Vandals damage disabled vehicle

A GANG of youths has vandalised a motability scooter parked outside its disabled owner’s home, police have reported. It was one of three incidents of criminal damage to vehicles on the estate last month. Seven incidents of criminal damage to buildings were recorded.
Shoplifting was the ‘top’ crime in Castle Vale during November. There were nine reported incidents, all of them resulting in arrests. There were five burglaries during the month, an unusually high figure for Castle Vale, according to police. No arrests have been made, and there are no recurring patterns of behaviour in the burglaries.
Despite these cases, police say that 2010 will have the lowest crime figures for over a decade in Castle Vale.


2 responses to “Vandals damage disabled vehicle

  1. “Shoplifting was the ‘top’ crime in Castle Vale during November”
    Are these people from Castle Vale or from else where..
    It makes a difference to Castle Vale residence..

  2. I agree john and enjoy your comments