Councillor concerned over lie detectors

COUNCILLOR Lynda Clinton is submitting a written question to the Full Council meeting on Tuesday about the use of lie detectors on telephone calls for housing benefit claimants. The Council, she says, continues to use “lie detectors” in the form of voice recognition software when assessing potential housing benefit claimants over the telephone. She wants to know what the caller is told about the recording before the call commences, and what happens if a caller refuses to allow themselves to be subject to the software.
Lynda Clinton, Labour Councillor for Tyburn ward, said: “I know many people will say if you are telling the truth there is nothing to worry about but this type of equipment is not admissable in Court because it is not fool proof. Residents’ responses may be affected by their nerves and therefore give an untrue reading wich in turn could have an adverse effect on their benefits.”


One response to “Councillor concerned over lie detectors

  1. If the use of “lie detectors” is true ? then why not,as you say “if you’ve got nothing to hide..ONLY law abiding people have nothing to hide !!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont think the benefits office would cut someones benefit if the machine thought the person on the phone ,wasnt telling the truth.I’m sure that person would be called in to the office,to talk over there claim…