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More icy-car thefts

NINE cars were stolen in the West Midlands this morning, all due to victims leaving car keys in the ignition, while the cars were left unlocked and unattended to warm up.Thirteen were stolen in similar circumstances in a period of 36 hours last week, say West Midlands Police.


JKS match off

ALL Midland Combination football matches tonight, including Southam versus JKS, have been postponed because of the icy weather conditions.

Snow no problem for Vale schools

ALL FOUR Vale primary schools and the secondary school are open today and will not be closing early. The Met Office forecasts that there will be light snow showers in Birmingham during Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday will be the coldest night of the week, with temperatures dipping to -6, they predict.


Ready to rock

Here's how to do it: Director Trevor Evans takes a hands on approach as he shows Liam Tustin how to do it in the dress rehearsal for We Will Rock You

Castle Vale School’s production of the musical “We Will Rock You”, based on the music of Queen, and written by Ben Elton, is set to entertain full houses at the school for three nights this week (Tuesday to Thursday).
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‘We’ll keep the purple bus going’ – Merlin

The purple bus (the 696) that tours Castle Vale and carries many a shopper to and from the Retail Park is safe at least until March, and for the following twelve months.
Robert Brown, Merlin’s Chief Executive says that they plan to run the best part of the current service for the next twelve months at least, though they may have to cut back on operating hours depending on funding.
Merlin hope to secure funding from Castle Vale’s Endowment Trust Fund to help with the service. Unlike the estate’s CCTV system, which they plan to hand over to CVCHA, Merlin Venture aims to keep the purple bus service.
CCTV costs of £150,000 per year have forced Merlin to accept that they cannot afford  to continue with it, but the bus service provides some income, via fares, concessions, advertising revenue and grants. “It is close to breaking even,” says Robert Brown.


Frost wipes out local football fixtures

Midland Combination Premier Division
All eight fixtures in the Midland Combination’s top division were postponed today. JKS were due to play Brocton at Vale Stadium, while Castle Vale FC were scheduled to play at Massey Ferguson.


Ice so nice for car thieves

THIRTEEN vehicles have been stolen within 36 hours across the West Midlands, as thieves have taken advantage of early morning drivers leaving their engines running to defrost their unattended cars. Police are warning motorists that the owners of the cars may not be able to claim on insurance.