Return of the binmen

A mountain of rubbish in Valencia Croft

COUNCIL BINMEN toured Castle Vale today, dealing with the small mountains of rubbish that have been uncollected over the Christmas and New Year period. Strike action and bad weather have contributed to the problems. Some residents have complained of rats and foxes rummaging through the black bin liners.

Jackson Walk's rubbish mountain is as high as the postbox, and leaves Chivenor House and the Sentinel in the shade

Wattisham Square residents have gone for the long, low look

It's going to be a long day. Binmen in Martlesham Square at 8.30am this morning


3 responses to “Return of the binmen

  1. They haven’t reached the Chester Road end yet but ironically the street cleaner lorry has been round – what a waste of time, there’ll be loads more debris once the binmen have left!

  2. I am in the middle of the estate, and the bags are still piled up everywhere. For some reason, everyone seems to be adding their bags to mine, making it hard to get out of the back gate. As the news earlier reported that the binmen are going to take more industrial action, this can only make matters worse.

  3. still piles of black bags all around the vale.