nice for you all?

  65. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    Good times!

  66. vale resisidant

    i still eard racing goin on so i dont think its stoped u guys!

  67. Keeping it on the Streets UK

    o yh, was a good weekend again for us 🙂

  68. HHR Co-ordinator | October 11, 2010 at 6:25 pm | Reply
    “Sorry but I’m really struggling to see what is so “anti-social” about us?!”

    For a start you keep me awake all night. do want you want but i have a right to able to sleep at night. live by the laws of the land. you dont have a right to motor race on the highway pleb.

    Please come back racing and make my day.