Vale headteacher wins national award

Clive Owen with his CEI Award

Clive Owen, headteacher of Castle Vale School, has been presented with a Special Achievement Award at the National Work Experience Conference held at Warwick University, and organised by the CEI (Centre for Education& Industry)
. Clive was nominated for his “outstanding support for the delivery of quality work-related learning and work experience programmes for young people at Castle Vale Performing Arts College.”


14 responses to “Vale headteacher wins national award

  1. he needs to sort out all the bullying that goes on at the school
    that never maks the headlines dos it!

  2. David Townsend

    Well done Clive. Thank you for all your good input into the community here!

  3. When my son attended this school I had many an occasion to go into the school to discuss issues and always found Mr Owen very receptive, honest and willing to work to resolve any situation. It is not just the responsibility of the school to ensure your child gets a good education or that the school is free from bullying. Parents have to step up to the mark and be involved, know your child, know their friends and who they are mixing with, take action when something is wrong BUT be brave enough to admit when you or your child is in the wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there are also some teachers who are not fit to teach, do something about it but in a professional manner. My son succeeded in achieving because we all worked together, my son, the school and myself. Well done Mr Owen.

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  5. Mr Anonymous what makes you think I’m a mom, my son has a father who takes an interest in his education and well being aswell as a mother.

  6. Sorry Jude I thought you were a mother.
    You never know Mr Owen might come knocking on your back door then.

  7. Apology accepted Mr Anonymous and don’t worry, I’ve got my rear entry and front door covered, CCTV of course (lol)

  8. In response to the anonymous comment, my mom nee mrs Henry and my step dad Mr Ball are not merely and item they have been happily married for 12 years !!!!!

  9. Well said Laura. I think it is about time this bulletin board was moderated a bit more effectively, so that old news isn’t dressed up as some kind of current scandal by those who should know better.

    We wouldn’t want to see the Vale Mail in the libel courts now would we?

  10. Come on now, have the courage of your convictions and put your name on the end of that peurile comment. Can’t stand people with opinions but no balls to back it up!!!!!!!

  11. you go mrs ball!!!
    do u really care wot people have to say
    i dont think so !!!

  12. Water off a duck’s back to me, but I do object to the dig at Ben from people who think they know the facts but don’t !!!!!

  13. Moderated what ever happened to freedoom of speech as long as it is based on facts not lies.. and libel bloody hell dont make me laugh, any one with an once of common sense would know a fat man in a red suit would have more chance of suing for libel. What is going on who ever Anonymous Too is please wake up and smell the coffee. Talking of a fat man in a red suit i think i just heard his……however that said i think you should leave Mr and Mrs Ball alone unless you know the facts.

  14. thank u for giveing me a hard life