Vale’s mini black mountains defy Council claims

THE CITY COUNCIL’S EFFORTS to persuade residents that they are coping with the rubbish collections will cut little ice in Castle Vale, where mounds of uncollected black bin liners still line many of the roads.
The Council has issued a further set of statistics:

  • 1,002 tonnes of black bag rubbish collected from the streets of the city yesterday.
  • A 42% increase on the volume of black bag rubbish that would be collected on a typical Wednesday (707 tonnes).
  • For the fortnight beginning 20th December 2010, 1309 tonnes of waste was deposited at the city’s HRC (Household Recycling Centres) – this compares to 1,054 tonnes in 2009-10 – an increase of 24%.

They maintain that they will have cleared the backlog by Sunday.


7 responses to “Vale’s mini black mountains defy Council claims

  1. David Townsend

    I hope they empty the bottle banks soon. I went to use the one in Baginton today and it was very full (to overflowing). Looks as if we are in for a hard winter with our refuse collections!

  2. They collected our recyled paper this morning (friday) but havent collected anything else since , its now 1500hrs..
    what a waste of time,is this those union blokes messing about again ?…
    come the revalution,they will be first agaist the wall ????

  3. just had my paper collected 5 minutes ago.
    black bags and bottles still there!

  4. It has been four weeks since the recycling has been taken. As mine is the only household that puts out paper and bottles etc for recycling in my road; everyone else just puts their waste in the black bags, this means I am left with six boxes of recycling waste outside my gate. If the recycling is not taken this week, I shall be putting all of the waste in plastic bags like everyone else. At least that way they will be taken away. I do not want to do this, as I am great believer in recycling.

  5. And they offered the militant swines triple time for the Bank Holidays!

    I bet it killed them not to accept that.

    Don’t give in BCC.

  6. council tax payer

    bcc will give into them
    we should all demand a refund in our council tax
    bet we dont get it!

  7. Our daughter took our bottles to her house and got rid of them
    our black bin bag is still outside covered with salt and mothballs to keep away the vermin
    i am seriously thinking of just putting all my rubbish in black bin bag at least we will only have to look at i bag and not two boxes overflowing and only i bag what happened to the promise that everything would be upto date by sunday